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About Casablanca

Anyone heading for an enchanting Moroccan holiday might be looking to find the best car hire deals in Casablanca, and we know just where you can find one! Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco so if you are planning on passing the time there, finding a car hire in Casablanca is an absolute necessity.

Home to the largest artificial port in Africa and an internationally renowned center of business; Casablanca is a city filled with Portuguese, French, and Spanish colonial remnants. Over the years it has grown prosperous on trade from Europe and the south. Now it stands as one of the most influential African cities.

However, no matter how influential, we will always need Casablanca car hire companies to get us around!

Basic info and car hire in Casablanca

Location: North West Africa, in the Casablanca-Settat region of Morocco.

Population: 3,359, 818

Official language: Modern Standard Arabic and Berber. French and Spanish are widely spoken.

Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Weather: Casablanca only falls below 20 degrees Celsius for three months of the year, from December to February. April to August are mostly dry and hot. This time is when most tourists come to Morocco. Rain is not a particularly common occurrence in this climate. For up-to-date weather reports follow this link to Weather Atlas.

Public holidays in Casablanca: New Year’s Day: 1st January, Anniversary of the Independence Manifesto: 11th January, Labour Day: 1st May, Eid al-Fitr: 4-5 June, Throne Day: 30th July, Eid al-Adha: 11-13th August, Oued Ed-Dahab Day: 14th August, Revolution Day: 20th August, Birthday of King Mohammed VI and Youth Day: 21st August, Islamic New Year: (likely) 30-31 August, Green March Day: 6th November, Mawlid: 9-11th November, Independence Day of Morocco: 18th November.

Internet coverage: Speeds are excellent in the north of the country. You can expect 4G coverage at least, when inside the city. See this article for more information.

Road conditions: Traffic can be bad, but roads are maintained and easily drivable. See this article for more information.


Driving in Casablanca

If you are in the market to find the best car hire deals in Casablanca, then you have arrived in the right place! Not only can Vehicle Rent get you great deals on your Casablanca car hire; but we also have all the information you need for your trip here, on one page!

For more about how who and where to drive in Casablanca, read on. Being prepared before you set off will do wonders for your Casablanca car hire experience!

  • Age limits: You must be 18 to drive your car legally but most firms won't hire a car to someone under the age of 25. Other companies will, but you may have to pay a young driver surcharge.
  • International Driving Permit: You must have an IDP 1968 license or later.
  • Additional papers: A valid driving license, registration, and insurance documents should be kept in the car while you drive. The best car hire in Casablanca will provide this in your vehicle when you rent it.
  • Additional requirements: You may drive on the full UK or US driving license for up to one year before applying for the IDP. Front seat drivers and passengers must wear a seatbelt. No law says back seat passengers must do the same—exercise caution. There are also no laws on drink-driving in Casablanca.
  • Children in the car: There are no laws on car seats for children in Morroco. Bring your own if you need one as car hire firms in Casablanca are unlikely to provide one.
  • Driving side of the road: Driving is on the right with giving way and overtaking to the left.
  • Lights: European traffic light system is used, no other rules.
  • General speed limits: Urban or built-up areas = 50 km/h, Open and country roads = 80 km/h. Highways = 100 km/h.
  • Parking suggestions: Street parking is available, but you are likely to have to pay a 'pavement supervisor' a small fee.

What to see in Casablanca

When you get a car hire in Casablanca you are opening yourself up to a whole world of possibilities. Known for being both a cultural and a financial hotspot, you can drive your Casablanca hire car anywhere you like in this grandiose city. Take in the enchantment of Casablanca by night, enjoy exceptional dining experiences, or visit some of our four favorite tourist’s spots, below.

Our favourite spots

The Hassan II Mosque

This beautifully ornate mosque sports intricate carvings and a minaret with some gorgeous architecture. It is still a place of worship, but it makes one amazing scenic backdrop for the Instagram picture you have been dreaming of!

The Casablanca Cathedral

Towering over the highest part of the city and with more architectural style than you will see outside of Rome; this dominating cathedral is a functioning place of worship that is an absolute spectacle to behold.

The Morocco Mall

The best retail mall in northern Africa, or so they boast! Without doubt worth a full day of wondering if you happen to like a little shopping.

La Corniche

This is the trendy coastal corner of Casablanca that has some excellent surfing daytime, and some more fabulous parties once the sun goes down. Perfect for any reveler looking for a cool hangout.

Hotels in Casablanca

Once you have secured a car hire in Casablanca, you will need a place to rest your head, even if you want to get up later and enjoy the nightlife! We picked our top four hotels in Casablanca, Morocco, based on how excellent their parking facilities and star ratings are! Enjoy.

The Down Town Hotel By Business and Leisure Hotels

Maarif in Casablanca. This hotel has four stars and a rating for excellence. It also has parking for your Casablanca car hire vehicle outdoors.

Avenue Suites

Maarif in Casablanca. This four-star hotel is modern, clean and bright. They have their own car park with car hire in Casablanca, but it isn’t the same deal as we do.

Suite Hotel Casa Diamond

Found in Sidi Belyout in Casablanca, this five-star hotel comes with a superb rating and every mod-con you might need. They have their own car park for your Casablanca car hire vehicle

Herb Studio in Casablanca

In Roches Noires, this hotel offers a cozy place to stay that is in proximity to the airport and stations. It is excellent for families and offers unsecured street parking outside.

Drive your rental car around Casablanca

After you have found the best deals in Casablanca car hire you are going to want somewhere to drive! We put together some of our favorite destinations within driving distance of Casablanca, to make life that little bit easier for you. Plan your trip before you go and visit some of our top locations!

To the south and east of the city, you can find the Bouskoura forest. Merely leave and join the ring road, then had for route N11. If you were to continue driving this road you would end up in the city of Berrechid within a few hours. Another few hours would see you in Settat.

If you were to follow the coastline north and west from Casablanca in your car hire vehicle, you would come to the city of Rabat. Beyond Rabat, there lies the Forest Mamora, with a variety of activities and outdoor adventures to be found.

Driving your Casablanca hire car along the coast heading south will lead you through small towns like Oalidia, El Beddouza, and eventually to the picturesque coastal city of Safi.

Where to eat, drink and party in Casablanca

Once you have found your hire car in Casablanca, you will want to see the sights, taste the tastes and smell the smells. Here are our top customer recommendations on places to visit to eat, drink, and party the night away, in the city of Casablanca.

Relais de Paris

Relais de Paris can be found along the promenade, just south of La Corniche. It has high-end French Cuisine and reliable four-star reviews. Perfect for entertaining clients or business dinners.



Blend is the best-reviewed restaurant we could find for kids. They specialize in mouth-watering gourmet burgers and are near the promenade, so parking is roadside.


Sky 28

This place is just deluxe enough for clients, and just casual enough for the social drinker. It has excellent lighting but if you are drinking here, leave the Casablanca hire car at home


Crystal Beach Club

Crystal Beach Club is hip and trendy. If you fancy some electronic music and a bit of dancing, then this is the place to be in Casablanca.


Major events and festivals in Casablanca

When you have found a car hire in Casablanca it might be just in time to help them celebrate one of the many festivals, parades, and events that take place in this thriving city. Some of our customer’s favorite Casablanca events include:

The Festival de Casablanca


A celebration of the city, culture and fabulous people that make up Casablanca. The festival usually takes place in the summer months and features all sorts of music and artistic items.

Les Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens


A festival that celebrates and encourages young people to get into the music scene. It takes place in Casablanca in September.



You can probably guess what this celebrates! Jazz is a massive thing in Casablanca, and the festival is usually held in April.

Casa Festival


This starts in mid-July and is an event with music, dancing and joviality all around.