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Welcome to the Vehicle-Rent.com Loyalty Club. Vehicle-Rent.com is a worldwide car hire operator, providing car hire in more than 110 countries and over 4,500 rental locations. Our Loyalty Club rewards customers each time they book car hire, leave a review or recommend us.

The Vehicle-Rent.com motto is “Get more for less”, and that’s why we reward you for visiting our website. You can earn points by signing up to Vehicle-Rent.com for free, and keep earning them by booking car hire, inviting your friends to become members of the Vehicle-Rent.com community, or writing a review on a previous car hire booking. By earning car hire loyalty points, you can get discounts for future car hire bookings you make at Vehicle-Rent.com.

Don’t wait, sign in for free now and start collecting points and earn discounts for even better rates on your car hire.

Become a member and save on your car hire with your first booking

The more points you have, the cheaper it gets

10 points = €1

Become a member and earn loyalty points

Collect loyalty points and get better prices.

Collect points by inviting friends

To collect additional discounts for your next booking, invite your friends to Vehicle Rent and you will be rewarded.

Collect points by writing reviews

Get one point for every review you write.

Every booking counts

You can collect points with your bookings.

The more points you have, the cheaper it gets

No. of points
Register as a user 20
Write a review 5
Invite a friend 15
Book a car 10 points / €1 off your booking price

More Vehicle Rent benefits

  • Get 5% off on your first booking
  • No booking fees
10 points = €1

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