»Train your brain, hire a car«

Driving a car is an ability and a challenge that marks our everyday life. Interestingly, some individuals are more likely to master driving a vehicle than others. Also, the debate about who is a better driver men or women has been a hot topic for years, even if just another statistic. However, driving is an activity that is operated by brain as well as it stimulates it. And here's why...

Driving a car may seem like a routine to proven drivers or an exciting experience to others, however it has been scientifically determined it is always a complex coordination exercise, with its main center in prefrontal cortex of human brain.

Thus there are many activities you engage your brain whilst driving. Concentration. Memory. Coordination. Multitasking. Rational behavior. Reactivity. Control. Relaxing. Meditation. Amusement. These are all rather contradictory actions and they can switch from one to another in an instant, or they can as well overlap each other.

Imagine, you're driving down a lovely, empty road, watching the setting sun when suddenly there's a deer in the middle of the road. Or a police raid appears behind the corner. Suddenly you switch from your completely relaxed zone to more 'alerting' state. Stay calm, everything's ok. Just another unpredictable situation you have to deal with all the calmness you possibly have.

Furthermore, you engage your body while driving. Control direction. Acceleration. Deceleration.Controling the pedals, transmission, steering wheel, observing the surroundings, operating other devices in the car.

Driving can also provoke an aggressive behavior, known under the term of Road Rage. Just few of the characteristics of this behavior are verbal insults, threats, deliberate dangerous driving and other unwanted reactions. This can therefore severely affect the safety of the driver as well as others.

So now you know, if you think you're 'just driving a car' you're actually having a good mental and physical exercise! And to stay in shape you can easily hire a car at

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