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About Menorca

This Balearic Island is gaining its popularity fast and attracting more tourists each year. Especially popular among the British travellers and Germans, Menorca is quickly developing yet still staying well-liked among those that like the nature of Ibiza and Mallorca but wish to have a more peaceful vacation.

With almost 700 km², Menorca it’s still very small and easy to explore by car which you can hire at the Menorca Airport, located 4,5 km of Mahón—the capital of this turquoise Island. Several bays and fantastic beaches all around the Island are too good of a reason not to explore it. Another option is to hire a boat and explore Menorca by sea. However, a car rental in Menorca is a great way of exploring the island.

The majority of the beaches you'll find in the southern part of the Island, but there are a few on the North as well. The whole Island is interlaced with paved roads, wide enough to easily meet or overtake the car. This means that there's no way not to explore them all. White sugary sand, rocky shore and the fresh smell of pine forest is something you can never get too much of it.

More active tourists find Menorca a great cycling retreat. It’s also popular as a rock climbing and diving destination. If you're not into sports but want to take your family somewhere interesting and make it an active day out of it, try Mount Toro. It’s the highest point of the Island. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view, and you can take a picture of Christ monument which is dedicated to the Majorcans that died in the Moroccan war. That’s another reason to evolve in car hire in Menorca, as those spots are otherwise difficult to visit.

When you’ll find enough inner strength to skip a day of beaches and magic beauty of Menorca’s nature, seize the day by visiting the Ciutadella, see ancient ruins (Torre d’en Galmes are the best ones) or take time to explore the Minorca History Museum. 

Wildlife in Menorca is lush and diverse. On this small island, you can spot over 900 different species of plants with colourful blooms. Consequently, there are a lot of insects as well—including 30 species of butterflies and numerous dragonflies. Bird lovers, have your binoculars with you, because there live almost 300 bird species as well, 10 of them are endangered. If you visit Menorca in the Spring time, you can spot some migrating species as well since Menorca is located on their migration route. If you’re after taking some spectacular photos of birds and wildlife in general, a car rental in Menorca is definitely the way to move around the island.



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Basic info and car hire in Menorca

Location: Balearic Islands, Spain

Population: 95,000 million (2010)

Official language: Spanish

Currency: Euro (€)

Weather: They say that Menorca is never too hot and never too cold. During the top season—from June to the end of September, is around 28°C. At summer nights, you'll sleep like a baby since the temperatures drop to a pleasant 20°C. Menorca is an excellent destination even for those that are searching for cheaper offers out of season, when the prices of a car rental in Menorca drop together with the rest of the tourist services. May and October are great months to choose for a trip to Menorca if you prefer more moderate high temperatures. At that time of the year, it's not too windy, and temperatures are perfect for sunbathing, strolling or spending the day on the yacht and exploring all the secret beaches on the Island. With its 22°C during the warmest part of the day, even November is a nice time to visit this Balearic Island, if you don’t mind a chance of rain. With this climate, driving in Menorca is really not difficult.

Holidays: For public holidays in Spain click here »

Internet coverage: At many bars, restaurants, hotels and other public places you’ll find free Wi-Fi and internet hot spots. Sure, in most cases the speed is not like at home, but it will do for the most important stuff. If you engage yourself with a car rental in Menorca, searching the web for the right path and spot to visit will definitely require some web surfing. You can also think about purchasing a Spanish sim card if you can’t get out of work completely or you have some family business you need to take care of. In some parts of the Island, mobile data tend to be a bit patchy. Our customers often say that Orange signal is more constant and reliable, but Vodafone is faster. The choice is yours. You can explore your options in advance by clicking here »

Road conditions: Roads are well maintained, the signs are in English as well, and the islanders are so used to the tourists that you really don’t have anything to worry about. There’s nothing to worry about when you decide to hire a car in Menorca.

Gas stations in Menorca: Regarding the size of the Island, Menorca has a lot of filling stations, so there shouldn't be a problem with finding at least one on your way to the next beach. If you decide for a car rental in Menorca, there are a several gas stations nearby the Airport as well. Since Menorca is pretty flat, with no high slopes, the fuel consumption is not high, and driving is completely stress-free.

Car rental in Menorca: Similar to the rest of Spain, prices of a car rental are very low—one of the lowest. Since Menorca is a common car rental destination, the locals are used to touristy drivers and respect their situation.

Driving in Menorca

Car rental in Menorca is very common—not only because of the super low prices but because of the nature of driving conditions as well. Customers that decided to rent a car in Menorca were very pleased, pleasantly surprised about the friendly locals that are never stressed because of a bit slower driving or having troubles with one-way streets.

Because of the size of the island, you'll never have to drive too far. Only 47 km is the distance between the Western and Eastern edge of the Island. The main road that leads through the middle of the Island divides the land into the Northern and Southern part. The latter is more popular among those that are on a quest for nice sandy beaches or wish to stay in one of the many resorts and Villas in Menorca.

The Northern part is especially appropriate if you want to scuba dive or explore the island with your yacht. This will enable you to find more private bays—hidden among rockier coastline—which you can reach with your car as well if you’re willing to walk for a few hundred meters after parking your vehicle. Make sure you have your snickers and backpacks ready, park somewhere beneath the pine trees, and you can start to descend to a sapphire jewel of the day. A car rental in Menorca makes your stay so much easier, however some of the nicest beaches are just not approachable by car.

[Friendly tip: If you’ll make the most of the pine trees shade and park your car beneath, try using a tarp (or a plane old sheet). This will protect your car from sap dripping from trees.] 

In Menorca, you’ll be driving on the right side of the road. Majority of the Island you’ll explore via main roads which are well maintained. Closer to cities the roads will get even wider, with a bit heavier traffic. Most of our customers that engaged in a car rental in Menorca say that they prefer to park the car in car parks and avoid tricky one-way streets and no-parking areas in Ciutadella.

If you don't mind driving through Ciutadella de Menorca, you can park practically in the city centre—on parking meters areas or in the central car park. If you prefer to leave the car at the edge of the city and wander the streets on foot, choose one of the car parks or parking areas on the outskirts. During siesta time—13:30 – 17:00—, usually there are no charges in car parks. Also, keep in mind to always have some spare change in your back pocket for parking meters, since they don’t return the money. Sometimes, a car rental in Menorca does bring some additional charges along the way, but those expanses should be irrelevant if comfort is your biggest priority.

  • Suitable for tourists: Well-maintained roads, light traffic, and a sufficient parking system makes Menorca suitable for tourists that wish to drive and explore the island on their own and choose to have the comfort of a car rental in Menorca. Parking restrictions, prices and driving regulations are similar to the rest of Europe.
  • Age limits: 21
  • Minimal and Maximum age requirement: Even though 21 is usually the minimal driving age, a majority of car rental companies will surcharge you with a Young Driver Fee if you're younger than 25. Similarly, drivers that are older than 64 years could encounter on a Senior Driver Fee. This may result in slight surcharges and depend on the provider of your car rental in Menorca.
  • Essential papers for car rental customers: credit card on the name of the main driver, ID or passport (sometimes it’s good to have an additional proof or residence address), driving license, last version of your voucher (you can always download it on your phone from your personal Vehicle Rent account).
  • International Driving Permit: No 
  • Additional requirements: It is obligatory to have two warning triangles, spear bulbs, reflective jacket and first aid kit in the car. (As in the rest of Europe, you should not step out of your car without your jacket if you stop on the highway.) You should also have your vehicle documents on hand as well.
  • Children in the car: Children younger than 12 years must use a suitable child or booster seat and be placed on the rear seat. You can read more about European Baby / Child seat law regulation here »
  • Driving side of the road: right (overtaking on left)
  • Lights: In Spain, turn your headlights off when you enter a tunnel.
  • General speed limits: 75 mph (130 km/h) on motorways, 55-60 mph (90 km/h) on non-residential areas and 30 mph (50 km/h) in residential areas.
  • Drink & drive: maximum BAC = 0.05 % (0.00 % for young drivers)
  • Mobile phones: not allowed during driving

Car rental in Menorca

The best part of Menorca is that it’s not overly-populated by tourists so the traffic is not too hectic and even young or senior drivers can drive stress free. However, if you’re younger than 25 or older than 65, please read the provider’s terms and conditions of your car rental in Menorca and check if any extra fees apply.

If this will be your first car rental experience—in Menorca or in general—keep in mind that the price of the car rental in Menorca can vary on several parameters: pick-up location, pick-up time, booking time, car rental duration, size/category of the car, number of drivers, fuel policy, car rental duration, your age, protection (insurance or cover) chosen and season.

Like with hotels, same goes with car rental, and a rental in Menorca is as all others. In the peak season, the prices are higher. However, booking in advance (a month or more) and choosing a 7-day rental gives you a pretty good value for your money. To avoid any extra fees, keep your drivers to a minimum (usually, for each driver you pay an extra fee), chose Same to Same fuel policy (or Fair fuel or Full to Full), and choose your car rental cover in advance—opting for the insurance at the counter is usually the most expensive option. If you decide for the insurance at the counter, please check the exclusion list and avoid unnecessary surprises.

Last but not least; it's not about the vehicle but the car rental category. Many of first-timers don't know that car rental industry usually doesn't provide you with exactly the car you booked. Some car rental companies give you a choice to book a specific car for an extra fee, but the majority of them will try to provide you with a similar car or better. This means that the main attribute of your car rental reservation is the category: mini, medium, economy etc.

If you chose a car from a more expensive category just because you found a car you wish to drive for years, think twice. Most probably you won't get exactly this car when you arrive at the location. This means you'll get a different car for economy category for example and you’ll pay a steeper price as you would if you’d book a car from a mini category.

What our customer love most about car rental in Menorca

“Every interaction, including changing our drop-off time, went smoothly, courteously and transparently.”

Supplier: Alamo, Menorca Airport

 “Great customer services! The car was really nice and it we did not have any issues with it!”

Supplier: Hiper Rent a Car, Menorca Airport

“Straight forward with a shuttle bus to and from the airport”

Supplier: OK Rent a Car, Menorca Airport

 “Service was brilliant, staff very polite.”

Supplier: Click&Rent, Menorca Airprot

“Great service from the guy at OK RENATALS and hassle free . . .”

Supplier: OK Rent a Car, Menorca Airport

“Well organised pick up and return.”

Supplier: OK Rent a Car, Menorca Airport

“Very kind people, great service and no unexpected costs.”

Supplier: Alamo, Menorca Airport

“Very good value!”

Supplier: Click&Rent, Menorca Airprot

Friendly tip: Car rentals with shuttle bus from the airport is usually the cheapest option. To compare car rental prices at the terminal to the alternatives, use filter on the left side of website.

What to see in Menorca

Let us just say that you’ll be back if you visit Menorca just for a week. A car rental in Menorca will definitely serve your exploring needs. For the first time, you probably won’t have time to see much else since there are so many fantastic beaches around the Island. Majority of our car rental customer in Menorca don’t do much else the first time there than beach hopping.

The second time (or in bad weather if you have bad luck) you can visit several museums, which are quite popular sites. Isla del Ray and Military museum are a must if you’re a history lover or you’re a fan of well-organised museums. Binissues is also an excellent place to take your family. You can experience a fracture of Spanish past there. Your children can see how the ancient field work looked like and spend a day with farm animals. After that, you can sit down in the restaurant on site and enjoy a lovely meal with classic Menorca foods and dishes. There’s a kids’ playground, so they won't get bored right away. 

Maó or Port Mahon is the capital of Menorca, so we're 100% sure you'll visit it at least once during your stay. It's a classic port city—with nice long riviera and several restaurants and local shops along the way. Tourists just love browsing through those lovely little shops - full of Mahon cheese, famous Menorca Gin - Xoriguer, or Menorca sandals. If you love fashion, you must know avaracas as locals call them.

Many tourists go there for a dinner or just a glass of wine and a cheese plate after the sunset walk. As you opt for a car rental in Menorca, you can drive to see the port just for the fun of doing it. Those that have yacht or boats are regular guests of Port Mahon actually. If you wish to see Mahon from the seaside but lack the transport or boat-driving skills you can book a boat trip around the harbour.

If you choose to do that on Tuesday on Saturday, you can visit the Mahon’s market as well and shop for fresh fruits and some souvenirs for your loved ones at home. If you booked an apartment and have a kitchenette or a yard with a grill you can buy some fish—always fresh—, and organise a nice Summer fish dinner. Wouldn't that be lovely! And a hired car makes all that even smoother, as there’s no need to wait for the bus or walk the city in the summer heat.

Our favourite spots

Cathedral Ciutadella in Menorca

Cathedral Ciutadella

Regardless if you’re in Menorca for a day or a week, you’ll probably visit Menorca’s Ciutadella—the only main city of Menorca besides Maó. Charming cobbled streets will undoubtedly take you to the Cathedral Ciutadella—a remarkable cathedral, filled with Spanish history. 

Basilica of Ciutadella de Menorca was built in 1362, and it took only 62 years to finish this masterpiece. However, as simple and small it looks from the outside, it truly shines with beauty on the inside. If you can, visit this cathedral on a sunny day and take your camera with you. Narrow yet tall windows, decorated with stained glass create a kaleidoscope effect in its central part.

Leave your car in one of the car parks or parking areas before you enter the Ciutadella. It's a way cheaper option, and the city is much too nice not to experience it on foot.

A view of the Cala Pregonda beach

Cala Pregonda beach

Cala Pregonda is located in Northern part of Menorca, a part of a wider bay, so the water is slightly calmer and warmer. This red sand beach is completely natural.

Besides its unusual shade of red sand, Cala Pregodna is known as a calmer, quieter beach where you can relax. After you'll have enough of this amazingly blue water, you can enjoy some sun on the main part or walk to the East when the coastline becomes a bit rockier. There you'll have more privacy and peace to read a few pages from your summer book.

Leave your car at the Binimela beach and walk 30 minutes to this beautiful natural beach. It’s worth it.

Clear waters in the Cala’n Bosch Beach

Snorkeling with Sea Scooter

Explore Cala’n Bosch beach below the surface. You don’t need any diving experience, even though it won’t hurt to have if you did some snorkelling in the past. Sea scooter is a little gadget that you hold with two hands. Effortlessly it takes you underwater and guide you to the depths, filled with marine life.

The dive takes one hour and everything it’s included in the package—sea scooter, diving suit, flippers, and snorkel. Take the advantages that a car rental in Menorca gives and drive to the Cala’n Bosch beach.



Tourists usually park at the car park in front of Cala’n Bosch Beach.

The main Plaza in Menorca

Placa Ses Palmeres

This is not the main plaza of the Ciutadella, but it's a very lovely spot—located in the heart of the city centre. It's a good—not too busy—meeting point if you wish to explore the Ciutadella on you own and want an easy-to-find place where your friends or family can reunite.

Recognizable date palms and a big clock in the centre of it is something everybody knows, and it's easy to spot.

Commonly, there are a few bars and restaurants where you can sit down and discuss what did everybody see on their walkabout in the city.

The Son Bou BEach in Menorca

Playa de Son Bou

White sand—fine like silk—, and clear turquoise water that every Bahamas or Fiji beach would be proud of having.

The beach is very long—actually is the longest beach in Menorca—so it’s not too cluttered despite its popularity. Even though there is one restaurant nearby, it’s better to take your snacks and drinks with you, because the restaurant is very busy.

If you fall completely over heels with this beach, you can book a hotel nearby since there are several accommodation options East from it. However, if you crave a bit more peace and quiet, head out to the Western part of the beach where it’s a little less crowded.

In front of the beach there’s a huge parking area.

Visit Isla del Rey when at Menorca

Isla del Rey

This island had many names, but the King's Island stuck with it. In the 13th century King Alfonso III—‘Emperor of Spain’ as some artefacts call him—landed on this Island. After that, the Bloody Island people called it—because of the hospital which still stands on it today.  Locals still restore the buildings on the island. Many volunteers guide tourists there via boats and explain them the story of the island.

Money paid for catamaran rides and snack is all donated for the restorations so everybody can get something out of this sightseeing. Tourists love it, and locals can make the most of it.

Look for Yellow Catamarans (you can book online) and park in one of the nearby possibilities. Parking Garage on Plaça de la Miranda is the closest one.

Visit the Military Museum in Menorca

Military Museum

It’s not the most romantic thing to do in Menorca, but it’s worth a visit. According to TripAdvisor, this museum is the third most popular site.

Take your time for this museum, because it has a lot to show. Even though military and war are a representation of something terrible in the world, they are a big part of human history, and a good military museum can reveal a lot about our past, different cultural influences and technical progress.

You’ll pay about 3€ per person to enter.

The closest parking lot is Sinia d'Es Cuc or you can leave your car at the Yellow Catamarans if you'll visit Isla del Ray that day. Those sites are really close.

Cami de Cavalls in Menorca

Cami de Cavalls

For the majority of us this is a crazy thing to do, however, this long-distance walking trail is very popular among tourists. Especially if you'll visit Menorca in the Spring, this can be a nice path to some soul-searching with rewarding beach-hopping on the side. Trail runners and bikers rave about this beautiful coastline road. That would give your car rental in Menorca a little break, of course.

Cami de Cavalls is 116 miles (186km) long.

The “Path of Knights” (English translation of Cami de Cavalls) was created as a lookout path for watchmen to patrol from a watchtower to a watchtower.

Hotels in Menorca

Casas del Lago Hotel, Spa & Beach Club

This is one of the most popular resorts in Menorca. Beautifully furnished, with a large pool and sun-lounge area and a great buffet bar is particularly popular among adults with no families. Private parking is available on-site.

Agriturismo Ses Talaies

Couples prefer this accommodation over some larger hotels and resorts. Ses Talaises is romantic and intimate, clean and bright agriturismo with nice touches and a modern look of the rooms and suites. You can park your car outside free of charge.

Hotel Artiem Carlos III

This is adults only hotel which means you can completely let go of your worries and enjoy. Hotel Artiem Carlos will spoil you with their spa, excellent food, and friendly staff in the bars and restaurants at nearby. Parking is available on-site.

Hostal Jume

Located in Mahón, this Hostal is close to all the popular beaches and the airport. Hostal Jume is known as a clean and friendly accommodation with a friendly staff, strong Wi-Fi, and a nice buffet breakfast. Parking is available on-site.

Drive your rental car around Menorca

Truthfully, Menorca is so small we can’t exactly discuss long-distance trips. However, exactly because of the size of this island, car rental in Menorca is such a popular service. First of all, numerous beaches are a good reason to explore this island if nothing else. Museums and historic sites are just a cherry on top.

The Taulas are a remarkable site majority of tourists visit. Megalithic stone monuments—similar to Stonehenge—are mysterious remaining of Spanish history and a wonderful experience for photographers. During the sunset, you can create some pictures you'll want to put on the wall. Historians haven't made sense of this site yet, but most probably it was made for astronomical or religious purposes. The minority of scientists are convinced that the Taulas were a structure made for healing.

Menorca is full of charming little churches, cathedrals and architectural attractions. It he old city centre of Mahon, many toursitsexplore narrow streets and historic gems they hold. Read more about Menorca attractions here »

Climb on the highest hill of the Island and look upon Menorcan natural beauty in whole. El Toro or Monte Toro is not very high—1100 ft (350 m) of the elevation won’t take you long to conquer—but it’s high enough to give you a light workout of the week. On the hilltop, you can admire a statue of Jesus on top of the Sanctuary of the Verge del Tor.

On the Eastern part of the Island, you'll find a natural gem—Parc Natural S’albufera d’es Grau. Not every day you can spot a fish eagle—one of the many rare birds that live in this park. Our customers that opt in for car rental in Menorca say that this place shines most in the Autumn when it's not so hot anymore. It's a great area to relax and just enjoy the Nature in its primal state. You can park your car at the spot and take a walk around the park to reconnect with nature.

Where to eat, drink and party in Menorca

Menorcan cuisine is a nice mix of classic Mediterranean cuisine, with a pinch of traditional Spanish spices, cold cuts and appreciation for fresh-caught seafood. This means that during your stay, you’ll enjoy great food, with simple, fresh ingredients that island provides, drizzled with olive oil and you can top it all off with desserts of English influence. 

Compared to the mainland of Spain, Menorca is not focused on paellas and pork dishes as much. Yes, there are tapas, but not so dominant and varied as on the mainland. If you wish to taste some of the traditional Menorcan dishes, try rubiols, stuffed zucchinis or kaldera—a lobster stew. Eggplants and zucchinis are popular vegetables, green, tomatoes and potatoes as well. Besides pork, lamb, chicken and rabbit are common meat options.

Menorcans are known for their sweet tooth so make sure to visit their bakery or patisserie as well. Crespells cookies, coca bomba sponge cake, ensaimada (custard-filled yeast-based cakes) and different kinds of puddings will definitely hit the spot. And as for everything, a car hire in Menorca gives you the possibility of moving around the island, so make sure to visit and experience all the best offer on the island! 

If you wish to know more about Menorca food, click here »

Passio Mediterrania

The prices at this place are on a higher end but you will not regret it. Light, delicious dishes with fresh fish, subtle seasoning and charming presentation convinced majority of this restaurant’s customers. They especially rave about octopus carpaccio, vegetarian cannelloni, chicken with coleslaw and cod croquettes.

Even though this is a MICHELIN-starred restaurant you can order majority of classic Spanish tapas (on which they added their own spin on it), but let us reassure you—this won’t be the last thing you’ll order that day.


Hogar Del Pollo

This is a gastronomic jewel—hidden in a narrow street, with grand flavours to offer at low prices. Who could ask for any better?! Without any excess food styling or fusion efforts, their classic Spanish dishes are as they should be. Fresh clams, octopus, pimentos de padron or Iberian ham—they all go perfectly with a glass of Spanish wine or a bottle of beer. Save money and splurge on the deliciousness.

Friendly tip: Call in advance and book a table, because this place is always packed.


Pan y Vino

Patrick James is a chef with a wandering heart. With his French culinary background, he is always on a lookout for new flavours and techniques. He's constantly on the move, visiting different countries and bringing his knowledge back to Menorca to his team in Pan Y Vino which literally means bread and vine. This name perfectly grasps the mission of this MICHELIN star rewarded restaurant—taking simple foods and making the most of it.

In Pan Y Vino you can choose among different menus and decide your culinary path of the evening. We promise—the destination will be as astonishing as the way.


Marlet Grill Barbacoa

Looking for a nice steakhouse that knows how to treat a customer with some fresh veggie plates or seafood dishes as well? You got it! Located in Platges de Fornells—couple of hundred meters from the beach, this reasonably priced restaurant will treat your cravings after a nice long swim or during the midday when you and your children will want to get out of the Sun. Customers love their mixed grill plate, steaks, pizza and cheesecake.

Friendly tip: This is a great place for lunch if you're nearby. It's not a restaurant for romantic dinners. 


Bar Imperi

A perfect place to take your breakfast or enjoy a cup of morning coffee for a low price. Bar Imperi doesn't care for healthy fruit salads and cold press juices but knows how to serve you with a perfect espresso, some sweet ‘marmelada' on fresh white bread or a nice meaty sandwich with sobrasada.

Friendly tip: Try their sobrasada sandwich. Sobrasada is a Spanish sausage, made of finely ground pork, paprika and salt and other spices.


Heladeria Ambrosia

If you’re on the lookout for some fresh gelato—Spanish style that is—visit Heladeria Ambrosia and take it to go or lounge outside and enjoy some Sun while finishing your ice cream in the sweet cone.

Heladeria Ambrosia is the No. 1 gelateria in Mahón and for a good reason. The ice cream there is amazing.


Heladeria Artesana

Have a sweet tooth but want a nice natural ice cream or vegan dessert? Heladeria Artesana will soothe that crave with a large array of flavours.

You can find your favourite one and put it in a cup, cone or take it to the apartment or hotel.

You can find the Heladeria Artesana East from Mahón in Est Castel. You can park your car in Parking de la Esplanada—underground parking.

Even though this is not the cheapest option, your car will stay nice and cool while you enjoy some iced dessert.


Fang i Aram

Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly restaurant with classic Spanish and Mediterranean dishes as well. According to TripAdvisor, this is the most popular restaurant in Ciutadella. Saying that, after sightseeing, you can easily take your whole family there for lunch.

Hummus dish, colourful salads, vegetable paella, savoury spinach pancakes, seitan burger, yummy light desserts and more will exceed your every expectation.

The prices are reasonable, and the place is nice, bright and clean.


Major events and festivals in Menorca

The international Opera Week (Teatre Principal de Mao) and International Organ Festival (in (La Iglesia de Santa María) Mahon, and the Summer Music Festival and Capella Davidica concerts in Ciutadella are the main events of the island.

Every year, during the 23–25 June, a Catholic celebration is held—The 'Festes de Sant Joan'. Although primarily conceptualised as a Summer Solstice celebration, after the 5th century this festival is dedicated to St John the Baptist. Horse lovers must experience Jaleo—Menorca’s summer festivals which are completed with The Festival of Gràcia in Mahón on the 8th of September.

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