Top 10 Beaches In Winter Time

This winter you don't have to wrap yourself in scarves and gloves. Sandy beaches and palm trees are closer than you think. At Vehicle Rent we offer you top 10 winter destinations, where you can swap your hot tea for a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the endless summer.

Greek Isles

While in the summer Greece is flooded with tourists, it is a great retreat in the winter for those who would like to discover its jewels in a less crowded environment. The country's mild winter temperatures are perfect for sightseeing and hiking as well as relaxing on a beach with a good book. You can rent your vehicle on the mainland and take a ferry to explore the hidden beaches on the country's countless islands. To get you started with we suggest Myrtos beach on Kefalonia island in the region of Pylaros and Matala beach on Crete with its famous caves. More adventurous travellers can unveil the secrets of Sarakiniko beach on the island Milos or the Shipwreck beach on Zakynthos.

As Catedrais Beach

»Beach of the Cathedrals« in the North of Spain may not offer a casual swimming experience in the winter, but it does offer an incredible sight without thousands of tourists keeping you company. At low tide its fascinating natural formations are exposed, allowing you to explore the magnificent arches, caves, sand corridors and other curiosities. You can park your rented vehicle at the parking lot at the top of the beach and take a long stroll into the fairy tale land. Formentera In the shade of its bigger sister Ibiza, there is a smaller, little-known island Formentera. It hides one of the most impressive gems of Europe. Playa de Ses Illetes is perfect for those, who are tired of overcrowded touristic beaches. With only a few simple restaurants it is not a luxurious resort. Only endless sea, sand, sun and peacefulness. There are no airports on the island, so it is only reachable by sea. You can rent your car on Ibiza and use the ferry line to get to the island. You then have the freedom to explore all 20km of its shimmering white beaches with your rented vehicle.

La Palma

and La Gomera Canary Islands are famous for being Europe's winter resort with its large variety of beaches, activities and especially a pleasant climate all year round. But there are two islands that can offer you something different. La Palma and La Gomera are renowned for their black beaches of volcanic origin. Black sand in combination with lush rainforest guarantee a sight you won't easily forget. The best way to explore the islands is to rent a car. Roads are well-maintained and apart from some sharp turns suitable even for unexperienced drivers.

Abu Dhabi

For a luxurious stay, Abu Dhabi is a perfect destination. It has a sub-tropical climate with a pleasant 24°C in the winter. Vast sandy beaches offer a retreat from the concrete jungle of high skyscrapers. You can choose between upscale private beaches from around 30 to 50€ per day or free public beaches. Abu Dhabi was built for cars, so roads allow you to travel large distances in short amount of time. But since there are so many cars, city centre can get quite busy with many traffic jams. When hiring a car in Abu Dhabi, be careful to never drive after drinking as the authorities are quite strict and fines can be very high.

Cape Verde

This African country, consisting of 10 volcanic islands is a very exotic destination with an enjoyable 22 – 25°C in the winter. The islands Sal and Boa Vista are renowned for their sandy beaches, stretching for miles and miles. Colours ranging from white to dark gold, on the background of green palm trees and Turquoise Ocean will instantly make you feel like you are in paradise. All islands but one is accessible by plane, whereas the Sal island airport is adjusted especially for tourists. When renting a car in Cape Verde it is advisable to rent a 4x4 vehicle, since the roads in some parts of the islands are not very well maintained. Kauai Kauai is also called the »Garden Island« of the Hawaii. Its astonishing nature pleases all tastes and wishes. Lumahai beach is a pearl among beaches, the perfect combination of white sand, palm trees and clear blue ocean, that makes it look almost unreal. However, swimmers are advised to be extra cautious due to strong currents surrounding the beach. To fully enjoy your holiday and visit as many paradise beaches on Kauai as possible, our vehicles are waiting for you. You can pick up your rented car straight from the airport and freely explore the island's beauties.


An all-time classic Miami Beach is a vibrant and colourful destination throughout the year, but only in the winter time you can enjoy some very special perks. Many festivals, celebrating Latino and Caribbean culture, food and music transform Miami Beach to a carnival of delicious smells, vivid colours and friendly people. Renting a car is convenient and gives you the flexibility to make the most out of your time, mixing in with the local and the exotic.


This resort in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is mostly known for the famous spring breaks. In the winter time, however, it offers family friendly holidays. Miles of pristine white sandy beach guarantee a relaxing experience in the daytime as well as an exciting nightlife. By renting a car you are free to explore the nearby ancient Mayan historical sights. For more adventurous travellers we suggest renting a 4x4 vehicle as there are many mysterious sights to explore just outside the city. Gold Coast Surf's up!

The Gold Coast

is renowned for its surfer culture but there are many other activities to try out on its paradise beaches as well. From theme parks to water sports, wildlife sanctuary tours and interesting historical sites, anyone can experience their dream holidays. May it be relaxing in a five-star leisure hotel or camping on the beach, Gold Coast has what you want. To make the best out of your holiday, rent a car at the Gold Coast airport and enjoy the region's scenic drives. Be sure to stay attentive to driving on the left side of the road!

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