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Basic info and car hire in Menorca Airport

  • IATA airport code: MAH

  • ICAO airport code: LEMH

  • Full name: Menorca airport

  • Location: Mahon

  • Hub for: Vueling, Iberia

  • Websitehhttp://www.aena.es/

  • Contact: +34 971 157 049

  • Owner: Aena

  • Elevation:  92 m / 302 ft

  • Number of runways: 2

About Menorca Airport

This wonderfully built airport, very often called Mahon Airport, is the only one serving this Balearic island. Every year, there are over 3 million passengers come to visit the exquisite Menorca island and the number is constantly increasing. Most of the tourists coming to the island resort to a car hire at Menorca airport as it is the most effective way to move around the island and to discover its wonders. There are few passengers, on the contrary, that will prefer to take shuttle bus from the airport and then use public transportation, which is a less expensive but also much less practical solution.

Drive your rental car around Menorca Airport

Minorca island represents a dream travel destination, exotic yet safe and so close to Europe. It’s not a surprise that tourism flourishes there, and that car hire at Menorca Airport is sometimes difficult to get – as everybody wants to discover this island’s secret and well-known spots. Here’s a list of few beaches you should definitely visit: Cala Macarelleta, Cala Turqueta, Cala Pregonda etc. There are also plenty of sports activities as well as culinary experiences to enjoy. For example you can book a golf course at Monarch, or even take a horse ride around the scenic area. With a quality car hire in Menorca Airport you can easily even more distant locations, Caminos Naturales for example offer plenty of wonderful hiking trails around the island. For culinary pleasures, visit Smoix Restaurant, Cas Consol or Moli Des Comtes Asador.

Services in Menorca Airport


Due to the location being mainly a tourist destination, the airport has limited service for business travellers, in fact, there is no business lounge at the airport. In case you should require any service for your business travel you can try the Assistant company, offering business man and women additional services.


The airport has all the basic facilities for travellers with children. From Baby Changing Rooms, to Children’s games, your kids will be safe and taken care of there. You will also find very handy Children’s Play Area on Floor 2 or you can spend some time in Children’s Room in the departure area, on Floor 0.


The airport is adapted to people with physical disability. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, bars and vending machines for you to refresh and get some extra energy, majority of them located in Terminal, Floor 2.

History of Menorca Airport

Parallel to the beginnings of first big tourist flow, the airport opened in 1969. Also, the inauguration of Menorca Airport led to partial shut-down of the San Luis Airport, which, from that time on, only serves as general and leisure aviation airport. The airport was severely afflicted by heavy rains in 2006, and in 2 years’ time, the airport was re-constructed and since operates flawlessly. Curiously, all its flight connections are solely to European airports, it’s main markets are UK and Germany, respectively.

Petrol stations near Menorca Airport

For everyone renting a car in Menorca Airport, we suggest finding the petrol stations already on their first day on the island. There is no petrol station on or close to the airport, however, there are plenty of them in Mao city and its bypass. You can fill up the tank in the area as it is still only few kilometres away from Menorca Airport – we suggest Estacion de Servicio Cepsa Via Ronda, south from Mao.