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About Wednesbury

A market town in the West Midlands area, Wednesbury serves as a tourist destination due to the wonderful, versatile options for traveling. The place offers everything in a more traditional style and has a lot of historic places, museums, and art galleries that would compel you to admire the history that is possessed by this place. 

Car hire in Wednesbury or at the Birmingham Airport (nearest airport to Wednesbury) allows the travelers to travel at their own terms, to the places that they find most attractive. Regardless of whether you visit Wednesbury with your family, kids, spouse, or a group of friends, the place has everything for every kind of visitor.

Basic info and car hire in Wednesbury

  • Location: Staffordshire, West Midlands, England
  • Population: 37,817
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: Great British Pound (GBP).
  • Weather: Weather remains moderately cold or very cold in Wednesbury with the highest temperature reached in July which is 18 degree Celsius, while coldest is between 1 and 7 degree Celsius (or 34 degree Fahrenheit to 45 degree Fahrenheit). During the month of July and August when most tourist places in various regions across the world are extremely hot, Wednesbury serves as a wonderful choice with the most cherished moderate weather. 31-day rainfall average amounts to no greater than 3.9 inches and no less than 0.7 inches, while the average being 2.1 inches.
  • Public holidays in Wednesbury: Planning your journey according to public holidays? Office holidays in Wednesbury can be seen at Office Holiday.
  • Internet coverage: In addition to the internet facility you will get in most hotels, there are some paid internet cafes as well in Wednesbury. This allows you to stop at an internet café and navigate using Google map, if you do not have internet access.
  • Road conditions: Compared to other countries, roads in Wednesbury are luckily well-laid and mostly free from any bumps or potholes that might challenge the tyres of your vehicle. Driving should be fairly easy in this area and only a little attentive driving should keep you safe and sound during your stay in Wednesbury.

Driving in Wednesbury

Every great experience comes with its own challenges, and so is the case with being in Wednesbury. Driving in the cities is convenient but busy, just like in other parts of the world. Driving in the country side might pose little challenge because of sharp turns, steep roads, however, these come with the magnificent views of the mountaintops. The main roads marked as “N-x” (N-1, N-2 etc.) are well-maintained roads. Regarding the car safety, be very cautious about where you park your car, and don’t leave valuables in the car. The reason is car-theft which is very common for foreigners. Nonetheless, the beautiful mountains and the distinct places in Wednesbury are worth taking many precautions.

  • Age limits: The minimum age for being eligible to hold a driving license is 17 years in England, while it may be lowered to 16 years for those claiming mobility benefit. However, if you wish to avail car hire in Wednesbury, it is advised to check the age limit with them; some car rental agencies may allow only 21 year olds and above to drive.
  • International Driving Permit: An international driving permit may not be required to be eligible for driving in Wednesbury and you can drive up to 12 months period if you have a valid license from your country of residence. However, considering the ease of making of International Driving License, it is recommended that you have one with you.
  • Additional papers: Car hire in Wednesbury will demand you to bring your ID (Passport or Identity card) as well as the documents of the vehicle you’re driving, which in this case will be provided to you by the car rental agency.
  • Additional requirements: None.
  • Children in the car: While traveling with children, it is a must that the children under 15 months sit in a rear-facing seat, children under 12 years of age sit in a child seat, and only those above 12 years of age are allowed to sit in the regular seat.
  • Driving side of the road: Left Hand Side
  • Lights: Regular traffic lights used in majority parts of the world are implemented in Wednesbury, where red light indicates to stop and the green signals you to start driving.
  • General speed limits: The speed limit on a dual carriageway is 70 mph while on a single carriageway is 60 mph. As you may have already guessed, the road signs show limits in mph.

Parking suggestions: There are several car parking options available in Wednesbury whose can be checked and reservations can be made at Parkopedia.

What to see in Wednesbury

Wednesbury is a travel destination with a versatility in its offerings. Ranging from the most loved parks to museums and sports activities, the place has it all. History, art and natural beauty are the main highlights of the place. Use the facility of car hire in Wednesbury for an unparalleled traveling experience across the most famous places, all at your convenience and your terms.

Our favourite spots

Sandwell Valley Country Park

Close to the city center (about 20 minutes away), it is a wonderful place for a walk or some quality family time in a purely natural, soothing, and peaceful setting. For canoeing and sailing, the park consists of two small and one large pool. The ebst part, there are tons of activities for kids, so if you’re accompanied by children, it’s going to be a great plus for them. 

Parking is available at the park and you can easily find a spot there.

Walsall Leather Museum

The museum is housed in a Victorian factory building that has been restored. It gives an insight into the Walsall’s famous trade of leatherwork. The place has guided tours for tourists and several events and activities are organized in addition to leather demonstration throughout the year. You can also buy original leather-made goods manufactured at Walsall’s.

For convenience, there are many paid (nominal 1-1.5 GBP) parking spots where your car stays safe while you’re getting around the Walsall Museum. 

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

Every woman’s heart goes out for jewellery, be it just a small pendant, a diamond ring, or a heavy necklace. If you’re not an all-boys group of friends, you probably have females in your group, and we know that you’d love this place, not merely for the jewellery but the rich history that it possesses. This museum portrays the two centuries of jewellery making art, which made Wednesbury the hub of jewellery making over the past 200 years.

Choose the most suitable parking option from among tens of parking spots available at Parkopedia. Almost all of these are paid, ranging from 1 to 2 GBP. 

Banks’ Park Brewery

Since 1875, the famous Victorian park brewery has been nourishing the taste buds of thousands and thousands of people. A guided tour will allow you to know the procedure of brewing with all the manufacturing processes, and at the end, in addition to wine tasting, you can buy beer from their shop.

Just across the road there is a parking spot, and there are more options for parking across the ring road nearby. You can check the available options at Parkopedia

Hotels in Wednesbury

Ramada Park Hall Hotel

Offering a modern setting by retaining the historic legacy, Ramada hotel presents contemporary features in a traditional style. It offers great views from comfortable and spacious rooms and the most peaceful environment you’ll get in Wednesbury.

The Great Barr Hotel

If you wish to live in an environment that offers good nightlife and a rather bold environment, the Great Barr Hotel is your stop. The hotel has a free parking, elegant bedrooms, and is located close to the M5 and M6 motorways near the city center.

Village Hotel

This is an all-in-one place where you’re not only close to the city center, but you also get a gym, a restaurant, and a bar just a few footsteps away. Additional facilities include free Wi-Fi, coffee machine, and a flat screen TV.

Holiday Inn

With a sophisticated setting and wonderful offerings, Holiday Inn hotel stands out as one of the best choices in Wednesbury, providing access to a parking and internet in addition to being kid-friendly to the disabled. There is also space for meetings.

Drive your rental car around Wednesbury

Wednesbury, being a versatile travel destination, remains the focus of attention for tourists who wish to explore the natural beauty, British history, and entertainment all together at a single place. Car hire in Wednesbury will allow you to travel beyond the city and explore more places that you'd love to pay a visit.

Where to eat, drink and party in Wednesbury

Queens Head

The Queens Head restaurant offers food and drinks together, allowing you to fill your appetite completely. From a range of soups, BBQ, a large variety of steak, and delicious desserts, you get tens of eating options at this restaurant.


Horse and Jockey

A range of grill, burgers, salads, and appetizers are among the eating options at this restaurant. The good part is that it is kid-friendly, and that saves you a lot of hassle. The restaurant specializes in grill and burgers.


The Parkbook

For a reasonable food and friendly prices, visit The Park Book restaurant. The place offers a good environment in addition to an economical range of eating options.


Chestnut Tree

A vast variety of drinks for all ages, and presenting a wonderful atmosphere, Chestnut Tree meets the expectations of its visitors in a wonderful, traditional setting. 


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