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About Funchal

The capital city of Portugal's Autonomous Region of Madeira and its sixth-largest city is Funchal. One of the main tourist attractions in Portugal is Funchal, mainly because of its natural beauty and because the city is highly developed due to being the capital of Portugal for more than 5 centuries. Car hire at Funchal airport will allow you to travel tens of places without getting worried about the transport. Funchal has several museums, including some specialty museums in addition to places of remarkable natural beauty, mountains, sports, and several excursions. It is wiser to use car hire in Funchal instead of going for local transport when you’re here for traveling. In order to live your journey to the fullest, take your rented car to the most recommended places.

Basic info and car hire in Funchal

Location: Madeira, Portugal

Population: 111,892

Official language: Portuguese

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Weather: Funchal has a moderate temperature on average. July is the hottest month in Portugal with an average temperature of 24 degree Celsius while the coldest month is January with a minimum temperature of 12 degree Celsius. Average precipitation of rain in the area is 117.2mm. It is recommended that you travel to Funchal in April or May, as they offer moderate temperature.

Public holidays in Funchal: If you wish to plan your travel according to office holidays, public holidays in Funchal can be seen here.

Internet coverage: Most cafes, restaurants, and bars offer free Wi-Fi access. There are few places where free Wi-Fi hotspots are provided by NetMadeira.

Road conditions: Funchal is a small but adorable town that takes you close to the nature, and that brings you to the steep roads when you leave the highway. Luckily, the roads are clean and there are no potholes or broken roads, the only challenge in your way is somewhat steeper roads.

Driving in Funchal

Roads in Funchal are in good condition but are narrow and steep. The drivers are really courteous toward others, and driving in Funchal becomes easier with it; despite that it is considered a challenging task. However, it definitely is a charm driving on clean roads in the middle of large mountains covered in greenery. Car hire in Funchal is the best among all traveling options, as the local transport makes the travel hefty.

  • Age limits: In order for you to be able to hire a car, you must be at least 21 years old with 1 year of driving experience as a mandatory requirement.
  • International Driving Permit: An ID card or passport and a valid driver’s license is necessary requirement for hiring a car.
  • Additional papers: Further requirements of documents may depend upon the car hire company.
  • Additional requirements: The rental car must be returned with fuel at the same level as at the time of hiring.
  • Children in the car: If you have children of age less than 12 years, it is necessary that they are in child restraint system or a seat belt if older.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side
  • Lights: Internationally followed pattern of traffic lights is also applicable in Funchal.
  • General speed limits: Speed limit of 80km/h is followed on secondary roads while 120km/h on highways, unless indicated otherwise.

Parking suggestions: It is recommended that you park your car in your hotel’s parking area. Otherwise, parking facilities close to your hotel can be checked at Parkopedia.

What to see in Funchal

Since Funchal is an expression of natural beauty in the best possible shape, there are several excursions that deserve your attention. From beautiful valleys to parks, gardens, historic places, cliffs, water sports, breath-taking waterfalls, and unprecedented views of the beautiful Madeira, Funchal delivers the best of places to the travellers.

Our favourite spots

Monte Palace Tropical Garden in Funchal

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

The best of most soothing places in Funchal is Monte Palace Tropical Garden that features not just an abundant quantity of beautiful and colourful plants but also turns the pages of history in front of you. The place is perfect for a calm walk in the evening, and a spectacular view of the sea adds to its beauty.

You can park your car at any of the options.

Funchal's Monte Cable Car

Monte Cable Car

If you want to view it all in a single event and if you wish to experience the unmatched views, then Monte Cable Car is a must-do in Funchal. It brings wonderful views from the Atlantic Ocean and this mountainous city. Monte Cable Car delivers a thrilling yet exciting journey tens of meters above the ground, which truly is memorable.

There is a paid multi-story car parking near Monte Cable Car, and more options are available nearby if the parking space is not available.

Hotels in Funchal

Hotel The Cliff Bay

A truly luxurious and an ultra-superior 5 star hotel, The Cliff Bay, is located in a prime location close to the beach. It gives easy access to a number of attractions including museums, monasteries, and historic places.

Madeira Panoramico

Madeira Panoramico enjoys an unmatched location, delivering panoramic views of the beautiful, massive mountains. All facilities are ensured in addition to an excellent customer service in a competitive price.

Pestana Promenade

Located close to the beach, Pestana Promenade delivers pleasant views of the beach and modern amenities that can be expected from a 4-star hotel. There are two restaurants and a bar as well. The hotel also presents views from the ocean.

Castanheiro Boutique Hotel

This boutique hotel has been designed to give a historic touch to modern way of living. It overlooks the Bay of Funchal, consists of a lap pool, and is few steps away from shops, restaurants, and museums.

Drive your rental car around Funchal

While Funchal offers unmatchable beauty and unforgettable traveling experience, you should also go out and explore beyond the region. There are excellent wineries that are inherent to Funchal and serve as its signature. Avail car hire in Funchal and explore the crafts that Funchal is famous for, and walk up the high peaked mountains if you are concious about your fitness or are fond of hiking.

Where to eat, drink and party in Funchal

Leeno’s Bar and Restaurant

The restaurant ensures fresh ingredients and quality food at reasonable rates. In addition to a wonderful atmosphere, the restaurant gathers compliments for its fresh and delicious food.


Restaurante Real Canoa

It is a place that aims at making your evening worthwhile. The restaurant owner makes sure that you enjoy not only your dinner, but the entire tour of Funchal and Madeira Island.


Santa Maria Restaurant

Santa Maria Restaurant is themed with a concept that was taken from old fishmongers. The signature dish of this place is its fish, whose taste and delight is unmatched and incomparable.


Vendada Donna Maria

Venda da Donna Maria provides a home like atmosphere with excellent and friendly customer service. If you wish to taste traditional food, do not forget to visit this place.


Major events and festivals in Funchal


15th to 22nd of February

February 15th to February 22nd every year, the festival of imagination, creativity, and colors is celebrated. Several groups wear particular costumes and dance together, while some are singing. The event is celebrated from February 15th to 22nd February.

The Se Festival

May, June

The cultural festival namely Se Festival is celebrated by the locals where every street surrounding a Cathedral is decorated.

The event is organized in May or June.

Madeira Flower Festival

April, May

The entire region falling in Madeira, including Funchal, gets covered with wonderful colors in April every year. Entire city is decorated with beautiful flowers grown in Madeira. The event is particularly soothing for the eyes and mind.

It takes place in April or May every year.

Sugar Cane

March, April

During the harvest season, the workers at the factory work for 24 hours continuously. It is open for people and the process can be seen in the factory.

It takes place during harvest season.

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