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About Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

The main settlement and the largest town, also the capital of Lewis, is Stornoway. Car hire at Stornoway Isle of Lewis airport allows you to reach your hotel with convenience and comfort, in order to start your journey of Stornoway, whether it is for tourism purposes or a business meeting. Stornoway serves as a famous traveling option among other islands in Scotland for people who want to delve into the history of Scotland and its culture. The natural beauty is also in abundance and is best explored using car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis, which enables you to travel on your terms.




Stornoway (Isle of Lewis)

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Basic info and car hire in Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

  • Location: Stornoway, Western Isles, Scotland, UK
  • Population: 8,038
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: Pound Sterling
  • Weather: Lying in the colder temperature ranges, the coldest month in Stornoway is January with a lower average of 2°C while an upper average of 7°C. The hottest months are July and August with a lower average of 10°C while the upper average is 16°C. The wettest month in Stornoway is January, and the average rain is 140mm in January.
  • Public holidays in Stornoway Isle of Lewis: Some travellers prefer using car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis and also take public holidays into consideration for various reasons. If you wish to do the same, check the office holidays here.
  • Internet coverage: When traveling to Stornoway, you should be aware that there may not be 3G coverage at various places, or probably in most areas. Therefore it is advised to use the Wi-Fi from the hotel or the restaurant you’re visiting to see and store maps beforehand or to print your ticket etc.
  • Road conditions: Although the roads are clean and well-maintained, and you might only rarely see a road crack or a small pothole, but the greatest tip to drive in Stornoway is to drive defensively. Many roads you encounter can be single track, and while it is completely manageable to continue the speed, the hindering factors are sheep and deer which may decide to cross the road. Nevertheless, a defensive drive takes away all the challenges and you’re definitely able to enjoy your journey, cherishing every building or a field you pass by.

Driving in Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

If you are using car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis and you are driving with care, it is the same as you’re driving in any other part of the UK, just with a minor difference of vast grazing fields beside most roads. The driving experience in Stornoway takes you back to the rural-urban culture that you do not see in cities these days, where sheep are walking by the roadside and some are grazing in the nearby fields and then there are restaurants as well as new constructions – a perfect rural-urban culture.

  • Age limits: While the minimum age limit for driving is 18 years, many (almost all) car rental companies have a minimum requirement of 21 years of age for being eligible to hire a car.
  • International Driving Permit: Scotland allows people from the Europe to drive the vehicle of their choice (listed on their driving license from their native country). People from outside the Europe can drive in Stornoway with their local driving license for up to 12 months.
  • Additional papers: A proof of identification, a valid driver’s license, and the car ownership certificate should always be kept while driving your personal vehicle, and the car ownership certificate is replaced by a certificate from the car rental agency if you are using car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis.
  • Additional requirements: None.
  • Children in the car: A child restraint system is mandatory for children you’re traveling with, if they’re under 18 years in age. Children under 3 years old are required to sit in the back seat in a child restraint system, and if they are to be seated in the front seat, it must be rear-facing with the air-bag which can be deactivated.
  • Driving side of the road: Left Hand Side
  • Lights: The standard traffic light system as used in other parts of the UK is implemented in Stornoway as well.
  • General speed limits: In Scotland, the general speed limit is 112 km/h on motorways and dual carriageways. The speed limit in built-up areas is 48 km/h and is 96 km/h in the outside built-up areas.
  • Parking suggestions: Wherever you go using car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis, look for the parking options at Parkopedia.

What to see in Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

Stornoway receives consistent acclaims as a luxury island, having rich history, stunning views of crystal clear water, and wonderful specialty museums filled with remarkable pieces of history and art. Use car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis to travel to your favourite specialty museums.

Our favourite spots

Lews Castle

Constructed in the middle of 19th century, the Lews Castle serves as a wedding venue but most importantly, it is a luxurious destination for tourists, serving as a comfortable place for tourists to stay during their travel in the Stornoway Isle of Lewis.

A very good source to find and/or book a car parking spot in the Stornoway Isle of Lewis is  Parkopedia.

An Lanntair Gallery

With quirky pieces of art, the An Lanntair Gallery is a small but fabulous place to be at while traveling in Stornoway. Besides, the gallery is at a height and it presents wonderful views of the harbour, and adding to that amazement, there is a café which enables you to cherish art, breath-taking views of the harbour, and tasty food.

Find and book yourself a parking spot (paid or unpaid) at Parkopedia.

Aline Community Woodland Walks

If you are in Stornoway and you are looking for truly beautiful and peaceful surroundings, visit the Aline Woodland Walks. The place is the best choice for having a nice walk in the midst of nature in its pure form. You may spot eagles, seals, and fish while walking in the area.

Find nearby parking options when traveling to Aline Woodland Walks here.

Museum nan Eilean

The museum is a winner when it comes to traveling places in the Stornoway region. Museum naan Eilan conveys information about the community life in Stornoway and the way it has been since centuries. It offers a great combination of interaction and information with the use of a time lapse tour and the fascinating installations including the Harris Tweed wedding dress on display.

A good source to find a parking spot and/or book one is Parkopedia.

Hotels in Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

Caladh Inn

Caladh Inn is a child friendly hotel with free Wi-Fi throughout your experience, free parking, and comfortable rooms for living. If you are on a business tour and are planning for a conference or a meeting, Caladh Inn has the facility at reasonable rates.

Cabarfeith Hotel

The four-star Cabarfeith Hotel is a luxurious place to be at while in Stornoway. The hotel features facilities including free Wi-Fi, garden, free use of the fitness studio and more. The hotel is less than a mile away from the center of the Stornoway town.

Stornoway Bread and Breakfast

The Stornoway Bread and Breakfast is a hotel that takes very good care of your basic needs and compliments your experience with some of its features that serve as the highlights of the place, including its accessibility to the most famous tourist places.


The modern Jannel hotel is perfect for spending some days in comfortable environment. The hotel provides en-suite bathrooms, luxurious bedrooms of different sizes, central heating, flat screen televisions, free Wi-Fi and a free car parking.

Drive your rental car around Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

One might say that Stornoway has sufficient traveling options to serve the traveling needs of a short, less-than-a-week of vacation. However, Scotland consists of various similar islands with their distinct tourist places that you'd love to pay a visit. It is advised to use the car hire in Stornoway Isle of Lewis and travel beyond the boundaries of Stornoway.

Where to eat, drink and party in Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

40 North Ltd

In a baroque, modern, and stylish setting, the restaurant presents a range of menu items, freshly prepared and ready to your taste buds with ultimate delight. With fair prices, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, wonderful customer service, and sufficiently large quantity of food, the restaurant is a treat for food lovers.


Eleven Restaurant

The restaurant is well-maintained and offers good food at wonderful rates in a comfortable setting. The restaurant is mostly busy, so it is better to book your spot beforehand. The restaurant is a go to place for many locals and several tourists.


Digby Chick

Before saying anything about Digby Chick, we would like you to know that this restaurant is always full because of exceptional food and service. So, better book your table before going there to avoid the disappointment of having to wait. The Digby Chick is famous for its first-class meals and its remarkable local Scottish cuisine. Among all recommendations of the restaurants and eating places, Digby Chick is at the top.


Bridge Centre Café

Fresh food, a variety of eating options, a cheerful environment, Chinese food, and reasonable rates are some of the major highlights of the place, which also sum up the quality of a visit to the Bridge Centre Café.


Major events and festivals in Stornoway (Isle Of Lewis)

The Stornoway Isle of Lewis has many festivals going on throughout the year, as they do in other islands in the Scotland. While many of these events are national, hence common between different islands, but few are distinct to Stornoway as well.

Glasgow Film Festival

The dates for 2019 are 20th February to March 3, which may or may not change the next year, hence to be checked on the official website.

This international film festival attracts several famous film artists, bringing the international cinema together. The festival is all about cherishing the film making and recognizing the efforts of the filmmakers. 

Las Ignite

The event will happen from 20th to 25th October 2018 for the first time and will continue in the coming years.

The Las Ignite festival is organized by the youth for the youth, bringing the creative young people to exhibit whatever talent they possess.

Faclan Book Festival

The dates for the Faclan Book Festival are October 31 to November 03. The dates may change a bit every year, so they must be confirmed on the official website.

The Faclan Book Festival brings together wonderful creative writers from different areas of the world. The festival features author and musical events accompanied with film screening.

Scottish Opera

The dates for Scottish Opera are not certain and they should be checked on the official website of Scottish Opera.

The Scottish Opera organizes Opera Highlights every year where four singers are taken along with a pianist around the Scotland. They travel by land, air, and sea, and take the treasures of opera to every part of the country.

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