When you go on a holiday, whether with your family, or friends and even on a business trip renting a car is not only handy, because it offers practical and cheap transport but also very convenient because it allows you a direct access to wherever you might like or need.

If you have everything prepared for your trip from flight tickets to the hotel, than renting a car is much easier. But before you choose your car take some time to compare car hire offers and companies, because conditions, offers and of course prices can vary extensively. From opting for the car hire of the size that will be perfect for you, so from smaller or mini cars to SUV's or convertibles, the majority of car rental companies have a great variety of car options. Of course the category of the vehicle is always influencing the price of the car and also it affects the price of the additional insurance or excess that is the deposit. Be sure to be very careful when choosing the pick-up and drop off locations – some car rentals have the office at the locations but other might offer a shuttle bus service to the office, or it might even be a meet and greet service and of course this too can affect the price. When comparing car hire take into account also if the price includes insurance – and which kind, but also check for the excess amount you will need to leave. With most of the car rentals companies you can also buy the additional insurance to remove the excess amount, however it is not necessary, it can also depend of the country where you are renting. While comparing your car hire options consider also some possible additional costs and even restriction if you are planning to return the car in another location. This is the so-called one way fee which can somewhere be free and with other partners very expensive, so be sure to check the price of this service first. Also, this kind of rentals should be preferably pre-arranged, so the car hire agency can have all the information even before the rental starts. Another cost that might appear is the cross border fee, so in case you might wish to cross the border you should see how much is the cost to cross the border and of course arrange it with the agent – if you cross the border without previous arrangement you will be fined in the least, so be sure you always respect the rental agreement. One thing you should pay attention when comparing car hire is also the fuel policy. With certain agencies the costs for the fuel and their specific service can be quite high, for example if you get the car with a full tank and should return it empty the, but if the policy is full-full you have no charges when it comes to fuel. These are just the most common differences between various car rental agencies so it is always wise to read carefully through the terms or even contact the agency so you are certain to have all the best and transparent details. Vehicle-Rent is aware of the fact how this car hire comparison is important, since we work with numerous car rental agencies all over the world. This is why we offer a very clear display of what our car hires include and exclude in order to provide the best service there is. All the terms and conditions of our partners are available for our clients on our web page in what we find most transparent form. In addition, we have amazing affordable prices when comparing our car hire offer thanks to our reliable international car hire partners of high quality. So check out our web and let your adventure begin.

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