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Vehicle Rent Terms and Conditions

1. Obligatory documents for your pick-up

With no exceptions, you must have these documents with you when arriving at your car hire agency to pick up your car:

  • ID card or better yet—passport (Also, in some countries demand a proof of address—UK for example. Check supplier’s terms for specific instructions.)
  • Voucher (Be conscious that you have the last version of it. You can present the printed option or digital (on your phone.)
  • Driving licence (Be sure to check if you need your International driving permit where you’re going.)
  • Credit card (Keep in mind that majority of car hire agencies don’t accept American Express, prepaid credit cards, charge cards or cash cards.)

2. Young and senior driver fee

No matter how skilled, if you are a very young or older driver, rental agencies may see you as a possible liability to their fleet. Check supplier’s terms for specific instructions. To avoid extra charges at the counter, please be sure that you enter your exact age during your booking process.

To avoid any complications at the counter, you should also remember that you have to have a driving license that is at least two years old—in some cases three. (Check supplier’s terms for specific instructions.)

3. Additional driver fee

If there is a chance, usually there are two or more people that drive a hired car. However, remember that for every additional driver you have to pay additional driver fee. (First additional driver is sometimes included, but rarely. Check supplier’s terms for specific instructions.) Also, all drivers must present essential documents at the pick-up.

4.  Extras fees

Baby or child seat and GPS are most common extras in the car hire industry. For every extra chosen, you'll pay an extra fee. However, you can save some money if you bring them with you. All car hire agencies will allow you to use your own things.

  • If you want, you can bring your GPS navigation (or use the app on your phone).
  • Also, you can bring your child seat with you. With this, you will also avoid a misfortune when car hire agency ran out of their own (it may happen that a company runs out of them on the day of your booking). It's also the only way you'll be 100% sure on the quality of the seat. Know that you can bring your car seats onto the plane—usually for no additional charge.
  • Regarding renting an electronic toll pass, we do believe that it’s worth the costs. It’ll save you time on the road.

5.   Fuel policies and surcharges

With most fuel policies, you’ll have to fill your tank before you return your car to the car hire agency. (If you’re not sure about the fuel policy you’ve chosen, please check your voucher for more information.) Mind that filling it by yourself is usually cheaper than asking your car hire agency to fill it up instead. However, remember these few things:

  • If your visit to the gas station will cause you being late, this could result in surcharges.
  • Also, if you chose Same to Same fuel policy and you got a car with practically no gas, make sure you return it in the same condition. Otherwise, your rental could finish with bigger expenses than you expected.
  • If you're in a hurry, you don't watch every penny, and you're late to your return, of course, you don't have to visit the gas station. Just be prepared for surcharges in that case.

6.    Credit card of the main driver

No matter if you fully pre-paid your rental through Vehicle Rent, at the pick-up, as the main driver, you'll need your credit card. (Don’t count on a prepaid credit card or American Express—many of car rental companies don’t accept them. Debit card will be declined.)

The reason for needing your credit card is standard; At the counter, the car hire agency will block or charge a certain amount on your credit card. This deposit is your financial liability for any car damage, theft or loss. However, if you chose our excess cover (or RELAX package which includes it), your money is safe. If excess cover is purchased, we refund your expenses—for up to €3000.

7.    Avoid complications at the counter

Please, read the following rules carefully, since you can encounter on additional fees or challenges if you don’t follow them.

  • At the counter, the main driver must show the last version of the voucher.
  • All drivers (you and any additional driver) must present a full valid original Driving Licenses—older than two years—in some cases three. (Check supplier’s terms for specific instructions.)
  • If a Driving License has multiple parts, all of them must be shown, and in some cases, you have to have International Driving License as well.
  • All drivers must identify themselves with an Identification card (or passport and sometimes proof of residence address).
  • The main driver must also present his/her credit card (in most cases prepaid credit card and American Express will be refused; debit card will be declined) with enough limit on it to cover the excess. (Check your voucher if you’re not sure about the amount of your liability in the case of car damage, theft or loss.)

8. Crossing international borders

If you’re planning to drive your car beyond the country’s border, please, make sure you have all the necessary documentation. In some countries, you could encounter extra fees if crossing a border with your car. Entering into Northern Ireland may result in such extra fees, travelling in the U.S. as well. (Check supplier’s terms for specific instructions.)

To avoid any problems, please emphasize your plan of crossing the border to the agent at the counter of car hire agency. In some cases, you will have to pay an extra fee for this. You'll need it in the case of car accident. If you drive across international borders without authorization and you have an accident, the protections of your rental contract, insurance and other sources may be negated.

9.   Car hire insurance/cover options

There’s a lot of insurance and cover options, but be sure to get the right one.

  • At the counter of the rental agency, you'll be offered car hire insurance which may have many exclusions and is usually more expensive than every other option. Although with this insurance often you can lower your excess to zero, additional fees still apply. In many cases, for roof, tyres, mirrors, windows, bodywork and undercarriage you need to buy additional insurance—it depends on car hire agency’s insurance policy.
  • Vehicle Rent’s excess cover options (that you can buy as an extra or included in the RELAX package) is much cheaper and it covers up to €3.000 of expenses in the case of car damage.

CDW TP and excess explained:

Outside of U.S. most car hire deals have CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection) already included in the standard rental price. In the case of car damage, theft or loss, they limit your excess—financial liability—from the full value of the car to the reasonable amount.


At the counter, the car hire agency will block or charge a certain amount on your credit card. This is the deposit. A deposit may be equal or higher than your financial liability, called excess. In the case of accident or car theft, you could lose your whole deposit. However, you can protect your money;


With a coverage, you can be completely relaxed. If anything happens to the car during your rental, we will refund:

  • your excess
  • additional expenses that can be the result of damage to the roof, tyres, mirrors and undercarriage

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PLEASE NOTE: Majority of car hire companies will demand that you leave a deposit or provide credit card details before they hand over the vehicle if you decline their insurance. Buying coverage will not prevent this. Our cover options refund the final expenses. So, please make sure you have funds available before reaching the counter. This means the main driver has to have the excess amount available on his/her credit card or—extremely rarely—enough cash to cover the deposit. 

10. Booking modification

Vehicle Rent offers you several ways to modify your booking. Write us an email or simply visit your user’s profile and modify it there. You can also call our Customer Service for extra guidance. However, we will need the modification request in a written form.

  • Amendments free of charge: individual attributes (address information)
  • Amendments that change your car hire price: Changing attributes that affect the rental price, such as location, supplier, car group or length of rental. Changing these parameters, you will be charged at the current published price, which may be different from what you originally paid. Changing the main driver information may also result in a price change.
  • Last-minute amendments: You should call the agent if the pick-up time is less than 48 hours away and you wish to amend the booking.
  • Confirmation of the amendments: Always look for a confirmation of your amendments—no matter what or how you asked for booking changes. When our and supplier’s system will mark all of the changes, you’ll immediately get the modification confirmation email. Only this is an amendment guarantee. And only the voucher in that email is the one you need at the counter for your pick-up.

PLEASE NOTE: Amendments cannot be accepted and carried out after the vehicle has already been acquired. The agent is not obliged to reimburse the money to you in the event of early completion of car hire service. If you need to extend your rental, this calls for extra reservation. This must be done in written form, and extra costs should be expected.

11.   Booking cancellation

Cancellation of the booking is completely understandable practice. However, there are specific rules you have to follow regarding it:

  • If you wish to cancel the reservation, you must contact Vehicle Rent and state your request in writing by sending an email to customerservice@vehicle-rent.com.
  • Please note that phone cancellations will not be accepted.

Until the last 48 hours, you can cancel your booking or/and excess cover option completely free of charge. After that, if not opting for our Cancellation Protection option or RELAX package (that includes the Free Cancellation), you will not be completely refunded if cancelling the booking.

  • Unless having a RELAX package, and cancelling your booking less than 48 hours before the pickup, you will receive a refund of the money paid at the booking, minus either the deposit or the cost of 3 days' rental, whichever is greater.
  • If your booking period is shorter than three days, you will not encounter on any additional charge. However, you will not receive any refund (including coverage expenses).

Cancellation Protection

Vehicle Rent’s ‘Cancellation Protection’ is an extra product or a feature included in the RELAX package. Purchasing that allows you to cancel the booking until the last minute with no extra esxpenses.

The cost for Cancellation Protection is €3,00 per rental day. The cost of purchasing the product is not refundable in the case of booking cancellation.

Cancellation Protection is not valid

  • If the cancellation of booking is received after the rental period has already started.
  • If the booking is cancelled because some of the obligatory documents were not presented by a customer.


A ‘No-show' is when you fail to pick the car up at the arranged time and date. In this case, you will receive no refund of the money paid.

12. Claim procedure

  • Whatever is the reason for the claim you have, you should not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.
  • The complaint may be submitted in writing within 28 days from the date of returning the vehicle. An appeal received after this period will not be addressed.
  • The agent will forward the user's complaint to the car hire vehicle provider. After he/she receives the reply he/she will inform you with additional information on the complaint.

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