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About Portugal

Portugal is a country to remember - beautiful beaches, welcoming and friendly people, cities full of history and bustling with life.  The nature is extrodinary, especially if you'd like to avoid the busy beaches, there's much peace to find in the underrated coastline, where rarely a tourist set's his foot. And let's not forget about the Portuguese couisine - the Portuguese table is always set for a delicious meal and full of sea food. Once in Portugal, you'll wish you'd visit this paradise on earth sooner. 



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Basic info and car hire in Portugal

  • Location: Iberian Peninsula, Southwestern Europe.       
  • Population: 10,295,615 (2016 estimate)   
  • Official language: Portuguese and Mirandese.    
  • Currency: Euro (€).      
  • Weather: Portugal has three main climate zones: Mediterranean climate in the North and central Portugal and coastal Alentejo, oceanic climate along the northern half of the coastline and semi-arid climate in the South of Portugal. Read more »
  • Holidays in Portugal: For public holidays in Portugal click here »
  • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés are mostly equipped with Wi-Fi. There are plenty of free hotspots across Portugal.
  • Road conditions: Roads are well maintained and have good connections.
  • Car hire in Portugal: Most visitors of Portugal pick up their rental at the airport, wheter at Lisbon Airport, Faro Airport or Porto Airport, and begin their journey. To ensure you have the lowest car hire price, make a car booking from 3 to 8 weeks prior to your vehicle collection. Alternatively, it's possible to get a great last minute car hire deal also. Don't worry, there's plenty of car hire agencies all across Portugal, so you'll definitely find a great hired vehicle for your trip. Get a perfect car hire deal »

What to see in Portugal

Portugal is a popular tourist destination – beaches, urban scene, culture and history are just one of the many things you can experience there. If you haven’t quite made a wish list of the places you want to go to while in Portugal, then read our Top 4 Car Hire Destinations and make it easier on yourself!


Our favourite spots

Belem on the outskirts of Lisbon


This capital is one of the oldest cities in the world. But there's nothing dull about it, though. It's lively, amazing, affordable and entertaining. Get wobbly by looking at the stone paving on Rossio Square and see the marvellous Belém Palace, Belém Tower and Lisbon Cathedral. Discover Lisbon’s districts and have a fun night out! Taste their delicious local food and attend a festival. If you hired a car, you can take some amazing road trips and get the most of Portugal! Drive to the picturesque Sintra and admire the palaces, surf at Cascais or Peniche, take a walk down the narrow streets of medieval Obidos and count the painted houses in Evora city. With that said, this city can easily be your number one pick.

Clear waters in Faro


Faro is a charming city and a very popular pick up location for those hiring a vehicle. Whether you're in search for a relaxing holiday or an adventure, this city will not let you down! You can catch sun rays on Faro Beach, walk the Old Town and have a pleasant lunch break. Do some sightseeing and visit the Faro Cathedral, and explore the Palacete Belmarço square. If your time permits, venture out of town and find more beaches close by, or other towns and villages where you can unwind, meet the locals and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Portugal. Read about car hire in Faro, attractions, dining out and more.

Colourful Porto


Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, and its postcard-perfect – playful and colourful houses, charming cafes, lovely neighbourhoods, baroque churches and sizzling night scene. Explore the historic centre, marvel at the beautiful houses in Ribeiro district and get busy at Avenue of the Allies shopping boulevard. Take a photo of the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge, step inside the Porto Cathedral, wander along the bank of Douro River and get the gist of the city by visiting the 19th century market, Mercado do Bolhão – this exuberant, noisy market is the real deal. If you have a hired car you can also drive to nearby places, such as Braga (60 km south), Guimarães (60 km southeast) and Aveiro (75 km north) and create a memorable vacation!

A view over the island of Madeira


Madeira is a group of Portuguese islands in the north Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Funchal, and the Funchal Airport is the most common pick up location for vehicle collection. Madeira is less urban than Portugal’s mainland. The beautiful nature is omnipresent, offering a myriad of outdoor activities. If you love hiking, you can climb Arieiro Peak, said to offer the best views of the landscape. A visit to Madeira Botanical Garden rich in exotic plants is also highly recommended. The popular Fermosa Beach and the low-key Calheta Beach are only the beginning of your days at the beach! While in Funchal, don’t miss the beehive-like market called Farmers Market and the Funchal Cathedral!    

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