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About Naples

Naples, the capital city of Campania region, is a gem for all senses. A car hire at Naples Airport make your stay in Naples easy and you’ll have all the Neapolitan wonders on your hand. This cradle of the pizza napolitana, makes a perfect base point for different day trips; Rome is less than 2-hour drive away, and from the port of Naples you can visit many mesmerizing and idyllic islands, perfect for all nature lovers as well as culture ventures. Sicily, Capri, Stromboli, Vulcano, and the list continues.

In Naples, you can also visit the oldest Opera House in Europe and actually attend an event. The city will impress you from every aspect, ancient ruins and crazy nature, where volcanic eruptions take an important role in writing the history.

Regarding driving, Naples is where you have to get used to the southern relaxed spirit of driving. Honking is part of the culture and insulting the driver next to you is a daily bread. A chaos that makes sense only in this part of Italy. However, a car hire in Naples will be your best option for moving around at your own pace. Don’t count on public transport, as the chaos doesn’t exclude any means of transport.

Basic info and car hire in Naples

  • Location: Naples, South of Italy, region Campania
  • Population: 975,260
  • Official language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Weather: Naples has a pleasant humid subtropical and Mediterranean climate. The average precipitation of 1000 mm per year makes it a humid climate, with maritime features. The hottest months are July and August, but summer temperatures begin in May and lasts to October. We recommend to travel in spring and autumn months, especially if you’re not a fan of heat and air-con in your hired car.
  • Public holidays in Naples: If you’d like to plan your vacation considering the Naples Bank holidays, check them here.
  • Internet coverage: Naples offers wi-fi connections in the majority of new bars and good restaurants.
  • Road conditions: Luckily, Naples doesn’t have frost problems, as that would deteriorate the already bad state of roads. Anyway, you should not encounter any problems if you’ll pay attention to the potholes in the pavement. 

Driving in Naples

Driving in Naples is challenging - starting with the city’s limitations of narrow streets built in the Middle Ages, to the hot-tempered Neapolitans, where a red light is considered merely a recommendation or a Christmas decoration at best. Leaving the traffic to the side, a car hire in Naples is still a good choice for a relaxed vacation in Italy.  

  • Age limits: Driver’s license is obtainable at 18 years of age; however, the majority of car hire agencies will require a minimum of 2 years of driving experience and will additionally charge you a young driver’s fee.
  • International Driving Permit: if your driving license is written in a non-Latin alphabet, then you’ll certainly be asked for an international driving permit. Also, we recommend to read your supplier’s term and conditions, as a car hire agency can define their requirements there.
  • Additional papers: A credit card is obligatory to hire a car, and the holder of the car must be the driver. A car hire insurance is a smart choice if you’re not prepared to take risks and a health insurance that applies to the country of travel is a decision that will bring you a hassle-free vacation.
  • Additional requirements: Check for other restrictions of your car hire agency before picking up your car. All requirements of the rental agency must be stated in their terms and conditions.
  • Children in the car: Sitting in the front or rear seats of a car without an appropriate child seat is not allowed for children under 3 years of age. Children between 4 and 12 years of age must be fastened with a security belt and an appropriate booster seat or an adapter for a seat belt.
  • Driving side of the road: Right driving lane.
  • General speed limits: In Italy speed limits are as in the majority of European countries – 31 mph (50 km/h) in the urban areas, 56 mph (90 km/h) on out of town roads, 68 mph (110 km/h) on major out of town roads and 81 mph (130 km/h) on motorways. In Italy, all speed limit signs are in km/h and if stated otherwise, drive by the stated limits.
  • Parking suggestions: We recommend you to park your car in the hotel’s parking space as parking in Naples is an even more challenging act then driving.

What to see in Naples

Naples offers many nice views from the Sant’Elmo Castle. A great way of exploring the city is also just by taking a walk through the open-air market in Naples, where you’ll get to know the major character of the Campania cuisine. If the underground of Naples is what interests you, the Catacombe can be quite an experience.  

Our favourite spots

A beautiful setting in the San Carlo's Theatre

Teatro di San Carlo

Needless to say, where you should go for an opera performance, this famous Teatro di San Carlo is the oldest theatre in Europe still working.  You can also visit it just as a guided tour and learn everything about the structure, history and performances in this historic building. Check the timetable of English speaking tours and buy a ticket – it is a must visit when in Napoli!

Several parking options to park your car and see the Teatro di San Carlo

The Catacombe di San Gennaro in Naples

Catacombe di San Gennaro

An incredible place full of history, we recommend you to take on a guided tour. Don’t forget that the place is quite chilly and there’s a lot of up and down steps, so if you have some mobility problems, take special care.

To see the Catacombes, park your car at the entrance

Naples Cathedral

Duomo di Napoli

This Napolitan Cathedral is something you should not miss. Impressive sculptures and other works of art, with San Gennaro’s crypt inside and relaxing atmosphere. A must-see with no entrance fee charged.

Park your hired car here

The Sant'Elmo Castle in Naples

Castel Sant'Elmo

The highest point in Napoli, this building features an impressive fortress offering magnificent views on Naples and surrounding see islands. Worth a visit! 

Park in the surrounding area and walk towards the impressive fortress

Hotels in Naples

Hotel Nunù

This hotel is excellent for couples, with a tastful design and great centric location. With a parking and free breakfast for a perfect start of the day.


Hotel Piazza Bellini

A great hotel with modern design, with a centric location and a nice quiet courtyard where breakfast is served. Near the Pizza street for all pizza lovers.

Hotel NapoliMia

A superb boutique hotel, excellently situated in the city centre, with pleasant staff and nice décor. You can park your hired car a few meters away from the hotel.

Hotel Romeo

An elegant hotel with a modern setting features a spa, indoor pool, cigar room and a games lounge. With a children’s play room, this hotel is a luxurious stay for everyone, families included.

Drive your rental car around Naples

A car hire in Naples is worth every penny. Italy is a country rich in culture, history and diverse nature, which is definitely true for the southern region Campania. With the vicinity of Rome, being just an hour and 30 minutes’ drive from Naples, along with several natural parks, this region is certainly one of the most important in terms of tourism.

Naples is a perfect base point for several day trips. Apart from visiting Rome, where you can easily spend a month exploring this Roman capital, you can drive to the ancient city Pompeii. The history behind this ancient Roman city is tragic, since the residents were surprised by a volcano ash eruption   during night sleep. Nevertheless, leaving the emotions on the side, the excursion will give you a good peek into the roman culture and the people’s everyday habits.

Once you’ve seen the result of an ash eruption, take a trip to its origin – Mount Vesuvius. This volcano, formed during a tectonic collision of the Eurasian and African plate, has erupted many times in history. The latest registered eruaption dates back to 1631.

If you’re a Mamma Mia fan, drive on the Mamma Mia Road and set sail for the Capri island, a pretty Italian island with an idyllic Piazzetta, clear waters and beautiful Augustus Gardens.

Where to eat, drink and party in Naples

Naples is the cradle of pizza and as such, you’ll find pizza in all sorts of forms and colors (try the pizza fritta!) but you’ll be surprised by the different variety of seafood cuisin you’ll find here. A great destination for an oysters and sea-fish lover!

Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante

Book for a testing menu with wines at this wonderful beach restaurant. Do take care of the entrance, as it’s a bit unusual and expect a pricy list - but the experience is worth for a special occasion.


La Masardona

At this place, you’ll get served the famous “pizza frita” – a new way of preparing your pizza is here fried. Prepared for every taste, however, if your stomach is sensitive, try just a little portion.


Mondo Pizza

Naples is the cradle of pizza and this place will best present you this tasty yet simple food popular around the globe. Just to mention – pizza and bear make the best match!



In Naples you must not leave without trying the delicious sea food and in Crudore, your experience will be memorable. Oysters, shellfish and fresh fish prepared as you prefer!


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