Hiring car? Don’t forget this 5 things before you start your trip.

Are you ready for your trip? You’ve checked the weather for coming days, travelling cases are packed, your Lonely Planet guide is all marked up and you are ready to go.

But wait! There are few more things you need to think about… Be sure to check these five things so you can enjoy your trip from the first moment on.


5 travel tips when hiring the car

We talked to our Customer Service Manager Petra Demsar who gave us some good advice. 

What’s the first thing I need to do before I embark?

Print your voucher. Voucher is your registration confirmation document; so don’t leave your home without it. Print it and store it near you. To be 100% safe, you can also save it to your phone if that is possible.

What about the documents?

Double check if you have all the necessary documents with you. To name a few most important: passport, tickets, reservation documentation or vouchers, travel insurance documentation, credit cards and driver's license. Also check if your travel insurance policy provides any car insurance (so you wont pay for it twice) and if you need international drivers license where you are going.

International drivers license is a UN sanctioned document that translates your driving classification into nine different languages and is a requirement for renting a car in many countries.

Do I need a credit card?

Credit card is a must. Although is very important to keep it safe and near you of all times, credit card can be very handy when traveling. Some places don’t take cash, your exploring spirit can lead to greater expenses as you foresaw and you know that is better to be safe than sorry, but most importantly you can actually save some money taking your credit card with you.

Many credit cards offer rental insurance as an added value, so you won’t need to pay extra when renting a car. 

If you have a travel rewards credit card, you may be able to use some of your rewards to score free rentals or hotel nights. Most rewards cards offer points for every purchase, along with bonus points for purchases in certain categories like gas, hotels, rental cars, restaurants and groceries.

Is there anything else I need to check at the pickup?

First be sure that your vehicle is ok. Sure, rent-a-car companies must check their cars regularly but its important to be 100% sure that your carriage is as you expect it. Take your time with the vehicle before you finish the purchase.

Check the tires, lights, engine and the interior, look for any dents or scratches, ask if you can start the car and drive a few meters/miles, check the windscreen wipers and most importantly check again all the documentation.

What about the hiring documentation?

Be smart. Don't sign any document that doesn't have most important facts. Yes, as it’s super important to check the car you will be driving, you need to check the hiring documentation. Be sure that insurance (standard or/and excess), price, dates and conditions are ok. Don’t sign any document that does not have a listed price on it and always check for potential additional expenses.

You are going away to have some fun and excitement. A few responsible perks can save your road-trip and keep the smile on your lips till the end.

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