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Basic info and car hire in Barcelona Airport

  • IATA airport code: BCN
  • ICAO airport code: LEBL
  • Full name: Barcelona – El Prat Airport, Aeroport de Barcelona – el Prat in Catalan
  • Location: El Prat de Llobregat Collinstown, Catalonia, Spain
  • Hub for: Air Nostrum, Vueling, Norwegian Air International and RyanAir
  • Website: http://www.aena.es/en/barcelona-airport/index.html
  • Contact: + 34 91 321 10 00, bcninformacion@aena.es
  • Owner: ENAIRE
  • Elevation: 14 ft/ 4 m
  • Number of runways: Three
  • Wi-Fi: There is free Wi-Fi available at Barcelona Airport with no log-in required
  • Barcelona Airport app - official airport's application for flight information in real time, for organizing your way through Barcelona Airport as the app provides detailed maps of the airport. Here, you can easily find your way to the car hire offices positioned on the Barcelona airport.

About Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport, also known as Barcelona-El Prat Airport is an international airport, the second largest and the second busiest in Spain right after Madrid. Barcelona Airport is located 7.5 miles/12 km from the centre of Barcelona (It takes about 30 min with your hired car). Barcelona is an excellent destination if you’d like to visit the beautiful Spanish coast line which can be an amazing experience with our car hire service.
Barcelona Airport features 2 terminal buildings, connected by a free shuttle service. The Terminal 2 is divided into three modules, Terminal 2A, Terminal 2B and Terminal 2C.

Drive your rental car around Barcelona Airport

If you are planning to visit the outskirts of the city it is highly convenient to hire a car. Otherwise, the city centre of Barcelona is crowded and the green parking spaces on the streets are limited for the residents only. There are also blue parking spaces intended for general use, but are less frequent and must be paid. White parking spaces are for free, but non-existent in the city centre. Barcelona is encircled partially by the B-10 motorway, also known as Ronda Litoral, a 20 km long motorway in Catalonia.

There's a lot of places you can drive to from Barcelona. Take car hire at Barcelona Airport and drive north to see Sant Joan's Castle – a lovely sight on top of the hill above Lloret de Mar which you can explore after.

Tarragona is also a lovely city to visit. Just drive South from Barcelona. There you'll find Roman aqueduct, beautiful cathedral, magnificent amphitheatre and other historical sights.

Services in Barcelona Airport

Being the second busiest airport in Spain, Barcelona Airport provides all the comfort to its customers, regardless of their point of interest. Below you will find some of Barcelona’s useful services for business travellers, parents with small children as well as other travellers in need of special care. As a large airport – and seventh busiest airport in Europe – Barcelona Airport has everything you need – as a business or leisure traveller.


Whether you are in need of a space to work, hold a meeting or an event at Barcelona Airport you can make use of the Business Centre in Terminal 1 or Catalunya Meeting Room in Terminal 2. For all travellers in a hurry, there is a Fast Pass VIP service, designed to save time and ensure all the comfort and maximum discretion. 

To ensure your comfortability when on a long trip, Barcelona Airport offers you nine Air Rooms, where you can find all the comfort of a hotel.


There are several play areas both in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and Barcelona Airport also provides security checkpoints for families in both terminals. If you hired a car at Barcelona Airport and travelling with a small child, do not forget to hire a baby seat or a booster seat at the car hire agency or at a specialized baby equipment rental service. 


Barcelona airport provides everything from the baggage wrapping machine, luggage carrier service to a free support service for passengers with reduced mobility. There are also a number of cash machines available throughout the entire airport, as well as currency exchange offices and banks. If you are planning a trip around Barcelona, there is a wide range of car hire offer at Barcelona Airport. 

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History of Barcelona Airport

Barcelona had its first airport in 1916, however the location was not optimal from the expansion projects point of view. A new airport was opened in 1918 at the El Prat. The first commercial service began with Iberia flights to Madrid, which was also the first route of Iberia airline. The first runway was built in 1948 and Pan American World Airways operated the first overseas route from Barcelona to New York. With an increasing number of passengers, Barcelona Airport continued with its expansion by building a second runway as well as several other airport facilities. In 1968 a new terminal was built which is still operational (Terminal 2B). In 1976 Iberia got its own terminal building and a year later, Barcelona Airport handled over 5 million passengers per year.

The 1992 Summer Olympics held in Barcelona stirred the investments and expansion of Barcelona Airport which included modernization and enlargement of the existing terminal which is today known as Terminal B. A new control tower was also built I 1992, however it was replaced in 2006 by a newer one.

Today, 70% of all the flights are operating from the 2009 built Terminal 1.

Petrol stations near Barcelona Airport

There is a Galp petrol station service at the entrance to Barcelona Airport and several others close to the airport. However, you might consider that the prices of petrol stations are usually higher near the airports and on the motorways, so if your car hire fuel policy allows, try to refuel your tank elsewhere.