Q&A with Maja: “Where can I find the rental agency?”

26.11.2015, Question of the month

Maja is here to help! It’s always a pleasure to serve you. ;)

Hey, hey! It’s the Q&A time again and It seem that one thing bugged you for the past month the most. Many of you asked me, where could you find a car rental agency. So I thought that I should share basic info regarding that.

Question of the month is: “Where can I find the rental agency?”

And the answer:

Some agencies are located at the airport, while others are located in the vicinity. Agencies that are located near to the airport offer a free transfer to the agency when you arrive and back to the airport when you return the car.

Some agencies offer "meet and greet" service, which means that the agencies representative will be waiting for you at the airport, with a sign and car keys. Other agencies have "service" option, where you are able to choose the location for car pick up.

If you have any question you can always count on me! Contact me or my colleagues via live chat, email or telephone (+44 207 1936 139).



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