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About Heysham

Heysham is a coastal village in Lancashire and it overlooks the Morecambe Bay, also serving as a major tourist attraction. Car hire at Manchester airport will help you to execute your plans for traveling around the village of Heysham. Heysham is famous for its closeness to the natural beauty and the peaceful environment that the birds, trees, gardens, and above all the Morecambe Bay provides. For convenience in traveling to your favorite historic places, architectural landmarks, and beautiful gardens, hotels, restaurants, and cafes, car hire in Heysham is the recommended means of conveyance to travel on your terms.


Basic info and car hire in Heysham

  • Location: Lancaster, Lancashire, North West England, UK.
  • Population: 17,016 (as of 2011 Census).
  • Official language: English.
  • Currency: Great Britain Pound/Pound Sterling (GBP).
  • Weather: The weather in Heysham is on the lower side of the scale, presenting colder temperature mostly. The highest temperature is 17 degree Celsius during the months of July and the start of August and it is the best time for water sports and beach activities. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 4 degree Celsius. With nearly an average of 34mm of rain, February is the wettest month. The best time however, is to visit Heysham when the temperature is on the upper side of the scale which would be during the months of June, July, and August.
  • Public holidays in Heysham: Traveling to Heysham will be super convenient for you if you if you plan your visit in accordance with the office holidays in Heysham. You can check public holidays here.
  • Internet coverage: All across Heysham in Lancashire, there are several restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and malls with free Wi-Fi available. Besides this, you can also buy a SIM and an internet package for few GBs to make your journey smoother with maps and real time traffic monitoring.
  • Road conditions: Heysham has roads that are well-kept and are maintained over time to ensure smooth driving. The road network is also well-planned and there are no complex roads, difficult to understand during navigation. It is best to have online map with you using SIM internet which may be bought for a good price. Otherwise, it is advised to keep a paper map of the city with you.

Driving in Heysham

Heysham has well-constructed, clean, and well-maintained roads with minimal or no trouble for foreigners during their driving in experience using car hire in Heysham. You would rarely find a road that has potholes in it. The M6 is beautifully constructed and it gives you an experience free from worries. However, the only major problem you might face is the blockage of a road, and that wastes significant amount of time. While the locals know the tools that inform them of the blocked roads, those foreigners that do no research will face the problem. Luckily, you are already covered if you see the real-time updates on this site.

  • Age limits: The minimum age to be eligible for a driving license in Heysham is 17 years, which it is flexible to adjust people with 16 years of age claiming mobility benefit. In most cases, if you avail car hire in Heysham, the agency demands that you’re over 21 years of age, which in some cases can be allowed for a young driver permit with an additional charge.
  • International Driving Permit: You may drive with your local driving permit (in English) in Heysham for up to 12 months, after which an international driving permit is mandatory.
  • Additional papers: None, in most cases. However, you may be provided with additional paper(s) from your car rental agency, but that is entirely subjective to the agency.
  • Additional requirements: None.
  • Children in the car: Children under the age of 12 or under 135 cm of height are meant to sit in a child seat.
  • Driving side of the road: Left Hand Side.
  • Lights: Traffic light rules are strictly followed in Heysham, and the standard traffic lights are used.
  • General speed limits: The speed of 30 mph in urban areas, 60 mph in rural areas, and 70 mph on motorways are the designated speed limits.
  • Parking suggestions: A very good source for getting to know the nearby parking options (paid and/or unpaid) is Parkopedia. So, everytime you plan to visit a place using car hire in Heysham, go to the link and book your parking spot beforehand.

What to see in Heysham

Heysham brings for the tourists and the locals, some wonderful sightseeing as well as historic places in addition to the beautiful, peaceful gardens. Ranging from the old historic buildings to beautiful gardens and wonderful views of the Bay, Heysham is a famous tourist place with hundreds of tourists traveling to Lancashire each month. Aesthetic natural beauty, gardens, canal, landscapes, and wildlife are the highlights of the place.

Our favourite spots

Williamson Park

Williamson Park presents to the visitors wonderful views, parkland, and few secret pathways. In the midst of natural beauty that is well-maintained, it’s the best place for family picnics and has a vast play area for children. There’s an Ashton Memorial in the park that is the highlight of the place for most people. There is a butterfly house, aviary and reptile area, and area with small mammals. The versatility of the place keeps the adults engaged while also entertaining the kids.

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Lancaster Canal

Whether you want to do cycling, have a long walk beside a picturesque view, or you want to boat through the canal, amidst the beautiful greenery, farm animals, and birds, Lancaster Canal is best choice for you. There are plenty of pubs around as well as several eating places. The peaceful sidewalks and rich wildlife makes your evening stroll with a hot mug of coffee worthwhile.

Park your car at a spot available nearby. You can check the available parking options at Parkopedia.

Eric Morecambe Statue

The Eric Morecambe Statue lies at the sea front and is an iconic statue which is famous for its funny posture, and people do not bring a second thought of skipping it to their minds despite the long queues. Besides the significance of the statue itself, there is a stunning view at the back. The story of the comedy legend, Morecambe, is also written which is another pleasure to read.

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Lancaster Castle

A guided tour of the Lancaster Castle will equip you with the history of the castle. The guide is very informative as well as entertaining, and you will definitely enjoy your experience at Lancaster Castle as it one of the major highlights of the place.

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Hotels in Heysham

Headway Hotel

The fully equipped and beautiful Headway Hotel offers wonderful amenities at a reasonable price. The four star hotel has spacious rooms, Wi-Fi, central heating and cooling, and is a smoke-free hotel. The hotel overlooks wonderful looks of the bay.

Toll House Inn

Toll House Inn is a renovated Toll House with a contemporary touch. The hotel has comfortable room and a secluded courtyard. The hotel presents you with a historic look and a traditional setting, also having a restaurant and a bar in the hotel.

The Royal Heysham

With remarkable views extending as far as the Bowland Fells and the Lake District, there is a comfortable seating in the outdoor that overlooks wonderful views. You can also sit in the West End Gardens which allows you to gaze across the bay to Cumbria.

The Sun Hotel and Bar

The hotel holds a long history and has evolved into a luxury boutique hotel located in the city center, providing access to almost everything you may need from the market. The Sun Hotel and Bar is all that you may wish to see in a luxury hotel.

Drive your rental car around Heysham

Lancaster is a place that offers access to the history of England, with several historic places, old mansions renovated and repurposed as hotels and restaurants, and years old gardens with wonderful wildlife. Use car hire in Heysham and travel beyond the Heysham village to explore the beauty of Lancashire.

Where to eat, drink and party in Heysham

The Brasserie

The Brasserie presents a large variety of Greek food items with different menu for different occasions. The hotel brings the finest Greek cuisine which mostly makes use of vegetables to bring out deliciously tasty and healthy, nutrient-rich food.


Atkinsons Fish & Chips

For a quick exercise of your taste buds, give a try to Atkinsons Fish and Chips in supper. In a rather simpler setting with few tables and a tidy place, Atkinsons serves as a good quick stop-by place.


Masala Heysham

The Masala restaurant offers Indian cuisine in its finest taste in a place that is given a baroque touch. The restaurant offers a comfortable seating and a range of Indian food items to choose from. You can also book the place for a small gathering as it is capable of housing gatherings with up to 40 participants.


Half Moon Bay Cafe

Located on the beach, offering wonderful views of bouncing waves of water, the Half Moon Bay Café offers breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon tea with remarkable views of the Half Moon Bay.


Major events and festivals in Heysham

There are tens of events that happen every year and the number amounts to near 50 each month. Hence there are a lot of events and festivals going on in Heysham or more broadly in Lancaster all the time.

International Buddhist Summer Festival

The festival happens in the second week of August.

People from all over the world come together at the Buddhist Summer Festival, displaying the universality of the teachings of Buddha.

Bubble and Bounce

The Bubble and Bounce sets up the inflatables from 9th of August to 27th of August.

The event is a heaven for kids. It happens at the Cricket Ground ay Guy’s Thatched Hamlet. Over 25 giant inflatables attract families to have their kids rejoice the festival.

Blackpool World Fireworks Competition

The event is scheduled for 28th September 2018. However, the website should be checked for the following years.

Blackpool World Fireworks Competition is an event that gets the attention of people from around the world to either witness the most beautiful charisma of fireworks or to participate in it. Championships attract experts in the area, bringing the attractive fireworks worth seeing.

Heritage Open Days

The event takes place during the month of September. The exact dates should be checked from the website.

The event presents two days of free access to the historic places like the Buddhist Temple and the Gothic Mansion featuring beautiful gardens.

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