You can easily book your vehicle. First you have to choose the date and location of your rental in our booking form. In the next step you can pick out the vehicle you want from the list provided. If you already are a member, just login with your email address and password and all of your personal information needed for the reservation will be filled in automatically. In case you are not a member yet, just fill out the personal information form and your information will be saved for your next rental (as a new member you can earn a 5% discount on your first rental). After filling out the personal information form there is a step where you choose the method of payment and you simply fill in your credit card information. At the end you can print out your voucher, which is needed at time of pick-up.
You can amend your booking information or cancel your booking in a few simple steps. Just login to our web page with your personal login information and choose what you wish to cancel or amend from your profile. Our customer service team will adress your requests in due time.
A voucher is a document that confirms your booking, its price, and payment. It is mandatory to have your voucher with you at the time of pick-up. If you do not have the voucher with you, the vehicle provider can refuse to release the vehicle to you or can change the price of the rental.
If you lose your voucher, you can easily print out a new one. Just log in to our web site and enter your voucher number, and you will be able to print out the new voucher in seconds.
It is mandatory to have your voucher with you when you are picking up the vehicle. If you do not have it with you at the time of pick-up, the vehicle provider can refuse to release the vehicle to you or can change the price of rental. If you lose your voucher, you can easily print out a new one. Just go to our website and fill in your email address and voucher number, and you will be able to print out the voucher in seconds.
You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information please see the Terms of Use.
Every country has an age restriction defined by the country law. Some car rental providers have a minimum age restriction as well as maximum age restrictions. These restrictions are always defined in Rental Conditions. Some car rental providers can have a young driver or senior driver surcharge locally.
An International Driving Permit is a document that includes the same data as your national driving license and is used to prove your driving license validation in countries with a different official language. The International Driving Permit must always be presented together with your national driving license, otherwise the international permit is not valid.
One-way rentals involve renting a vehicle at one location and returning it at another. Every rental car company has its own one-way rental policy that is described in Terms & Conditions under »MORE INFORMATION«. For some one-way rentals, one-way rental fee may or may not be surcharged.
Every rental car provider has its own fuel policy, that is described in steps 1 and 2 of the booking process.
With every booking you are able to choose different car accessories such as a navigation system, child seat, baby seat, etc... selected accessories are displayed on your voucher but not included in the price. These additional products have to be paid directly to the car rental provider at the time of pick-up. When you select accessories it means that these additional items were requested and will be provided if possible, meaning that they are not guaranteed.
With a rented vehicle you are liable for a certain amount of excess / deductible in the case of a collision. You can reduce this liability to zero. If you would like to reduce the liability, just mark this in the second step of your reservation, under section »Reduce liability«
Most of the reservations made by Vehicle Rent include unlimited mileage, local tax and a Collision Damage Waiver. In steps 1 and 2 in the booking process or on your voucher you can see all the details about your booking inclusions.
In case of collision, you are liable for the rented vehicle up to a certain amount. You can either cover your liability by choosing our additional Super Excess Refund option or reduce the excess amount by purchasing an additional insurance directly with the rental company.
When a situation arises involving the theft of the rented vehicle or a part of the rented vehicle, the customer is liable for the excess amount that applies to the rented vehicle. A detailed overview of prices for theft liability is presented in step 2 of the booking process. In case the vehicle is stolen and the customer does not return the key, the customer is liable for the entire value of the rented vehicle. For additional information please click the »MORE INFORMATION« button.
Every country has a third party insurance amount set up with the corresponding laws. Third party insurance is necessary for someone to be permitted to drive and covers possible damage caused to other people and/or to other people's property. This insurance is usually limited to an amount that varies from country to country and by car rental companies. If the damage exceeds the named figure, the customer is liable to cover te. The amounts are listed on our website.
Premium location/airport fee is a fee that covers the location service costs. This fee is usually included in the price but may still occur at some locations and is charged locally.
Local tax is a tax setup by the government and it differs from country to country. Usually, local tax is included in the price.
As soon as you select the vehicle you wish to rent, simply scroll down and find the 2nd option entitled Extras & Additional Equipment and look for the green button entitled »More Options«. Click on the button and you will see a list of additional equipment options you can choose from.
You can choose the extra item in the 2nd step of the booking process by clicking the green tab “More Options“. The cost of any extras is paid directly to the rental company. Please note that accessories are on request and subject to availability and are not guaranteed by Vehicle Rent.
Yes, you may add additional drivers to your rental. This can't be done online. It can only be done at the time of pick-up. All intended drivers (main and additional) must be present at the time of pick-up and show their valid driver's licenses. An Additional Driver Fee is usually not included and must be paid at the time of pick-up.
The Additional Driver Fee will be added for the full rental period. Please note, that if the additional driver is not registered in the contract he/she will not be authorized to drive the rental vehicle. To see the price for an Additional Driver proceed to step 2 in the booking process and click the green »More Options« button.
This depends on the country and the rental company. You can find more information about crossing the border if you read the Terms and Conditions accessible in every step of the booking process under »More information«. Please note that cross border permission is sometimes subject to a certain surcharge.
There are no hidden charges! All mandatory surcharges and fees are presented in the 3rd step of the booking processes and in our Terms and Conditions. Please note that additional charges may apply for some rentals in case of:
  • Out of hours surcharge (when picking up the vehicle outside of office hours),
  • One way fee (when returning the vehicle at a different location),
  • Service charge for fuel (prepaid fuel policy),
  • Young/senior driver fee (this condition is set by the car hire company and is usually not in relation to the regulations of the specific country),
  • Excess and deposit amount (before hiring you need to make sure your credit card limit is high enough for the deposit amount to be blocked, which usually equals the excess amount or higher).
We advise our clients to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before the rental in order to avoid any unexpected surprises. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will gladly help you with any questions via phone, email or live chat during our opening hours.
The Super Excess Refund is an optional service by Vehicle Rent which, if accepted, covers your financial liability for damage or theft to the hired vehicle. This is not an agreement with the car hire company that reduces the excess amount, but a cover that refunds you in case the car hire company charges you for damage or theft. With this option you will be reimbursed up to 6000 EUR. For more information, you can read the Conditions of Use or contact us.
There are three main toll systems used internationally:
  1. Tolls are collected at points known as toll booths.
  2. Tolls are collected by some form of automatic or electronic toll collection equipment which communicates electronically with a toll payer's transponder
  3. Vignettes
Since every car hire company has its own conditions in regards to toll charges please check the Terms and Conditions when booking a car or contact us.
Most car hire companies offer this service for an additional fee. When booking a car make sure to write the specific time of your arrival in the provided space in the form. The additional charge will be displayed in step 3 of the booking process as “wait time” as well as on your voucher. If your flight has been delayed which causes the vehicle collection to be out of office hours, you will be charged for out of hours service as well. If you have a confirmed booking for vehicle collection outside office hours the agent will be waiting for you. If you are returning your car out of office hours you need to consult the procedure with the agent at the time of pick-up – many car hire companies have drop boxes where you can safely leave car keys.
Most rental companies have their offices situated in the arrival hall after luggage claim. Some major airports have a special zone where most rental companies are located (parking lot, pavilion, building, section) and clear signposts will lead you there. Other rental companies that do not have an airport office offer a Meet and Greet service or a Shuttle bus service. Meet and Greet means that a rental agent will be waiting for you with a sign showing the logo of the rental agency at the arrivals gate. The documentation is usually prepared at the airport where you also get the car. Shuttle bus service involves having a shuttle bus drive you to the rental office where you will also get your car. In this case the office is usually located in close proximity to the airport terminal. All the necessary information on how to find the shuttle bus is written in your voucher.
The information about the location is also included in every step in the booking process under »More information« where the »Location« tab is.
The Terms and Conditions that apply for your booking are written in every step in the booking process under "More information" where the "Terms & Conditions" tab is. If you don't find the answer to your question there, we will be happy to help you via live chat, email or phone.
You only pay us a partial amount online and you pay the rest at the pick-up time. You can see the payment details in step 3 of the booking process. Please note that the amount paid locally will be charged in local currency.
We are unable to guarantee a particular make, model or fuel type of vehicle. The vehicle shown on your voucher is for guidance only and may be substituted for an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle (at no extra cost) at our discretion. If, at the time of pick-up, it is not possible to provide you with the vehicle you booked as shown on your rental voucher due to a breakdown or an accident, a similar or upgraded vehicle will be provided.
If you have specific requests as to the type of car you would like, you can choose a suitable one in the step 1 of the booking process. You are always welcome to contact our dedicated agents and consult with them about the best option for you.
Every rental company offers additional insurance with which you can reduce the excess amount (liability). For more information about the price of additional insurance please contact us.
Please note that you are entirely responsible for covering extras such as tolls and parking fees. Some car hire companies don't charge for extras such as snow chains and snow tyres. Please check with the rental agency if these aforementioned extras are included in the price.
A Road fee covers the costs of registration and road tax.
Unlimited Mileage means that there is no limit set to the amount of miles you can drive, so the charge for rental will not change based on the mileage covered. Unlimited Mileage is usually included in our prices. Please check in step 2 of the booking process if Unlimited Mileage is included in your booking.
Every car rental company has a contract for assistance on the road which will assist you in case of a break down or in case of an accident. Please ask the agent for assistance with the details when you are picking up the car.