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About USA Hawaii

This beautiful volcanic archipelago lies in the middle of Pacific Ocean in Polynesia – a subregion of Oceania, connected with six major islands. A car rental in Hawaii will let you enjoy a day at the beach and explore the nature and wilderness of the beautiful Hawaii islands.

We can describe Hawaii as a paradise destination for nature lovers, foodies, romance seekers, outdoor adventures, health enthusiasts, shoppers and families. That is why it is one of the most famous tourist destinations that every year attracts a lot of people from all over the world. If you love warm weather, beautiful beaches, wild nature than you should visit Hawaii and have an exotic vacation.

If you are visiting Hawaii than a car hire at Honolulu Airport or any other airport (Molokai, Kona International or Hilo International Airport and several smaller airports) is the best option for you to find the right car and travel around to the most beautiful places you want to visit.

Nature: islands are full of natural diversity, different plants, animals and each island have a bit different and its own unique nature with specific plants and animals. Mountains have volcanic origin, with various terrain, high mountains, tropical rainforest, sunny beaches and even deserts. The diversity of Hawaii is truly amazing.

Hawaiian culture has its origin in Polynesian culture, but it is also strongly influenced by north American and east Asian culture. Anyway, still today traditional ceremonies, rituals end other traditional events have an important role in Hawaiian cultural life, music, art, dance and food.

Best time to travel to Hawaiian Islands is summer, between May and October but through the whole year you can find warm weather and sunny beaches. You will enjoy your vacations exploring islands with a car hire in Hawaii.





USA Hawaii


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Basic info and car hire in USA Hawaii

  • Location: Central Pacific Ocean, Oceania-Polynesia, United States, State of Hawaii
  • Population: 1,427,538 (2017)
  • Official language: English, Hawaiian
  • Currency: Dollar ($).
  • Weather: Hawaiian weather is very consistent, the changes in temperature are not significantly high. The weather is typical tropical, where average temperature is humid and not extreme due to oceanic influence and winds. Summer (from May to October) highest temperature is around 31° C and the lowest is around 24° C. In winter (from November to April) the temperatures are between 28° C and 18° C. Most of the rain falls in valleys and mountains and there is a possibility of snow in the highest places (more than 4000 m) in winter but rain is typical for all the Hawaiian archipelago especially in wet season from November to March. The rain is usually local so if it is raining in some place you can find a sunny spot nearby. When travelling to Hawaii choose the dry season from May to October.
  • Public holidays in Hawaii: Public holidays are the same as holidays in continental America but check for Hawaiian specific fests and holiday dates on Office Holidays.
  • Internet coverage: Almost all the archipelago has internet coverage but there are some smaller areas where internet is not available. In major cities there is no problem with internet or Wi-Fi. Most restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes and shopping malls offer Wi-Fi but if you will rent a car and travel around the cities ensure you a good internet provider with fast internet. You may find it not cheap but hardly anything in Hawaii is cheap. Check for Hawaiian internet providers and check the prices, speed of the internet and more here.
  • Road conditions: Hawaii is known as a state with a very challenging roads. There are highways, some in good conditions but other, especially the older ones are worse. Driving in cities and near is not a problem, roads are well maintained, and signs are clear, but the traffic is heavy, and you must wait in it almost all the time. The capital city Honolulu and whole Oahu island has good roads and highways meanwhile in other islands highways and roads are not well maintained. In Hawaii always drive slowly, be patient and be careful. Driving around and beyond the cities you may face country roads which can be really damaged by nature and wild weather. In any case you must be prepared for a driving in Hawaii with your hired car and choose the right car type. Anyway, driving in Hawaii through beautiful nature can be a real pleasure and adventurous experience.

Driving in USA Hawaii

  • Age limits: In the Hawaii, a minimum age to get the restricted licence is 16 years old. A car rental may charge you a young driver’s fee, generally if you’re younger than 25.
  • Additional papers: Passport, driving licence and credit card to rent a car in Hawaii. Bring also your travel and car rental insurance.
  • Children in the car: Children younger than 3 years of age, must be seated in a built-in child seat or a separate car seat, appropriately fastened. Children under 5 years of age must be secured in a child restraint system.
  • Driving side of the road: Right
  • General speed limits: Interstate highways: 60 mph, freeways: 55 mph (or 45 mph in some cases), mopeds: 35 mph, school zones: 25 mph. Slowly driving is highly recommended due to bad roads, high traffic in cities, bad weather and specific driving habits in Hawaii.
  • Parking suggestions: Find a parking space in Hawaii at Parkopedia.

What to see in USA Hawaii

Our favourite spots

Valley of the Temples

It is a memorial park with the temple and cemetery. This sight is located on the eastern side of island O’ahu, under the mountains Ko’olau. There are buried thousands of catholic, Shinto, Buddhist and protestant residents of Hawaii. 

USS Arizona Memorial

It marks the resting place of 1,102 of 1,177 sailors who died on USS Arizona battleship during attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor. The attack took place on 7th December 1941. The monument is reachable by boat and under it there is the sunken hull of the battleship.


One of the best spots with breathtaking view in Hawaii. It is located under the valley Kalalau, facing the ocean and there were also filmed some movies like King Kong, Migthy Joe Joung, Jurassic Park. Kalalau trail is a famous trail for tourists and hikers. 

North Shore

This place is a true paradise for surfers, located in Oahu, with smaller waves in summer and bigger ones in winter. There is a major competition (Vans Triple Crown on Surfing) taking place every year. There are also perfect beach spots for sunbathe.

Ko Olina Lagoons

These lagoons are in Kapolei, Oahu. Four beautiful lagoons are connected, offering beautiful beaches, resorts, sunbathing places and perfect place for swimming. Parking and other public areas are well organized.

Car hire in USA Hawaii

If you want to experience Hawaii outside the cities, you should hire a car in Honolulu and drive around. The best island to drive your hired car safely, without problems and relatively quick is the island of Oahu, where the capital Honolulu lies. There are highways passing through the whole island from Honolulu directly to the north coast and the whole north east, east and south east coast are connected by highways or freeways. The west coast does not have the best road but is still ok to be explored by car. From Honolulu to the north coast will take you around 45 minutes and to the Kawela Bay, which is the most distant city from the capital will take an hour or a little bit more. Other cities and spots in Oahu island are less than an hour away but it always depends on the road conditions.

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