Road trip from Faro to Lisbon

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip, our advice is Portugal! Why? We’re going to name just three things Portugal is worth a visit: the sunsets here are amazing, their food is super tasty, and the wine is heavenly. Period. We recommend you hire a car in Faro and drive along the coast to Lisbon. Believe us; this road trip has to be on your bucket list.

Faro road trip car hire

Top 5 stops on your road trip from Faro to Lisbon

Your adventure will start in Faro. All you need to know about Faro, you already know. Now we will guide you from town to town and finish your travel in Lisbon - the alpha-level global city.
  • Lagos - It takes one hour to get from Faro to Lagos. Lagos will charm you with its seductive sunset, phenomenal beaches, and a striking nightlife. Lagos should be at least one-day stop. Visit Potada Piedade and admire its cliffs and towers, orchids and the lighthouse. Fuel consumption from Faro to Lagos: 10 €

Lagos Lighthouse

  • Aljezur - this bewitching village is situated 30 km north of Lagos. Aljezur is worth a visit for numerous reasons; wild coastline, picturesque countryside and a collection of 10th-century ruins -just to name a few. Toll and fuel consumption: 4€

Faro road trip - Aljezur

  • Sines - otherwise the most industrial port of Portugal is also rich in history and heritage. For all history lovers, Sines Museum and Sines historic center are a must. Birthplace of Vasco da Gama will also surprise you with World Music Festival - the most prominent music festival in Portugal. Fuel consumption from Aljezur to Sines: 10 €

Algarve region

  • Setubal is a place where civilisation meets wilderness. Setubal is an old fishing town that will astonish you with its vivid coastline and virgin beaches. Visit their food market Mercado do Livramento, which is considered to be the best in Portugal or enjoy the stunning panoramic view over the city at the Fortaleza de Sao Filipe. Drive from Sines to Setubal will cost you approximately 18€ for 127 km including toll and consumption.

Faro road trip - Lisbon

  • Lisbon - Congratulations - you have reached your goal -   the “larger than life” city of Lisbon. Lisbon is Portugal in your pocket, and it has it all: alluring hillsides, ancient ruins and medieval castles, pink sunsets, great wine, begonia blossomed streets and a vibrant nightlife. Enjoy your “bachalhau” and “sardinhas assadas” in one of many friendly restaurants. Consumption costs from Setubal to Lisbon: 14 €


Faro - the perfect starting point for your trip

Faro road trip hire a car in Faro

Faro as the capital of Algarve region is unjustifiably overlooked - most of the tourists just quickly pass through which is a shame since Faro has a lot to offer. Nightlife in Faro is vibrant, its historic old town with many outdoor cafes and restaurants is delightful and nearby beaches are as captivating as others in Portugal.


Road trip from Faro to Lisbon

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