Portugal highway tolls from A-Z

Like many people each year you want to travel to Portugal and plan on hiring a car there. The rentals are available for a low price and it is one of the best way to travel around the country and visit all the corners of this beautiful country just the way you want to.

The country truly is breathtaking and from cities to the countryside there is much to do and to see. Portugal is very proud of their unique culture and rich history so you will see for yourself not only the modern country but also all the different displays of its unique cultural heritage. You hire an inexpensive car hire and are almost set for your trip. And then it hits you – Portuguese toll system is a specific one and below you can read all about how to handle it in the best way. There are two types of roads in Portugal – motorway or Autoestrada with blue signs and regional roads with black- letter sign. To use the highways you will have to pay a fee, and since there are many companies operating the roads, there are many ways of paying for the tolls, and the costs differ. Here follow all the possible highway tolls: - You can pick up the ticket at the start of the route and pay when exiting - Frequent toll road users can benefit the Via Verde monthly system - Certain roadways have an overhead electronic toll system – the toll is determined by reading the device on the car's windscreen. You can buy it at Via Verde shop or at the post office. The costs are charged to your bank account or you can pay it in advance – prepayment. Luckily, the majority of car hire providers have this electronic device already set up in the vehicle or give you the opportunity to purchase it at their office. This makes all much simpler and does not involve searching a post office while on vacations and all you want to do is relax. Be sure however to check with the agent if you have any doubts so to avoid any additional charges or fees after your rental. Portugal toll system is nothing to worry about and it should not turn you from not hiring a car, so think fast and book now, while the prices are still incredibly low!

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