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About Lisbon

Lisbon is stylish and full of contrast. A car hire at Lisbon Airport is a perfect way of getting to know the city centre and its surroundings. You can easily explore this charming hilly city by foot, or take the iconic tram number 28. This tram has been rumbling through the Lisbon streets since before WWII and visits many beautiful districts, such as Alfama and Baixa. It stops near the famous shop called A Vida Portuguesa, where you can buy just about anything your heart desires.

And the best part? It’s all local. The city has a wonderful metro and great connections, the Lisbon airport is located just a 15 minutes drive away, so the city is perfect for tourists. Head to Commerce Square and admire the many notable buildings there. And lastly, visit Padrao dos descobrimentos located in Belem district, a monument commemorating the departure of the Portuguese discoverers to the New World.

If you're considering picking up and dropping your rental car in Lisbon and exploring the nearby cities, you won't have any problems. There are plenty of car hire agencies, such as Drive On Holidays, Bravacar, Europcar and many others, so make a small research and book the most suitable for you. Book your car online to get the best customer service and the best deals right to your email addresses.



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Basic info and car hire in Lisbon

  • Location: North-west of Portugal.
  • Population: 545,245 (2011)   
  • Official language: Portuguese and Mirandese.
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Weather: Mediterranean climate. Warm summers (above 68°F / 20°C), mild winters (54°F / 12°C) and pleasant spring and autumn (above 59 °F / 15°C). Read more
  • Holidays in Lisbon: For public holidays in Portugal click here»        
  • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés are mostly equipped with Wi-Fi.
  • Road conditions: Roads are quite poorly maintained in some areas.
  • Car hire in Lisbon: Prices for a one-day car hire are around 9€ in summer, 7€ in autumn and 6€ in winter and spring. The most common vehicle collection location is Lisbon Airport. Please note that rental prices vary frequently. It’s best to make a car booking 3 to 8 weeks prior to your pick up date – this way you ensure the lowest car hire price. Alternatively, it is possible to get a great last minute car hire deal. Find the best car hire deal in Lisbon!

Driving in Lisbon

There are two toll systems in Portugal. The traditional one is called Via Verde (Green Lane). These toll lanes on toll roads are marked with green V signs. You can pay with cash, credit cards or prepaid cards as you go. In order to use a Via Verde lane, you must buy or rent an electronic transponder or vignette at any CTT Post Office and Via Verde stores. Don't use the Via Verde lanes if you don't have the Via Verde Transponder.

Other roads only have electronic tolls, meaning that there are no toll booths and can't be paid as you go. The devices placed at the beginning of those highways detect the passing vehicles. They are marked with a black car with three beams expanding toward it. The majority of car rental agencies in Portugal have Via Verde transponders pre-installed in their vehicles. Nevertheless, if you'll be hiring a car in Portugal, ask the company you're hiring with how their systems work with both toll systems.

Driving in Lisbon is challenging, since the drivers are impatient and there is little road signage. Heavy traffic can also be an issue. However, a car hire in Lisbon is simple and affordable. The best time to visit Lisbon (weather-wise) is spring, since the temperatures aren’t as high as in the summer time. Summer however, is the peak season. The maximum BAC level is 0.05% for drivers of private vehicles. There is a Zero Tolerance Law for novice drivers who have held a driving licence less than two years and for young drivers under the age of 21.         

  • Age limits: 21 (minimum age may vary according to car hire companies. A Young Driver fee will apply to drivers under 25 years of age. In order to hire a car, it is required that a driver has held a driving licence more than one year).
  • International Driving Permit: Yes, if you are a non-EU licence holder.
  • Additional papers: Identification (passport), a valid driving licence and a valid proof of insurance. (It is advisable to buy insurance at the car hire agency in case your policy doesn't cover you while driving in Portugal).
  • Additional requirements: Warning triangles, reflective vests and hands-free equipment with hearing aids are required while driving and talking on the phone
  • Children in the car: All car occupants must wear a seatbelt. Children under the age of twelve or shorter than 4ft 11in (1.50 metres) can only travel in the front passenger seat if they are in a special rear-facing children’s seat.
  • Driving side of the road:
  • Lights: Headlights are not turned on unless you are in a tunnel or during conditions of poor visibility.
  • General speed limits: 75mph (120kph) on motorways, 55mph (90kph) outside cities and 30mph (50kph) in residential areas.
  • Parking suggestions: Parking your car in the historic centre is almost impossible, due to narrow streets, but there are many underground parking garages and there are metered parking spots identified with blue lines where you can park your rental car.In general try to avoid street parking.

Car hire Lisbon reviews from our customers

What Our Customers said about Our Partners Supplier Location
Almost everything was perfect but they can always be better. Sixt Lisbon Downtown
Simplicity, honesty, excelent prices Autoclick Lisbon Airport
Efficient. Good car. Sadorent Lisbon Airport
Sympathetic attendants, good cars but slow process. Sixt Lisbon Airport
I hired a car less than 24 hrs before I needed a car and still got the same price if I booked it 2 months before. Very easy steps to take to rent a car, professional and quick and great service at the hiring place. Overall, a very pleasant experience. Guerin Lisbon Airport
Good and fast service at the office. Better car than expected so I wouldn't have to wait for the car to be ready. Car new and clean. Flizzr  Lisbon Airport
LE SERVICE Flizzr  Lisbon Airport
Great service Autoclick  Lisbon Airport
Good service and good car UDrive  Lisbon Airport
Friendly, efficient, cheap, good car. Autoclick  Lisbon Airport
Simply good Autoclick  Lisbon Airport
Tutto come programmato. Indicazioni precise sulle tariffe e le opzioni. Interrent (Jimpisoft)  Lisbon Airport
Good value. Good car. Sadorent  Lisbon Airport
Had no problems, it was almost perfect. Centauro  Lisbon Airport
Choice of car Sixt  Lisbon Airport
Excellent quick and efficient collection and drop off. No extra hidden charges Sadorent  Lisbon Airport
Great car. Great fast and friendly service. Drive on Holidays  Lisbon Airport

What to see in Lisbon

See how the city unveils in front of you as you take in the views from St. George’s Castle. Next off, walk the cool Rossio Square – its funky stone paving will make you dizzy. A glance at the Casa dos Bicos (House of Spikes) is also quite unique. Hint: the name couldn’t be more spot on. Stop for coffee at Rua Augusta avenue, and check out the vertical Santa Justa Elevator, constructed in 1902 and still running!

Our favourite spots

Belém Tower

This former defence tower is about one mile (2km) from Belém Palace, and it offers amazing views. Cafes are all around, so you can take great pictures!

Cars can be parked about seven minutes away at Zona Verde parking lots.

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A Sky view over the Lisbon Cathedral

Lisbon Cathedral

This iconic building is the oldest one in the city, built between 12th and 13th century CE and has a very medieval appearance.


Cars can be parked at Zona Amarela car park, only three minutes away.

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The impressive Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal

Jeronimos Monastery

A UNESCO attraction, this monastery is 500 years old, and the nearby Tagus river adds to an even greater appearance!


Cars can be parked at Belém car park just four minutes away.

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A night view on the Alfama District in Lisbon

Alfama District

This oldest district in Lisbon is for anyone who want to see the traditional Lisbon. Narrow streets, cafes, museums and more!


Cars can be parked on the street of Doca do Jardim do Tabaco only two minutes away.

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A terrace point view in Lisbon

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

This terrace is one of the most romantic lookout points in Lisbon. It offers amazing views of the castle and the river, and the place itself is decorated with historical figures, a fountain and kiosk cafe where you can admire the surroundings while enjoying a cup of coffee. The Port Wine Institute where you may sample Portufal famous drinks is only a minute away by foot. 

Need more?

  • Cars can be parked three minutes away at Av. Da Liberdade 3
The gardens infront of Belém Palace, Lisbon

Belém Palace

This palace encompasses five buildings, including a museum. Worth visiting.

Cars can be parked three minutes away at Praça Afonso de Albuquerque parking spots.

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Hotels in Lisbon

York House

This hotel used to be a monastery and is a great choice for those who enjoy peace and quiet.

Hotel Duas Nações

This hotel is close to the city’s lively nightlife and main sights. They also offer baby-sitting service.

Hotel Mundial

Located in the centre of Lisbon, this hotel has amazing service, including a rooftop bar and restaurant.

Hotel Avenida Palace

Centrally located, hotel Avenida Palace is a luxurious hotel for those who love to be pampered.

Drive your rental car around Lisbon

No need to stay in Lisbon only – experience other areas of Portugal and be amazed! A car hire will come in handy if you’re up for more. Drive to the enchanting Sintra and visit palaces, gardens and the picturesque centre. It’s about 18mi (30km) from Lisbon and provides a nice change of scenery. Or drive for roughly thirty minutes and hit the beach in Cascais and pay a visit to the lovely boutiques while there! You can also drive west just about fifteen minutes longer, and reach the popular Guincho Beach, or go the opposite way, east, and reach the twenty minute distant Carcavelos Beach instead. For more fun in the sun, take your rental to Peniche, a much loved surfing location. From there, the medieval town of Obidos with its castle and cobbled streets is only a thirty-minute drive away.

Where to eat, drink and party in Lisbon

Portuguese food is a lot about fresh fish, seafood and spices, such as saffron, cinnamon and chilli pepper. Try Bacalhau dish, which is a salted cod served in many different, delicious ways. You can also taste Cozido a portuguesa, a vegetable and meat stew, or Caldeirada, a vegetable, fish and seafood stew. Order a glass of Port or Madeira wine with your meal, and enjoy your dinner to the fullest. If you want to party, head to Bairro Alto, Baixa and Alcantara and visit the bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants! If you’re into casinos and fine dining, travel to Estoril city.

Chafariz do Vinho

A wine bar with an extensive wine list, a must visit!


Mercado da Ribeira

This is a huge food market with long wooden benches where you can sit down and eat delicious food from any of the 35 food kiosks!



This restaurant serves traditional Portuguese food and has a warm atmosphere.


Tagide Wine and Tapas bar

Smooth wine, great food and amazing decor!


Vela Latina

Another traditional restaurant, located close to Jeronimos monastery.


The Dock's Place

Listen to African beats, pop and trance! The dance floor is huge and if you feel the need to sit down and sip on your drink, the large sofas wil definitely do the trick. The Dock's Place is open on Friday and Saturday nights and also on Tuesdays for Ladies' Night.


Major events and festivals in Lisbon

The carnival in Portugal is always a bright and colorful event. It is a holiday that Portuguese people car about a great deal. The carnival has its own traditions which you will not find anywhere else! Check out our link to know more.

Super Bock Super Rock is one of the biggest festivals which invite metal and rock fans from all over the world. Looking for something new to see, feel, hear and experience? Then this is the event for you! Rent a car in Lisbon and visit it yourself.

Lisbon International Handicraft Fair is an event where you feel the past, enjoy the moment of present and can even try to experience the future. It's an event which combines tradition and contemporary, old and new. 

If you decided to come to Lisbon for Christmas, you can be sure that you will not regret it. Portuguese people adore this time of the year and it's one of the main holidays. If you want to know more what festivals and festivities you can find in Christmas Lisbon, check the link below!

Super Bock Super Rock Festival

Months vary – May, June or July

This is one of the coolest alternative concerts in Lisbon, featuring national and international rock bands that bring great atmosphere.



The festival lasts for days, with the final day being the highlight and of course, a must-see! Parades, floats, amazing performances and more last until well into the night.

Christmas and New Year Festivities


If you want to see a free theatre play, there will be plenty of that during Christmas season around metro stations, along with Torre de Belém celebrations. Torre de Belém gets intensely lively for New Year’s with live concerts, fireworks and other entertainment.

FIA Lisboa International Handicrafts Fair


If you’re interested in handmade crafts, arts, design and more, this is spot on!