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About Reunion Island

Reunion is a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean and the neighbor of Madagascar. It is an overseas region of France and a part of the European Union. Reunion is an island made for all of the outdoors enthusiasts. If you’re into hiking or exploring natural treasures such as wild forests, sandy beaches, and mountains - Reunion is the right island for you.

Reunion’s culture is as diverse as its nature. Here you can see the influence of African, Indian, Creole and even Chinese culture. It’s indeed a melting pot of cultures. The differences here are a source of richness and are expressed through architecture, dance, music, and cuisine. To discover island’s multicultural history, you need to visit the Natural History Museum and Musee de Villele in Saint-Giles. Before you start exploring volcanos, visit La Cite du Volcan. And last but not least visit Saint Paul market where you can dive into Island’s local products. Reunion’s gastronomic scene is smoking hot. Local specialties alone are good enough reason to fly there. We are talking about bouchon, samosas, and galette de manioc – a harmonious marriage of diverse cultures on a plate.Another interesting thing about Reunion are its picnics. Picnics are the Creole way of life and can be organized all around the island: So, when in Reunion, do like the Creoles do and have a picnic. Car hire will make it easy for you to find the best place.

To fully enjoy island’s alluring scenery, we recommend you hire a car at the Roland Garros Airport.


Basic info and car hire in Reunion Island

Location: Indian Ocean

Population: 865,826

Official language: French

Currency: Euro(€)

Weather: The climate is tropical. Rainy season lasts from November to March, while dry and hot season lasts from April to November. Average temperatures from April to October: 25°C/77°F. Average temperatures from November to March:  28°C/82°F.

Public holidays in Reunion: Click here for the full list.

Internet coverage: Here you can check free WiFi hotspots in Reunion

Road conditions: Most of the roads are in good condition.

Driving in Reunion Island

The best way to explore Reunion is to hire a car at the Roland Garros Airport. This way you’ll be able to discover all that this French overseas island has to offer. Driving in Reunion is effortless. Traffic laws and the road signs are the same as in France, so if you’re used to driving in continental France, you won’t have any troubles here. Only during the rainy season the mud and rocks can block the routes, so it is advisable to hit the road with a 4x4 wheel drive hired car.

  • Age limits:18 (in order to hire a car some companies require that a driver must have a driver license for at least a year and be older than 21)
  • International Driving Permit: yes
  • Additional Papers: A valid ID (passport, a valid driver’s license and a valid proof of insurance
  • Additional Requirements: Warning triangle, reflective vests, and hands-free equipment with a hearing aid (required if talking on the phone while driving)
  • Children in the car: Children under the age of 12 years must travel on the back seat. Children under 15 kg must use the correct child seat. Children who weight from 15-16 kg have to use a booster seat with an adult seatbelt.
  • Driving side of the road: Right
  • Lights: Dipped headlights should be used not only at night but also in poor daytime visibility
  • General Speed limits: Open roads: 90 km/h, In Town: 50 km/h, Highways: 110 km/h
  • Parking suggestions: Most parking in Reunion is free of charge. There is usually plenty of unrestricted parking. Paid parking is rare and is only found around main tourists sites.

What to see in Reunion Island

Reunion is best described as a little piece of France in the Indian ocean. It’s an excellent escape for those seeking adventure. A Martian landscape around La Volcano, tropical beaches and a Creole soul of this tiny island attract many tourists throughout the whole year. Car hire at the  Roland Garros Airport will definitely serve your adventurous needs. Another plus point of renting a car is that your trip will be much smoother since nobody wants to wait for the bus in the summer heat.

Now, let the adventure begin!

Our favourite spots

Piton de la Fournaise

Peak of the Furnace - a “friendly volcano” with only soft eruptions is the Reunion’s most famous attraction. One of the most active volcanos in the world offers an impressive panoramic view, numerous hikes and you can even go on a horse-ride here.


The capital of Reunion will surely remind you of Paris. Saint-Denis is a French city with Creole soul. Gourmet restaurants, trendy boutiques, and bakeries: that is Saint-Denis. But let’s not forget cathedrals, museums, and parks, that are all a must.


Diving, deep-sea fishing, restaurants and nightclubs, you name it, various activities are on offer here in St-Gilles-les-Bains.Those who are traveling with family already know that visiting a local aquarium is a must to keep your little ones occupied. If you’re considering your holidays in June, you’ll have the privilege of seeing Reunion’s Grand Boucan - believe us; it’s one of the best carnivals you’ll ever see.

Cirque de Mafate

“The mountains are calling, and I must go,” said John Muir. In Cirque de Mafate you find peace. No towns, no noise, just peace. This is the place where you will not need a car since it is accessible only by foot and that is a great thing for all of you adventurers out there.