Q&A with Maja: “Can I rent a car without a credit card?”

Hey, folks! Probably most of you don’t know me, so... Hi, I'm Maja! :) I am a creature that lives in that mini box at the bottom of the screen, on which you can click when something is troubling you or you have a question. No panic - I'm happy to help, if I can. Bug me every time you want. ;)

So! Today I am very happy, because I got promoted. Well, I just extended my responsibilities I guess. Each month I will in fact provide you with an answer to the question that you asked me most frequently in the last 30 days. Cool, isn’t it? Yes, it seemed to me that you would love my idea too.

Question of the month is: “Can I book a car without a credit card?”

And the answer:

At Vehicle-Rent booking a vehicle without a credit card is possible, although many rent-a-car companies demand a credit card when the car pick up is performed. Even though the vehicle of choice can be booked with a debit card of your choice, the driver will need an international credit card that is issued in his name at the time of car pick up.

If you don't have an international credit card, the vehicle rent company will charge you with full insurance and thus create unnecessary additional costs. You may also be interested in the fact that you can pick up a car with a different international credit card as the one you have made the booking with.

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