Turkey – country with endless sun

As the New Year's approaching, one of the most perfect location to celebrate awaits all who still haven't decided where to spend their winter holidays! With mild climate and exotic vibe, Turkey is a very accessible country. By renting a car on our website you will surely make this also an affordable vacation as well! Working with several companies in this country, Vehicle Rent has a really wide range of offers and you can easily find a good car hire for yourself. Since Turkey is a diverse country the best is to make a plan even before your trip – and here are some suggestions for you, what you must not miss out in this amazing country!

To warm up, start your trip where else than in Istanbul! The Basilica Cistern – a construction built in Byzantine time, used to bring drinking water for the citizens is still an awe inspiring place. Then, see the Aya Sofya, a church first transformed into mosque and is now a museum will be like nothing you've ever seen before, its spacious rooms and luxurious decor is indescribable. Yet another fascinating site to visit is the Topkapi Palace – this is the place where the majority of Turkish sultans and their wives resided for centuries. Continue with a visit to the Blue Mosque, rustic Chora Church and romantic Galata Tower offering an amazing view over the city. Obviously, there are many things to be seen in this monumental city, but do not limit yourself – there is a more rural side to the country and its charm are none the fewer. For example, you do not want to miss out the incredible Ephesus, which is one the best preserved Roman ruin in the world easily accessible if you have your own ride. Another place you must not miss out are the truly breathtaking Cappadocia Underground Cities, amazing from outside but some are also possible to visit and it is something you will not regret seeing. How long have you known about the city named Troy? Well, now's your chance to see this historical place, connected with so many mysterious tales and stories. By taking a walk through their walls and streets you will be able to grasp an ancient feel to it. Yet another must see venue is the Bodrum Castle – amazing view, with a Museum of Underwater Archeology and a perfect exploration place – there is something extraordinary about this place. These are just a few suggestion on what to do or see in this amazing country, whether you want to spend a more relaxed vacation or explore as much as possible – Turkey is perfect for everyone with a taste for exotic and ancient. With a hired car, you can move around freely and experience this country at its best. So be sure to check our our amazing offers and convenient conditions and have a perfect winter holiday in Turkey with Vehicle Rent.

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