Declaração de segurança

Security Statement

The user agrees and binds himself/herself:

  • not to use any device or computer programs that would have direct or indirect impact on the reservation system, which would enable him/her to seek content or any other details, including prices,
  • not to affect or have any intention of affecting normal operation of the reservation system, or else their access will be immediately suspended,
  • not to use the reservation system for any purposes that are not lawful or that are prohibited and contravene the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions,
  • not to use the reservation system for any speculative or false reservations, for searching suppliers or their prices,
  • not to use trademarks “Vehicle Rent”, “Car Target” or any other agent’s trademark for commercial purposes without having first obtained the agent’s written consent,
  • not to reproduce the contents of the reservation system for commercial purposes,
  • to have legal capacity to conclude and fulfil the obligations of the contractual relationship, or else is liable to pay for damages to the agent,
  • to directly notify the car rental service provider of any special physical or mental conditions related to renting a car,
  • to immediately inform the car rental service provider in the event of an accident or otherwise be liable for the additional costs for failure to notice,
  • to provide the car rental service provider with a valid identity document, a valid driver’s licence, a valid credit card in the user’s name, and the confirmation of reservation or voucher at the moment of rental car acquisition, otherwise the car rental provider may refuse the service and the user shall not be entitled to recover costs related to the reservation of the vehicle,
  • in case of a delay in the acquisition of the vehicle, the user shall inform the car rental service provider about the delay and notify them of the arrival time,
  • that the car rental service provider may refuse the acquisition of the vehicle if the user is delayed with the acquisition of the vehicle for more than 2 hours,
  • that his/her personal data, needed to ensure the appropriate level and implementation of the service, shall be transferred to the Republic of Slovenia, where it will be analyzed and saved,
  • to make available the following personal data for the purposes of the reservation process: name, age, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence, country of residence, credit or debit card number and user information that guarantees payment for the reservation or deposit payment,
  • that the data from the previous indent is needed to perform a reservation and that it could be sent to the contracting agent for the performance of reservation, or to an organization to undertake a safety check of the credit or debit card; and to the contractual partner for the performance of various services, such as sending e-mails, marketing services or payment processing,
  • that the user’s personal data used for the purposes of reservation process can be sent to a country that does not have the same standards regarding safety and processing of personal data,
  • that the user’s e-mail address shall be used for the purpose of informing the user regarding the reservation itself, including sending reservation confirmation or a change in the reservation, as well as to inform them of updates and changes on the agent’s website,,
  • that the user’s telephone number shall only be used in emergency cases, such as a defect or problem with the user’s reservation,
  • that the agent can provide suppliers and partners with statistic data about users, while the latter never include their personal data.

The agent agrees and binds himself/herself:

  • to make the reservation system available 24 hours a day, which shall perform normally at all times, while it reserves the right, without prior notice, to temporarily disable the use of or access to the reservation system in case of a system error, maintenance works, repairs, or other objective reasons,
  • to process and store users’ personal data in accordance with the law on Protection of Personal Data – ZVOP, and to use it only for business purposes within the company Modicus Ltd.,
  • to notify users of any changes and additions to the General Terms and Conditions, in the manner prescribed in Article 19 of the General Terms and Conditions.

Data Protection Information

The user is informed and agrees:

  • that his/her personal data and credit card data, collected while using the reservation system, are treated in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data Law - ZVOP.
  • that personal data is accessed via a secure server that uses a 256-bit encryption in order to protect the personal data of users,
  • that the use of a security system is only available for website, where the user can see or insert their own personal details,
  • that a secure connection is indicated by the keyhole at the bottom of the user’s browser,
  • that the locked padlock symbol indicates that the user is located at a secure connection site, whereas an unlocked padlock symbol indicates a non-secure page.

The user is informed and agrees with the fact that user data security while processing credit card data is taken care of by PayPoint, which enables adequate protection.

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