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About Morocco

Thinking of Morocco, the first place that comes to your mind is a desert and an old life with a preserved culture. While you are right about desert and culture, but Morocco is far beyond just the two of these perceptions. If you wish to plan your vacations to get the most out of them, use car hire at Morocco Airport and start planning your visits to the most loved places, cultural festivals, and the best eateries in Morocco. The place offers a desert area from Western Sahara together with solid rocks of Atlas Mountains partly covered with lush greenery. The rich history and unmatched scenery of this place attracts large pools of tourists. Car hire in Morocco will let you experience the culture and cuisine that is unmatched in its quality and uniqueness.





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Basic info and car hire in Morocco

  • Location: Kingdom of Morocco, West Africa

  • Population: 33,848,242

  • Official language: Arabic, Berber

  • Currency: Dirham (MAD).

  • Weather: With a Mediterranean climate and sun mostly in the sky, causing summers to become dry and hot while winters are mildly wet. Average temperature during winters is 14ºC while it becomes 25ºC in Rabat, 45ºC in Western Sahara, and 30ºC in Fez during summers. The temperature change from summers to winters and vice versa is sudden, causing it to drop dramatically during winters and it rises suddenly during summers. The precipitation of rain is highest during the month of December at 100mm while lowest in July at 0.5mm.
  • Public holidays in Morocco: While there are unlimited number of places to explore using car hire in Morocco, it is wiser to plan your travel according to the official holidays. You can check public holidays in Morocco here.

  • Internet coverage: Mobile networks are available across most of the areas in Morocco. The easiest and most savvy way to use the internet in Morocco (for tourists) is to buy a local SIM card and buy 1 GB of internet for as low as 10 MAD. You can also use Wi-Fi hotspots in your hotel or in restaurants, cafes, or sometimes in Malls for free.

  • Road conditions: Roads in Morocco are mostly congested, lightning during the night may be of poor quality, and you may not always find traffic signals working.


Driving in Morocco

Although car hire in Morocco is the best possible way of traveling, driving in Morocco can be a significant challenge for US and European citizens. If you have never driven in a crowded area before, either be a defensive driver in Morocco or do not drive at all. Night time driving should be avoided altogether as Moroccan drivers are not careful and poor driving is a common thing here. Driving in the mountain areas should be exercised with precautions and care since you may encounter twists and turns that you may not have expected. If you have GPS and internet, using car hire in Morocco you are good to go.

  • Age limits: You must be 18 to legally drive in Morocco. However, some companies have a policy to allow people with the age of 25 years and above.
  • International Driving Permit: If you are a European citizen, you would not be needing an international driver’s license. However, European people must have their driving license and a proof of insurance. Drivers from other parts of world are required to have an international driving permit and a proof of insurance in addition to their local driving license.
  • Additional papers: Car hire companies in Morocco may have their policies, so you should always read them before hiring a car. The drivers are required to have passport as proof of identification, a proof of insurance, and a proof of ownership (in case of personal vehicle).
  • Additional requirements: Everyone in the car is required to wear a seatbelt.
  • Children in the car: In Morocco, the safety of children is the responsibility of the family. There are no laws specific to child safety in the car.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side.
  • Lights: Traffic light system is the same as in other countries with the standard red, green, and yellow lights.
  • General speed limits: At normal roads, the seed limit is 60 Kmph while on highways and motorways the maximum allowed speed is 120 Kmph. You should always check the traffic signs and speed limits for the particular road.
  • Parking suggestions: Before you go to any of your favorite places in Morocco, find the available parking options at Parkopedia.

What to see in Morocco

Morocco has a blend of every kind of scenery, hence the focus of attention for hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world. Use the services for car hire in Morocco and experience the highly recommended places which we have short-listed for you.

Our favourite spots


Rabat being the capital and second largest city of Morocco is definitely worth a visit. It’s a charming old  town, full of sights and interesting architecture.

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This is a town that is situated along the sea-side. Houses covered in different colors in the narrow streets of Essaouria is another highlight of this place. The place is perfect for people who wish to see Moroccan culture closely, the way they spend their lives, and the things they cherish. The beach may not be clean, but it definitely gives a great views of the water tides.

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Marrakech - Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden features vast oasis of landscape where you can also choose to ride a camel. The garden has been maintained beautifully and it presents a serene environment. We recommend a walk in the garden during evening hours-marvelous.

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High Atlas

This beautiful mountain range extends from the coast to Algeria, inculcating Toubkal National Park which contains Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak. Those who enjoy long walks will find High Atlas as a perfect place for walking or hiking in the midst of lush green trees.

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Dades Valley

Morocco has a rich history, and those who are fond of it would love to visit Dades Valley. The place not only provides a perfect scenery, it has historic significance as well. It lies between the lush green High Atlas and the sand dunes of Jebel Sarhro separating the two. You’d best be able to enjoy the valley if you explore it on foot. 

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Car hire in Morocco

Think beyond the boundaries of the place and explore the sand dunes of the desert on one side while lush green and beautiful mountains on the other side. The options for exploring Morocco are unlimited, and using car hire in Morocco you get the opportunity to explore the kind of place or food you desire.