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About Valletta

The capital of Malta and the administrative and commercial hub of the surrounding islands, Valletta, enjoys a prominent position among the places with the richest history. Recognized as World Heritage City, Valletta has proved itself as the best tourist place in a myriad of instances. Because of being a commercial hub for the neighbouring islands as well, Valletta remains busy. With its streets depicting Europe’s finest art work, car hire at Valletta Malta Airport is the best option to travel around the city, explore its history, its distinct culture, historic festivals, and traditions. The uniqueness of your visit to Malta, particularly Valletta, is going to leave you with a lifelong learning and fun experience.

Basic info and car hire in Valletta

Location: Southern Harbour District, South Eastern Region, Malta

Population: City and Local Council – 6,444, Urban – 355,000, Metro – 393,938

Official language: Maltese and English

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Weather: The hottest month in Valletta is August with an average of 27°C temperature. The coldest month is January with 13°C as average temperature. Whereas rainfall occurs mostly in December, and Valletta has an average of 110mm rain a year. Late May or June is the best time to visit Valletta, as there is the moderate temperature at this time.

Public holidays in Valletta: If you want to schedule your journey considering office holidays, it is best to check office holidays in Malta, here

Internet coverage: Through several WiFi hotspots, free internet is available in Malta at most places by various internet service providers. There are 192 WiFi hotspots offering free internet throughout Malta by Malta Communications Authority (MCA). If you chose to evolve in a car hire in Valetta, think of which company you’ll choose for mobile data, as you’ll probably need a good and fast service for downloading your maps on the road.  

Road conditions: Many roads are in bad condition in Malta having potholes in them. However, the best choice in such a condition is that of a 4x4 rented car from a reliable agency offering car hire in Valletta.

Driving in Valletta

Traveling around Valletta may give a challenging driving experience at certain spots, however, the right choice of a service offering car hire in Valletta will eliminate any possible problems. If you have never visited Valletta before, there is a lot for you to see. Even for those who have been to Valletta, there are some things that can always be visited again and again.

  • Age limits: Minimum age for earning a driving license is 18 in Valletta. To hire a car, Maltese law has set a limit of minimum 23 years of age to be able for hiring a car.
  • International Driving Permit: Passport, driving license, and certificate of insurance are documents that are required to hire a car.
  • Additional papers: In cases where people drive their own car, it is wiser to have a green card from their insurers.
  • Additional requirements: Check any necessary steps to be taken beforehand from your car hire company. It is better to go through their terms and conditions as well.
  • Children in the car: Children are not allowed to sit at the front. While sitting in the rear, there must be an appropriate restraint system.
  • Driving side of the road: Left-hand side
  • Lights: Going through amber traffic light is illegal in Malta. Most of the drivers in Malta are not used to traffic lights, so it is recommended to drive with caution.
  • General speed limits: General speed limit in built-up areas is 50 kilometres per hour while on the open road it is 60 kilometres. The speed limit may be low in areas around schools and hospitals.
  • Parking suggestions: There are many free parking spots while others are paid. A variety of parking options available can be seen at Parkopedia 

What to see in Valletta

Use facilities of car hire in Valletta to explore the outskirts of the world heritage city declared by UNESCO. Although crowded because of the variety of options for tourists and history and archaeology lovers, Valletta offers various fun activities in addition to picturesque views, stunning masterpieces of art by world-renowned artists, and historical and archaeological masterpieces.


Our favourite spots

Visit the colourful Barraca Gardens in Malta

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Located in the Battery Street in Valletta, Upper Barrakka Gardens are among top most recommended sites to visit in Valetta. The place features beautiful, lush green gardens and it provides astounding views of the harbour. There are beautiful flowers everywhere in the gardens. The breath taking view is something that people love to enjoy repeatedly.

Both free and paid parking spots can be found at Parkopedia

Vittoriosa from a boat cruise

Valletta Sightseeing Cruise

Change your way of exploring the city and book this tour that will get you to know the city from the sea. The tour is led by a local guide and takes 3.5 hours starting in Silema. The boat glides past the Main Harbour and the 3 famous cities: Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea. The tour finishes in Silema, where you left your car and got on the cruise.

Park your car in Silema here

Visit the St. John's Co Cathedral

St John’s Co-Cathedral

It is located at St. John Street in the Island of Malta. The unique experience at St. John’s Co-Cathedral comes from 2 masterpieces by Caravaggio, magnificent sculpture, rich history, and its most cherished archaeological importance. St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a depiction of unmatched and distinct art.

There are plenty of free car parking areas around St. John Co-Cathedral. If you find those filled, there is a variety of paid parking options. All of this can be check beforehand at parkopedia

St. Elmo Bastions in Valetta

Maltese Islands Historical Audio Visual Show and Tour of La Sacra Infermeria

Take this audio-visual tour discovering the Maltese history with a 45-minute documentary combined  with a 30-minute visit of an old hospital called »La Sacra Infermeria« You will get to know better the Maltese history and understand better the culture.

Park your car at St. Elmo Bastions

Valetta by night

Private Valletta Ghost Walking Tour

Hear some of the scarriests of stories from a local that will take you on an evening tour and show you the deserted streets where supernatural forces made the spookiest Maltese legends. The tour takes two hours and will present you the gruesome past of Valetta.

Park anywhere here in Valetta

Mdina on the top of a hill


A must visit walled city, with an extrodinary gateway and an impressive history. Our suggestion is to arrive early in the day and avoid the crowds of tourists.

Park your car and visit the old city of Mdina

Hotels in Valletta

Ursulino Valletta

Ursulino hotel features luxury rooms, a fully equipped outdoor seating space, and a tremendous location. The roof gives a 360-degree view of the surroundings, which is exclusive to Ursulino.


Valletta Merisi Suites

This hotel gives fantastic views of the three cities and the harbour. With fully air conditioned suites and some units having a balcony which overlooks the beautiful courtyard, Valletta Merisi Suites are a perfect choice for a luxury accommodation.

Castille Hotel

Get an accommodation at this budget friendly 3-star hotel Castille. The hotel provides easy access to the majority of the 320 monuments that give Valletta the title of a world heritage city.

The Palace

With various amenities like designer suites to the spa, free WiFi, and a luxurious living, The Palace gives you a perfect choice to spend your holiday in Valletta.

Drive your rental car around Valletta

Use facilities of car hire in Valletta to explore the outskirts of the world heritage city declared by UNESCO. Although crowded because of the variety of options for tourists and history and archaeology lovers, Valletta offers various fun activities in addition to picturesque views, stunning masterpieces of art by world-renowned artists, and historical and archaeological masterpieces.

Malta's size is very convenient and renting a car in Malta is truley a good way of exploring the island. There's the glitty sea in the Blue Lagoon, that noone putting their foot on Malta should miss. This relaxing and mind-blowing lagoon in Comino will astonish you with the intense turquoise color and the clearity of the waters. If you're there in high season, try to visit it in the late afternoon hours, when the sun sets and the crownds are slowly packing their sunscreens and umbrellas.

Another sight really worth your visit is Mdina, a walled old city with an imposing gateway and small enough to be explored on foot.

Where to eat, drink and party in Valletta

Valletta features the food that is distinct to itself and hospitality that is filled with roots of most restaurants and bars. Valletta is a perfect place to spend days, and even weeks and the delicious food in its restaurants leave the customers with an unforgettable experience.

The Submarine

The Submarine is located in Merchant Street 42 B in Valletta. The place is well renowned for its unique and delicious food especially sandwiches. The place enjoys a reputable name among places with the best food at most reasonable prices. The reason for the exclusiveness of this place is that you get to customize your order by choosing your ingredients, and yes, the prices are very reasonable.

Out of various free and paid parking options, find you best one on Parkopedia


Dimitri – Café – Bistro – Wine Bar

Dimitri lies very close to Upper Barracca Gardens. So if you have chosen to visit Upper Barracca Gardens, do not miss your chance of visiting Dimitri; both are a walking distance apart. Dimitri is a small but versatile place with freshly sourced ingredients and very different but loveable from a luxury Bistro. The place gives you a personalized customer care and a very warm welcome to Malta by its owner and the host Dimitri.

Get a bundle of options for car parking. Some of these options are free while some charge a parking cost. However, it is best to see the options available at Parkopedia



Dubiliner’s Club

With live music, professionally tailored cuisine, and a range of beers & ciders, wines, Dubiliner’s Club offers a perfect food coupled with extremely friendly prices and top quality drinks.


Piadina Café

Piadina Café offers extraordinary prices and wonderful quality. Although not too large, Piadina is without any doubt one of the most loved restaurants which provides value for money – or sometimes even more than that.


Rebekah’s Restaurant

For a perfectly cosy environment, delicious food, and extraordinary customer service, Rebekah’s Restaurant secures its place among the most recommended places that you would love to go back to. Prices are not low but are worth the value they provide.


Cheeky Monkey GastroPub

With delicious food, great cocktails, and a pub environment, Cheeky Monkey offers great value for the price you pay. The music is a bit loud to make your journey refreshing, but if you can manage with it, the food and drinks are lovely.


Major events and festivals in Valletta

Valletta lets the residents and its visitors enjoy more than 20 most anticipated events each year. Some of these events relate religious happenings while others to the history of Malta.

The Isle of MTV


The Isle of MTV is the free open-air concert when thousands of music lovers and admirers gathered on the island’s shores. It includes the most renowned lineups as it has been in the past including Lady Gaga, Favid Guetta, OneRepublic, Maroon5, and much more.

It happens during the late June every year.

Notte Bianca

first Saturday of October

A one-night arts display Notte Bianca is one of the most awaited events when art galleries, cultural spots, and museums do exhibitions of art and theatre shows which run till the sun rises for the next day.

Festa Frawly – Strawberry Festival


It is a festival where a region in Valletta with a rich growth of strawberries arranges a festival dedicated to strawberries and crafts selling local works. There are bands who perform during the event, making it a fun experience in many dimensions.

Festa Frawli is organized in April every year at L-Mgarr in Malta.

International Fireworks Festival

The festival happens in late April.

Local firework factories and pyrotechnic companies organize this one-day firework festival featuring beautiful fireworks in a competition. It ends with a finale and a grand finale.

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