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About Marrakech

Located in the very proximity of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh city is one of the principal attractions in ‘Maghreb’ that attracts millions of tourists on a yearly basis, with Marrakesh airport being one of the busiest one in the region. An interesting mixture of the historical centre of Medina and the highly developed Ville Nouvelle has created a perfect tourist melting pot, where even language barriers seize to exist. A city that offers diverse activities for everyone has quality hotels and car hire options, so it can be a great starting point for your Morrocan adventure. 

Basic info and car hire in Marrakech

  • Location: Central position in Marrakesh-Safi region, halfway between Agadir and Casablanca

  • Population: 928,850(2015)

  • Official language: Arabic and Berber

  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD)

  • Weather: Hot semi-arid weather with 12 degrees in the winter and above 30 degrees in the summer, with minimum rainfall throughout the year.

  • Public holidays in Marrakesh: For public holidays in Marrakesh click here »

  • Internet coverage: Free wifi is available in the majority of cafes and restaurants, the main wifi spots are also registered here »

  • Road conditions: The N7 highway is in perfect condition and allows a clear access to the city from the airport. The city centre is more hectic and demands a confident driver.  

  • Car hire in Marrakesh: Car hire in Marrakesh are a standard procedure for the majority of international tourists. Car hire offices are located either on premises, either the agents deliver you the car on the Marrakesh airport parking area.

Driving in Marrakech

Marrakesh disposes a sufficient infrastructure and is convenient enough for a perfect car hire experience. Still, it’s essential to bear in mind that the environment and obstacles differ from European roads – keep an eye on donkey carts, pedestrians, motorcycles and even horses!

  • Age limits: the minimum age to hire a car is 23 years, and in possession of driving licence for 2 years
  • International Driving Permit: The national driving licence suffices, except for any licence of the non-latin alphabet where the international driving permit is also required.
  • Additional requirements: A warning triangle and a reflective vest
  • Children in the car: All children under 12 are required to be seated in the back of the car in the appropriate car seat for their age and weight. Reserve a suitable child or baby seat with your car hire in Marrakesh.
  • Driving side of the road: Right side.
  • Lights: It is only obligatory to have them turned on during the night, but beware of local drivers - they will not respect this 100%.
  • General speed limits: Speed limits in towns goes from 60, 50, 40, and 20 km/h. Outside of towns the maximum limit is 100 km/h.
  • Parking suggestions: Main parking spaces provide you with a parking on an hourly basis, on Sundays parking is free of charge. Main Parking Lots in the city centre: Parking et Lavage La Koutoubia, Parking Lot, Place du Palais Moulay Idriss etc.

What to see in Marrakech

Our favourite spots

Medina of Marrakech as seen for abouve

Medina of Marrakech

The impressive medinas are scattered all around Morocco and have a symbolic value for Morocco. Though Fez has the oldest and most renowned, Medina in Marrakesh does not fall far behind. It’s the perfect location for a shopping spree and trying the tasty food, do not forget to cool down with the local meth tea, and enjoy the noisy atmosphere.

You can find plenty of parking lots by Riad Zitoune Jdid area, in the proximity of Medina itself.

Beautiful Majorelle Garden in Marrakech

Majorelle Garden

The extremely popular and beautiful garden in the very centre of Marrakesh was meticulously created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. It’s open every day and has a Berber Museum, a breathtaking garden, and holds many interesting events, discussions to film screenings.

Parking: Most convenient way is to park your hired car near the Avenue Yahoub el Mansour, where there are parking meters.

Minaret of Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret

The incredible mosque and minaret are seen from the entire Marrakesh and deserve your further attention. Though only Muslims are allowed to enter it, you can enjoy the beautiful gardens outside and still benefit of the spiritual and historical authority it conveys.

You will see a secured parking lot close by to the mosque opened 24/7

Inside of the Ben Youssef Madrasa

Ben Youssef Madrasa

A historical building from 14thth century, serving as a theological school and dormitory is now uniquely a tourist attraction, with amazing architecture and calligraphy. Make sure to take a guided tour.

Most adviseable is to park the car at the Cheikh Daoud El Antaki street which has a secured parking

Hotels in Marrakech

Riad Anika

The most lovely, creative and comfortable stay is assured in this Hotel. The location in the very city centre gives you the access to everything you need to see. The hotel offers excellent food, spa, a lot of activities and more.

Riad Idra

This hotel which radiates serenity is a perfect option for whoever is looking for a quality hotel in the center of Marrakech. With highly professional approach, the staff will assist you and the dreamy atmosphere will make your vacation extraordinary.

Equity Point Marrakech

A very attractive hostel with accessible prices will accommodate even the most demanding of travelers. With a lovely pool, delicious breakfast and vibrant bar you will get to meet travelers from all around the world.

Villa des Orangers

An all-you-need stay in this wonderful Villa will not be a disappointment. A view of the Atlas Mountain range and just by the Koutoubia, staying in Villa des Orangers seems an obvious solution. Make sure to try their cuisine.

Drive your rental car around Marrakech

Essaouira - The architectural marvel of Morocco is a great one-day escape from the crowd and the noise. The harbour built by the Portuguese, is nowadays more of a tourist attraction with excellent fish and spices market, crafts stores, galleries and a brilliant seashore. Best to drive there with your car hire - it will also give you plenty of space for your shopping bags!

Ouzoud waterfalls - The 110 meter or 360 foot waterfalls are yet another perfect getaway from the crazy city life. Take your hired car, we advise a 4x4 vehicle, as the waterfalls are situated higher in the Atlas mountains, and enjoy the amazing views they offer, catch a sight of the locals – macaque monkeys, and for a most informative experience have a local guide. They will be able to guide you safely through the hilly tops and tell you the secrets of Berber life.

The Ourika Valley - Cool down in the green Ourika Valley, where you can have a splendid day in nature, walk to the Tacheddirt, highest village in the Atlas and a perfect spot for all hiking enthusiasts. Make sure to have a good plan of the path and plenty of food with you. The valley is just a drive away from Marrakech and you will easily reach if you book a car hire in Marrakech.

Hot Air Baloon - What an incredible joy-ride this will be, just imagine the deserts, mountains and cities spreading below you! You can book this adventure in your hotel or online, in any case, we recommend the option with Berber meal included. There are many reliable agencies offering the service, make a research and choose the best for you and your company. You can easily access the meeting point with your car hire and set off to a new adventure in the sky!

Where to eat, drink and party in Marrakech

Comptoir Marrakesh

Praised by many as the excellent location to party and move your dancing feet.


16 café

Tasty breakfasts, desserts and incredible coffee will keep you coming back to this lovely café.



Traditional morocco plates with a modern twist, reasonable prices and top quality.


Al Baraka

Each and every meal in Al Baraka will give you exactly the taste of Morocco you were looking for.


Major events and festivals in Marrakech

FIA WTCC Race of Marrakesh


Self-proclaimed ‘high-speed action’ will surely run the adrenaline through your veins even if you're not the worlds' biggest car race fan!

Marrakesh International Film Festival


Embracing film creators, actors and creators from 2001, the event is a becoming a promising international festival in the art world.

Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival


With quaint fortune tellers, folk musicians, and international artists of all sorts, entertainment guaranteed!



Street art performance festival takes place in the heart of Marrakech with amazing circus acts, dancers, acrobats and many other fun and energetic events.

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