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Vehicle-Rent customer reviews

Being an online car rental service isn't the easiest job in the world, but we do our best to make our customers happy. We cooperate with more than 500 top quality car hire companies. With their help, we serve more than 500.000 happy customers per year. Regarding the needs of our loyal customers, we are making it easier and cheaper for them to find the best car hire deal and travel destination.
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Our team of 20 experts works daily with our car hire partners to coordinate and offer you the best deals for your next travel. And our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you to get on the road fast and easy. The result is you, our satisfied customers. We are proud of our hight Trust Pilot score and the positive reviews we are receiving.

Looking for more information on car hire? Read this article with all the info that you need on the DVLA codes.

Our customers are the direct reason for our success, and we are truly honoured for your continuous loyalty.

Check out vehicle rent reviews:

  • "No hassle or misleading charges, very straightforward and reputable company." - Millie, 65, York
  • "The staff was so helpful and kind." - Charlie, 62, Wakefield
  • "Good service and a clean new vehicle." - James, 32, Bristol
  • "Nice and kind staff. Quick handling of paperwork in the office. Excellent new car. Transfer service to and from the airport." - William, 40, Lancaster
  • "The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and the car was handed out to exactly at the time which requested." - Freddie, 52, Canterbury
  • "Professionalism and kindness of the staff, honest price and car in excellent condition." - Erin, 37, London
  • "Friendly staff, helpful. Wait time longish, facilities sparse. The car was great. At the end, the employee who assisted me was very helpful and considerate." - Matilda, 45, Lancaster
  • "Everything went smoothly I did not feel I was being cheated Man behind the desk was courteous Car was clean." - Maya, 31, Birmingham
  • "Simple and easy, had no problems hiring and the car was fine." - Thea, 38, Faro
  • "Easy service, they brought the car to us and picked it up. It was quick and cheap - we will be using this again." - Emelia, 37, Lancaster
  • "Service was good. The car was great. Bit slow checking in at pick up but check out at the return of the vehicle was good." - Florence, 28 Plymouth
  • "The service and quality of the vehicle were outstanding - we were given a complimentary upgrade and vehicle pick up and drop off was very efficient." - Rosie, 60, Bristol
  • "Everything went as planned and the staff was very kind." - Joshua, 41, Liverpool
  • "Everything went smoothly." - Ellie, 67, Nottingham
  • "The lady who dealt with us, could not have been nicer or more helpful - she even came out to clear the car for us - it was icy! We were given a very good deal and had excellent service. We will be back!" - Harry, 39, Lancaster
  • "Very helpful, very polite, I hired a small car and ended up getting a four-door saloon which was lovely and very nice to drive." - Jack, 58, York
  • "Booked this vehicle way in advance of hire date and was relieved that all was okay on collection." - George, 46, Liverpool
  • "Simplicity, courtesy, kindness, no problems." - Leo, 33, Canterbury
  • "No problem, everything as you mentioned." - Henry, 55, York
  • "The car was good, the staff was very helpful, no complications not too many questions and answers and not fussy like some other companies that look for scratches even if there weren’t one, at last, a very reasonable price. Very happy overall. Thank you!" - Freddie, 52, Canterbury
  • "Absolutely no problems from beginning to end." - Isaac, 27, Lancaster
  • "I have rented numerous vehicles from various companies over the years; this was the first time I got what I wanted & what I paid for, without any hard sell! This is so important not to feel pressured." - Agatha, 31, London
  • "Very smooth and easy, no nasty surprises with insurance or fuel surcharges." - Maisie, 56, Bristol
  • "Brilliant car and friendly service; Good value for money overall." - Emelia, 37, Lancaster
  • "Very good service... and good customer support as well." - William, 40, Lancaster
  • "Easy rental and no problems, hassle free pickup and drop off. Friendly staff." - Jack, 58, York
  • "A very good service with zero excess free 2nd driver, good fuel policy etc the only minus points were that they actually took the deposit from my card rather than reserving it and they did not inspect the car when I reserved it so it was a bit of a worry for a week waiting to get the deposit back." - Jack, 35, Manchester
  • "Great customer service; Excellent value for money." - Freddie, 52, Canterbury
  • "Staff was very pleasant and helpful. We were able to communicate in English. Would use them again." - Joshua, 41, Liverpool
  • "Despite some mixed reviews online, our expectations were met. We were dealt with in a friendly and efficient way. Although we had to make a claim on our insurance (a car hit us while we were parked in a car park), they forwarded all the required documentation we needed very quickly. Please do take out insurance through - as per our experience, even if you're a careful driver, all it takes is someone else's bad driving to leave you with an expensive bill." - Noah, 43, Leeds
  • "Easy online booking process." - Ellie, 67, Nottingham
  • "No problem no hassle. Everything went very smoothly. Surprised with the car (in a good way:) )." - Jessica, 42, Bristol

Reviews from Germany

  • "Experience was simple, efficient and with good customer service. A good price too and a nice car." - Oscar, 48, Berlin
  • "Great service, very kind, friendly and fast! Their cars are brand new and fully loaded so you know you're safe, they have great offers on additional services which were offered to me. Very polite, helpful staff who have answered all my questions!! Can highly recommend." - Alexander, 48, Munich
  • "The service and explanation how it all works because it was the first rental car experience for me. The car was clean." - Ben, 32, Hamburg
  • "The cost and the info were super...also the people at the desk in Bologna were very sweet." - Paul, 55, Frankfurt
  • "Cost, type of vehicles, customer care, efficiency, value for money." - Luis, 45, Leipzig
  • "Good service, good people, nice vehicle, good rates." - Luka, 34, Cologne

Reviews from Spain

  • "Everything went exactly as expected. There were no hidden fees. The pick-up and drop-off were smooth. The Alamo representatives were very kind and helpful." - Sara, 46, Granada
  • "Excellent customer service. I will use again for sure." - Alejandro, 29, Malaga
  • "Nice people, did what they said, good rates and a nice car." - Noelia, 38, Alicante

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Please let us know how was your experience when you got to the pick-up location. How was the rent-a-car office, was the staff friendly, was is easy to find the location? Did you get the car that you expected and did you have to pay any additional fees that you did not expect?

And we would love to know how was the car that you received and how did you spend the holidays? What are great roads that others should also check out and how is driving in your destination? We will forward that information to other people that will rent in the same city as you did so you can help future travellers.

When you return your car please notice and let us know how was the procedure there. Was it obvious where you should return your car, was the procedure easy to understand and the staff professional?

At the end of the day, we would love to hear about the whole procedure from the first time you visited our website to the last contact that you had with the car or the rent-a-car company.

We would like to hear from each and every one of you because we believe that every customer counts and every review counts. If you had a great experience or if it was not so good, we need to know. We can only get better if you tell us what you liked and what you disliked.

What happens after you review us

There are a couple of different things that will happen after you review us. 

If the review is about your experience with our website, we will forward the review to our website team. They regularly review the positive and negative reviews and change the website so that it allows our visitors to have the best possible experience. You probably won't receive a notification when we change the website, but rest assured that we will think about what changes we can do and will implement those that will make life easier for our customers.

If your review is about your experience with a rent-a-car company, the car or the pick-up/drop-off location, we will review your experience and talk to that specific rent-a-car company. We understand that things happen and we will alert the rent-a-car company about the problems. Usually, the rent-a-car will respond and change its practices, but if they don't do that, we will review our cooperation with that company. We have already discontinued our cooperation with companies that did not meet our standards and will do that if needed.

Of course the same goes if you tell us that you had a great experience with a specific rent-a-car company, a specific person or with a car. We will forward that information to them so that the directly responsible person gets a positive review and will look into how we can send more users to that location.

If you had a great experience with our help desk operators, please let us know. We like to congratulate them on being great and we like to know who are the stars in our group. Those that do great will always be highlighted in our company. And if you did not have a great experience, let us know too. We will try to work with that person so that we can help him or her to get better and be great.

A couple of review examples

Here are a couple of other reviews that we found on other websites that can give you an idea of what your review should be like:

James Thomas wrote a reviewI say take it! I was in Valencia this summer and rented a car twice for 4-6 Euro per day each time (granted 5+ days each time). Anyway, never had an issue once. Go for it!

A user that calls himself podgy said in his review:Just booked car hire through this agent for two weeks in Ireland next summer, the final hire is Budget.

The price I got from Vehicle-Rent was very low compared to the rest, and low compared to previous summers: car hire in Ireland is usually very expensive during the summer peak.

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