Wonder, Which Caribbean Destination Is Right For You?

The Caribbean is a region that consists 27 groups of islands and at the first glance they are all pretty perfect. But not every Caribbean Destination is for everybody. Find out which one is perfect for you.

Best destination for families with little children

Dominican Republic is well known for its world-class resorts. The Reserve at Paradisius Palma Real was wotted for 2015 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice and most pleased were those that visited it with their younglings.

The resort has a family play area, kids club and great pool for children, the staff is extra friendly and understanding to their needs and is always trying to make them feel welcome, even if that means granting their late-night nacho cheese cravings.

Landscape by the Caribbean Sea is just breath taking, but most of the visitors can’t stop talking about the food that they ate in different restaurants in the resort. If you’re a foodie family, this is the place to go for your holiday.

Dominican Republic is a large country with lots of colonial-era history, so if you are visiting this Caribbean destination with your family, you can rent a car and explore it a bit, because is worth it. Even though DR resorts are top of the notch, for active children it can get a bit boring, and a few road trips can be a wonderful bonding experience.

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Do you need a reset? Go to Aruba!

How to describe this island? Let’s just say, that if you like hikes or crazy nightlife, this is not the island for you. Natural serenity and incredible beaches are the strongest feature of this island. And the best thing is, that everybody will find the perfect for itself. See for yourself:

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Let’s have some fun at Jamaica, man!

Jamaica is probably best known for Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley, his music and Jamaican easy-going vibe. But don't be fooled, Jamaica can be a lot of fun even for very active people. If you like outdoor activities like snorkelling, diving, waterfall sliding, rafting and enjoying dreamy beaches with a beer in your hand, this is it.

When the sun drops you can get loose, go dancing, listening live music or go for some spicy food dinner. If you crave more than just some cocktails and chilling at the beach bar, the Jungle Night Club is one of the most popular clubs in Jamaica.

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Ideal Caribbean Destination for couples – of any age.

Best-rated destination on TripAdvisor is The Regent Grand resort, which is on Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands. In short – it's a dream. Visitors are thrilled about the hotel view and surrounding beaches, staff is extremely polite and professional, the pool is great (although we don’t think you’re going to use it much) and all of the shopping areas and restaurants are in walking distance.

The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of 40 islands and cays. The average temperature ranges between 29-32 degrees Celsius from June to October, and from November to May the average temperature is 27-29 degrees Celsius. Average water temperature are about 23° C in the winter and 29° C in the summer.


You can’t stay still at your holidays?

If you can’t stand to be on one place all the time, or you want to se as much as possible, when you’re on a holiday, Bahamas is just right for you. Yes, its true, that Bahamas actually are not a part of Caribbean region, because they are not in the Caribbean Sea, and are located in the Northern Pacific Ocean, yet they are often grouped with the nations of the Caribbean for convenience.

Bahamas is a group of 700 islands so it’s perfect for island hoping – visiting as much islands as its possible. One of them are perfect for snorkelling and diving, other for fishing and exploring, and some are just ideal for relaxing, supping and sunbathing.

San Salvador for example is also full of history, since Christopher Columbus made his first landfall here, when he came to the New World in 1492.

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