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About Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the fourth largest island among those in archipelago and the third most populated Canary Island. This Spanish island comprises of the best of beaches and most amazing of the natural places in the midst of lush blue waters, making it the most preferred places among a variety of tourist attractions. The remarkable natural beauty of Lanzarote is experienced with car hire at Lanzarote airport at even greater ease and convenience, because you’re traveling on your conditions and to the places of your personal choice whenever you like. Car hire in Lanzarote is definitely the brightest of options for traveling around the island.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a place that would take all the worries and hassle of the modern world away from you? If it is so, you would love visiting Lanzarote again and again due to its chic places which are equally eco-friendly, allowing you to spend your time cycling or walking in places wonderfully close to the nature. From stunning natural views to eye-catching attractions, restaurants with a distinct Spanish taste, beautiful blue water, cultural events, rich nightlife, and above all – the distinct itineraries of Spain are some highlights of this most wonderful tourist destination. With all of the recommendations that will be followed, car hire in Lanzarote is highly recommended if you wish to be worriless during your journey.

Basic info and car hire in Lanzarote

Location: Atlantic Ocean

Population: 142,132

Official language: Spanish

Currency: Euro (EUR).

Weather: Lanzarote is commonly referred to as “The Island of Eternal Spring” and the small amount of precipitation is majorly concentrated in winter season. Summers are always dry in Lanzarote with a rare chance of rainfall and the absence of precipitation. Average temperatures in winter and summer are 18 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. Average rainfall in summers is 8mm while it is 18mm in winter season.

Public holidays in Lanzarote: In order to plan your visit to Lanzarote in accordance with public holidays, you can check the office holidays at office holidays in Lanzarote.

Internet coverage: 4G network is available all around the island, thus ensuring high-speed internet if you are looking for paid internet. Besides, there are Wi-Fi connections in most bars, clubs, and restaurants all across Lanzarote.

Road conditions: Mostly, the roads in the island of Lanzarote are less challenging for drivers. There are no major motorways and the size of roads never exceeds 2 lanes, which again offers low traffic if you are out of the major resorts.

Driving in Lanzarote

The roads are mostly clean and well paved, but a rare number of flaws may appear while you are driving in Lanzarote. However, some locals are seen driving very fast, which increases the chances of an accident. Therefore, caution is also required while driving in Lanzarote. You should not forget to have an emergency contact number of your car rental company in case of car hire in Lanzarote. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced driver, it shouldn’t be a problem driving in this island.

  • Age limits: The minimum age for a driver to be allowed to drive is 18 while it has to be 21 if you are looking to hire a car. Moreover, your car hire agency may charge a small amount in extra for drivers less than 25 years of age.
  • International Driving Permit: International driving permit is good to have, but a full UK driving license will also do in Lanzarote.
  • Additional papers: The drivers are required to have passport as proof of identification, a proof of insurance, and a proof of ownership (in case of personal vehicle) while a car hire agreement (in case of car rental)
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Children in the car: Children with a height less than 132cm are not allowed to sit in the front seat except that the children under this limit have already occupied back seats. A child restraint system is a must for these children while a seat belt for all above this height.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side
  • Lights: The pattern of traffic lights followed internationally is implementable in Lanzarote as well.
  • General speed limits: The speed of 100 kilometres per hour is allowed in dual carriageways while it is 50 kilometres in densely covered areas, unless indicated otherwise.
  • Parking suggestions: Lanzarote usually offers plenty of parking space around most of the tourist attractions. In the capital of this island, Arrecife, the most convenient and easily available parking area is next to Charco San Gines. Moreover, with only an internet connection you can find the parking areas available at the place of your choice using

What to see in Lanzarote

There’s a lot to see in Lanzarote and no matter how much time do you have, you can never enjoy the place completely in a single visit. We have some highly recommended places short-listed for you in the following text.

Our favourite spots

Timanafaya National Park in Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park

A volcanic wasteland now serving as a monument, Timanfaya National Park is one of the main tourist attractions because of its significance due to its history of housing a huge volcano. The park has some interesting facts about evolution of this beautiful island, which you’d definitely love to know. You are not allowed to drive inside this vast park yourself.


You can park your car near the park or even inside the park in the space available for visitors.

Turquoise water in Playa de Papagayo

Playa de Papagayo

This magical and beautiful beach is a treat for your eyes as well as your mind, taking away all the worries tangled in your head. Perfectly suitable for children, Playa de Papagayo provides an amazing chance to kids for swimming. The views are undoubtedly stunning and the café inside also has no match.

Park your car at the beach and enjoy your time, but be cautious about getting stuck in if there is no organized parking space.

Boats on the water in the Old Harbour, Lanzarote

Old Town Harbour

If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy the scenic views alongside the wonderful local food places, Old Town Harbour is the best choice. The place has a wonderful vibe and is a great way to see how the locals spend their time enjoying here.

There is a car parking while you are driving to the harbour near La Hoya Centre.

A spectacle for boat lovers in Lanzarote

Marina Rubicon

Sit at the marina and witness the beautiful view of ferries and boats and the amazing waterfront. There is a large variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants which will add to your experience at Marina Rubicon.

You can park your car on the quayside pavements.

Hotels in Lanzarote

Hotel Tabaiba Center

A comfortable, friendly, and cost-efficient solution for accommodation in Lanzarote is Hotel Tabaiba Center which actually is an establishment of 75 apartments with 1-2 bedrooms or studios. You can park your car on the quayside pavements.

Hotel HL Paradise Island

HL Hotel is a four-star hotel that provides luxury while being moderate in terms of cost. The vast pool and an awe-inspiring beautiful sitting place in the sun is unmatched. You should park your car in the hotel parking area while staying there.

Hotel Hesperia Lanzarote

Hotel Hesperia is a five star hotel and a super-luxurious, peaceful resort. This hotel has modern and well-equipped rooms, outdoor terraces, Jacuzzi, walk-in shower, pools, a gym, bars and restaurants. You can park your car in the hotel parking lot.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Perfect for families, couples, and groups of friends, Gloria Thalasso & Hotel provides comfort in its unaltered form, living area, and kitchenette. Hotel car parking is available for you to use while your stay at Gloria Hotel.

Drive your rental car around Lanzarote

The clear and tidy roads in most places with only a few affected ones when combined with car hire in Lanzarote warrant a traveling experience that has no match to it. The island of Lanzarote is not a large island, thus offering all the places for tourism in close proximity. Housing the most aesthetically pleasing mountains and the beautiful beaches, Lanzarote is the best choice for you if you want to take some days off and live close to the nature.

Where to eat, drink and party in Lanzarote

Chill-out El Mirador

Chill out Mirador is a versatile restaurant with a large number of eating options and its customer-oriented approach. If you are visiting Lanzarote and you wish to eat the international food with a variety of options available, do not forget to go to this place.


Rhinos Bar and Bistro

Rhinos Bar and Bistro is a Pub with a wide selection of beers and several light eating options. The place is a perfect choice for sports screenings while enjoying the tasty food.


Kristian’s Restaurant

A family run business that will give you a taste of local Spanish food in affordable price, the result of which is that it is one of the most famous restaurants in Lanzarote. The food, friendly staff, and the perfect atmosphere makes your visit worthwhile.


The Little Elm

Little Elm is a British owned restaurant that is famous for its international food especially steak and Lasagne, which will definitely bring the real taste and the ultimate delight when it touches your taste buds.


Major events and festivals in Lanzarote

Some most cherished events, although religious in most cases, fill the island of Lanzarote with colours. Some of the most famous festivals are listed below.

Dia De Los Reyes

January 5th/6th

It is an annual festival which has Three Wise men to bring gifts just like the Santa Claus does. The largest procession of this festival is witnessed in the island’s capital which is the best place to watch this festivity.

Corpus Christi

Mid June

The event features colourful carpets of sea salt along the roads and pavements for the major procession which happens the next day. These works of art a wonderful thing to witness, although purposed for a religious event.

Fiesta de San Gines

August 15th-25th

In celebration of the former Bishop of Clermont there are certain activities like traditional island sports like wrestling and sailing which are celebrated every year. A new Miss Lanzarote is also selected in the event.

Fiesta de Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores’


The fiesta celebrates the patron saint of the island and it marks the point where lava emerged from another eruption came to an end in 1824. In traditional dresses, many Canarians walk on foot in the form of pilgrimage toward Mancha Blanca.

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