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Basic info and car hire in San Francisco Airport

About San Francisco Airport

Being the second largest airport in California, 7th largest in the US, and 21st largest airport in the world, San Francisco International Airport serves millions of passengers per annum. San Francisco is the financial, commercial, and cultural hub of North Carolina with a population of more than 8 lac. San Francisco is famous for its importance in tourism due to its cool summers, steep hills, fog, distinct mixture of architecture, and a bunch of activities to rejoice. It is a modern city, so you should expect activities closer to the modern world if you are visiting it using the car hire at San Francisco Airport.

Drive your rental car around San Francisco Airport

San Francisco has unlimited opportunities for traveling or spending time, but do not forget to extend your visit to travel to highly recommended places beyond San Francisco, which can be found in the following text.

After getting your car from any reliable car rental service offering car hire at San Francisco Airport, travel to the closest destination that lies only 0.5 miles away, the SFMOMA Museum Store. A wide and clever selection of items at the museum, and fascinating goods are so compelling that you cannot resist buying them. The store lies within the airport, offering the best choices for last minute gifts or shopping. SFO Museum at the San Francisco Airport is another marvel that was created back in 1980s. The museum portrays twenty-five galleries all around the airport where art, history, culture, and science are the subjected to displays. 1.5 miles away from the airport, there is Bayfront Park. The park is kept clean, and is a peaceful place for a long walk with a hot cup of coffee that can be purchased from Starbucks nearby. The park is more of a scenic place with astonishing views of nature that remind you of how beautiful and peaceful life really is.

If you wish to enjoy more breath-taking views very close to the airport, visit Shorebird Sanctuary. There is a wide variety of birds, but sometimes you may not see them since they migrate. However, when the birds are there, it portrays the nature in an unspoiled form that a normal person living in a city can only fantasise. If you are close to IT’S IT Ice Cream Factory, do not miss the chance of selecting the flavors and ice-cream sandwiches you like. Another major area of interest in San Francisco near the airport is Coyote Point Recreation Area. The place is best for a romantic walk or for family picnics due to the wonderfully comfortable and peaceful atmosphere that it provides. San Mateo Japanese Garden is another beautiful place in San Francisco very close to the nature, thus peaceful. The garden is taken care of very well. In the middle of the city and high rise buildings, this Japanese Garden is home to tranquillity.

More famous spots in San Francisco include the beautiful and modern San Francisco Bay and the widely known Golden Gate Bridge, aesthetically pleasing Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, the most scenic Stow Lake, the beautiful Alamo Square and Victorian row houses known as Painted Ladies. There are several bike tours and more exciting activities available all around the city. When it comes to food, Edible Excursions takes the lead with its cocktail tours, food tours, walking food tours, and various kinds of food experiences that warrant a wonderful experience to the customers. With Edible Excursions, you will get a taste of a large variety of food items that will give a wonderful sway of delight to your taste buds.

Services in San Francisco Airport


There are ten different business lounges at the San Francisco Airport, considering that it is the financial hub of Carolina. All of these lounges have modern amenities and distinct offerings, providing a superior, comfortable, and a peaceful place away from the hassle at the airport.


There are abundant shopping and dining options at San Francisco airport. If you are accompanied by your family, take them for shopping or to your favourite restaurant.


There is an aviation museum and library, a reflection room, reading room, self-guided tours, and various kid’s spots at the airport.

History of San Francisco Airport

The airport started its temporary services in 1927. However, until 1931, the airport started to grow and its operations started to expand, giving rise to a question against its being temporary. It was renamed as Mills Field Municipal Airport until 1931. As the progress continued, a new terminal was opened in 1937. The airport was utilized as Army Air Corps training base and as a Coast Guard Base during Wold War II. After the World War, the first international flight took off in 1946. The airport kept progressing and the number of passengers kept growing, until the airport became second busiest in Carolina.

Petrol stations near San Francisco Airport

The closest petrol stations to the San Francisco Airport are Costco Gasoline, Valero, and Shell located at 451 S Airport Blvd, 300 S Airport Blvd, and 899 Airport Blvd respectively.