Guidelines To Your Car Hire booking

Renting cars is not complicated – however to receive the best possible service and to ensure yourself that your whole rental process goes smoothly, it is essential to be aware of some basic facts that are not always too obvious. So Vehicle-Rent has a simple guide which should provide you with the most important facts where you can find yourself the best car hire – without any unpleasant surprises.

The first thing you should take in consideration when you make the booking is the agency that offers the vehicle. You can easily check if this car rental company offers reliable service of quality has good customer service and is in general a company that you can trust. It is easy to check out on the web if the clients were satisfied or you can even contact us to provide you with some information. It is most responsible to read the terms and conditions of the agency carefully as well. For each company is entitled to have its own conditions, prices, rules and restrictions as well as different categorization of the vehicles. The excess amount may well differ from one company to another, and of course is higher if you want to hire a bigger or more elite car group. The same goes for the additional insurance with which you can eliminate your responsibility – some car rentals we work with even offer a full insurance, zero excess products, which are always a very convenient and hassle free solution to avoid unnecessary waiting, paper work and costs. Be sure to check what is included in the price – if the mileage is unlimited, if there are extra fees for taxes, if there is a special service like meet and greet service or shuttle bus service. Some car rental companies have mandatory charges, like that of ecological tax, fuel, airport tax and similar. It is also extremely important to choose a company that offers the best fuel policy for you. Whether you prefer a full-full option, or a prepaid tank the option are various and can influence the price as well as your rental. If you prefer to return the car without any hassle the full-empty policy is definitely a wise option. If you chose to rent a vehicle at a certain location and then return it at another will almost surely bring about additional costs – the so called one way is something that is added to your rental and can be sometimes very high, but on the contrary some agencies have this one way fee as a free service. Sometimes, you arrive really late at the airport to pick up the car and if the office is not open, the out of office hours service is possible – sometimes for an additional charge and sometimes if the office is open there are no additional fees. In connection to this, the flight number is extremely important – it allows the agents to be aware of your flight and if there are any delays they will adjust your pick up time for no additional fee. To feel as safe and carefree during your car rental you can opt for additional insurances with which you can be fully ensured in case of damage, accident or theft. Do consider that if the damage is caused by negligence or intent you will not be covered. Certain companies also offer a special personal insurance should you need it, and the majority of them offer the insurance which covers tires, glass and undercarriage which are generally excluded from the collision or theft waiver (insurance). So here you have it, few simple facts to consider before you make your booking that will surely simplify your rental and also your vacations.

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