Have an amazing Greek vacation, enjoy the culture and explore the nature!

This country with a rich history is simply one of the European pearls you must visit. Known for its ancient cities, as well as breathtaking beaches and amazing food. A trip there in summertime or in any other season is a always a good idea, the flights are cheap and car hires just as affordable!

It's up to you to decide whether you visit mainland, one of its 60 island or both, so we recommend you the following amazing locations you certainly must not miss out on, easily accessible with a hired car: Santorini would be the first on the list, the very known volcanic islands will absolutely amaze you. Why? Well for its beautiful sunsets, adorable architecture and very good tourist infrastructure. You have the clear blue beaches, bars and pubs as well as traditional cuisine and historical insight into Greek culture. Next stop, Athens! On of the most ancient cities in the world awaits you with all its monuments, ruins and other sites which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Acropolis, Monastiraki, Astir Beach, Nea Filadelfia – from nature to architecture, it'll be difficult to leave this city but so easy to see it all with a rented vehicle. Yet another unforgettable spot – Meteora – will not disappoint. With you car you can easily visit this cluster of 6 monasteries that were built on high rock pillars in the 14th century, but today they are exclusively tourist attractions. The uniqueness of this sites was used in many films like that of James Bond and in the series Game of Thrones and it truly is worth seeing! Myrtos beach is widely known for its absolutely gorgeous sea color, and pristine pebble beach. What else could could you wish for than a remote place with incredible view just for yourself? Mystras city is just another unique medieval city. Nobody lives there anymore which makes it even more mysterious and can take you centuries back into the Ottoman times! The Peloponnese region is full of little villages and cities like Mystras and it's a pure joy to have a road trip there! The Samaria gorge might not be as famous as above mentioned locations, but it is worth seeing. This is more than 16 km long canyon on Crete. You can have an unforgettable walk through the woods, enjoy in the nature that surrounds you and get the best views over the cliffs and mountains. Or you can hop on to another island, this time Rhodes. There, visit the charming medieval village named Lindos with its own acropolis, beach and beautiful architecture. Rhodes is also known for its Monolithos castle, beautiful beaches like St Paul's Bay, the Kameiros ancient site etc. The hired car can get you around quite easily, even access to the islands is not so difficult as many agencies allow the ferry transport. On top of it all, it's extremely affordable and the most practical way to visit Greece and all its beauties. This is where you can seek for your perfect car hire.


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