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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is - beside being the center - a financial, cultural, and commercial hub of South California in the United States. Traveling around L.A becomes super-easy with car hire at Los Angeles Airport to explore the beautiful beaches, parks, specialty museums like the famous Getty Center, stunning views of nature, and modern buildings. Los Angeles is one of the favorite cities for tourists around the world, and it offers a large number of destinations to choose from.

The major specialty of L.A and the reason of fame is Hollywood, which constitutes a giant show business. Due to the same reason that people travel from all parts of the world to become aspiring actors in the Hollywood movies, the city is culturally diverse and welcoming for foreigners. Los Angeles has all of the tourist places in a refined form. The city gives the best destinations for families, individuals, couples, groups of friends, or business professionals according to their choices.

Car hire in Los Angeles is one of the brightest options to save time, effort, and hassle of changing buses in addition to a customized journey that it offers.

Basic info and car hire in Los Angeles

  • Location: California, United States
  • Population: 3,976,322
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: US Dollar (USD).
  • Weather: The average temperature in Los Angeles is 22 degree Celsius with average rain amounting to 79mm. The hottest month in Los Angeles is August while the coldest is January at 13 degrees Celsius. April and May are prime months if you love the moderate weather condition.
  • Public holidays in Los Angeles: If you wish to plan your journey considering the office holidays, it might be a good choice in cases when you want to avoid crowds or have a lively travel with crowds instead. Paln your stay in Los Angeles considering the office holidays in Los Angeles.
  • Internet coverage: All of the LA near the sea has wireless internet coverage and almost all of the other areas too. Most of the cafes, restaurants, and even beaches like Cabrillo Beach offer free Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Road conditions: Although situated in a developed country and being a developed city as well, Los Angeles still has some shortcomings when compared with other cities and states in the US. There are some potholes and cracks in the road, but the roads sure are far better than any country in the developing phase. Driving is not a challenge in Los Angeles because the roads do not have major defects. Nevertheless, it is the tyres of your vehicle which are affected a little.  

Driving in Los Angeles

Because it is a well reputed city in the California state, Los Angeles has really good road structure. Some roads offer great driving experience with perfect views. But, you may come across a few potholes in the area, which is not a big deal. With car hire in Los Angeles, you can easily warrant an enjoyable journey for yourself. It is always the best approach to use defensive driving approach when you are in a new location.

  • Age limits: The minimum age for driving in Los Angeles, California is 16 years.
  • International Driving Permit: Drivers must be in possession of a valid U.S driving license or an international licence
  • Additional papers: If you have hired a car, take along the paper of agreement from your car hire provider.
  • Additional requirements: Never drink before driving your car, as drinking laws are strictly followed in the US.
  • Children in the car: Booster is necessary for small children, and they are also not allowed to sit on the front seat till the age of 8. Children above 8 years of age can sit with the safety belt in the back seat.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side
  • Lights: Traffic rules in Los Angeles are same as international rules. However, you may turn right on the red light
  • General speed limits: Strictly enforcing the speed limits in LA, the limit of 25 miles an hour are set on city streets and 65 miles an hour on freeways (unless otherwise posted on signs)
  • Parking suggestions: Park your car where you are staying because it may take you some time and effort to find car parking in few cases.

What to see in Los Angeles

Our favourite spots

Universal Studios of Hollywood in Los Angeles

Universal Studios Hollywood

Your visit to L.A must not be void of adventure and excitement, and Universal Studios serve the purpose very well. If you want to spend a complete day in amusement, get along with your couple, kids, or a friend to enjoy your day with studio tour, exciting rides, lunch, shopping, horror night, and much more.

There are plenty of free and paid parking options before entering the Universal Studios in Hollywood

Getty Centre tram station in Los Angeles

The Getty Center

It is a remarkable blend of architectural excellence, art collections, and a stunning aerial view of the entire Los Angeles. Any visitor of Los Angeles aware of the offerings at the Getty Center would never say no to it, so add it to your wish list already.

Use the best suitable parking option from among the available parking spots.

Hotels in Los Angeles

Sheraton Grand Hotel

Sheraton’s newly revamped and continuously upgraded space provides the luxury in your budget. The hotel features a comfortable lifestyle and a signature restaurant in itself. If you are looking for an economical option, this is your chance.

Four Seasons

For true luxury during your stay, and beautiful views of L.A from your balcony, choose Four Seasons. The luxury hotel is visited by international visitors and Hollywood celebrities as well.

Millennium Hotel Baltimore Los Angeles

Millennium Hotel is a reputed 4-star hotel that has an ample event space as well. So, whether you want to live here during your visit or you want to have a business gathering arranged, use the perks provided by Millennium Hotel.

Miyako Hotel

Get a flavour of Japanese cuisine in Los Angeles with the hospitality that is unparalleled. The hotel is close to the center, offering access to train stations, entertainment arenas, business centers, and attraction in Los Angeles.

Drive your rental car around Los Angeles

There's plenty to do in Los Angeles and its outskirts. Beaches have all that you are looking for ranging from clean sand to clear waters, few cafes, restaurants, and bars. Santa Monica is the most famous among all. Besides, families find more places of interest near Universal Studios and Disneyland. There's a Griffith Park toward the east of Santa Monica mountains. Car hire in Los Angeles will allow you to drive on well constructed roads with very little chances of worn out roads.

Where to eat, drink and party in Los Angeles


The IVY is a restaurant that values the aesthetic beauty and hence their presentation is always praiseworthy, in addition to the delicious food. This colourful restaurant makes your day at a not-so-expensive price.


Monty Bar

Have you been waiting for beer and drink specials for some time? Monty Bar has the wide collection of drinks and a good environment to meet your needs. You can spend a great evening at Monty Bar with your favourite drink choices.



NOBU has distinct architecture designed by David Rockwell. NOBU is a cozy place and offers food in a luxurious environment with the tapas menu.



L.A Café

L.A Café offers some delicious snacks and drinking choices distinct to the Café. The food is as fresh as it looks and is delightful. Take out some time to have your supper in L.A Café, and you won’t regret it.



Major events and festivals in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a large number of annual festivals that keep the chances open for tourists to get acquainted with the culture and become a part of it.

Hollywood Halloween Carnival

31st of October

The largest Halloween party happens in Los Angeles which draws thousands of participants. The festival includes concerts, parties, drag-queen shows, and costume contests. Halloween Carnival takes place on 31st of October every year.

L.A Festival of Books


Held at USC Campus every year, L.A Festival of Books is the biggest festival in Los Angeles which features book signings from authors, novel writers, and screenwriters in ticketed events and hundreds of vendors. The book festival is held in April every year in Los Angeles USC Campus.

L.A Shorts Fest


L.A being the home to Hollywood, has a variety of events to promote film making. L.A Shorts Festival is a contest for short films, allowing skilled short film-makers to earn awards, world premieres, and panel discussions. The event is held in July every year in Downtown L.A Regal Cinema

L.A Marathon


The L.A Marathon started 30 years ago with only minor changes of starting point of the race being changed to Dodger Stadium. It draws the attention of general public as well as athletes who finish the marathon in Santa Monica after exploring the major landmarks of L.A. L.A Marathon happens in March every year.

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