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Why pay for damage you may or may not have caused to your rental car?

Most car hire companies require you to leave a deposit of up to 3,000.00 EUR. In the event that the vehicle is stolen or damaged, the car hire company can withhold this deposit. By choosing the Super Excess Refund option with Vehicle Rent, you can get your money back! You can also save up to 60% compared to the insurance offered at the rental counter. Choose this option with your online booking, or give us a call and we can help you make the best choices for your car hire.

Super Excess Refund will cover:

  • charges for damage to the exterior of the rental car, including bodywork, roof, undercarriage, windscreen, windows, mirrors, wheels, tyres, hubcaps and locks.
  • the amount the car hire company charges as a result of claiming on the car’s Theft Protection policy
  • the Super Excess Refund option covers up to a maximum 3.000,00 EUR in claims.



Sometimes unpredictable things happen that prevent us from going on our trip even though we have already paid for everything.

At, we completely understand that certain things are simply out of your hands. That's why we offer you a simple way of getting your money back for the car hire part of your trip. With a small daily fee, you can rest assured that you will get your full deposit back if for any reason you can no longer utilize your car rental.

You are not using the rental, so why shouldn’t you get your money back? Select the Cancellation Protection option and know that if the unexpected happens, will refund the money that belongs to you. Only the Cancellation Protection charge will apply and the rest of the deposit amount will be refunded. Don't worry – we've got you covered.