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About Milan Malpensa Airport

Convenient car hire at Milan Airport brings the ease of travelling to your footsteps; it makes your journey more memorable than ever. Milan Airport has a free shuttle bus service which connects the two terminals, ensuring convenience for passengers. It is the second largest in Italy for international visitors resulting from a large number of tourists and business meetings in the region. Boasting a variety of religious, historical, and valuable ancient structures, Milan offers the best of tourism and a complete guide all along your journey with a range of options for car hire at Milan Airport –   Book a car at Milan Airport as it is you most suitable option!

Basic info and car hire in Milan Malpensa Airport

  • IATA airport code: MXP

  • ICAO airport code: LIMC

  • Full name: Milan-Malpensa Airport, Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa-:Citta di Milano”

  • Location: Ferno, Italy

  • Hub for: Cargolux Italia, FedEx Express

  • Website: Milan Malpensa Airport

  • Contact: +

  • Owner: Societa Enti Aeroportuali (SEA)

  • Elevation:  1000 ft/ 304.8 m

  • Number of Runways: Two

Car hire locations at Milan Malpensa Airport

At Milan Airport, you can find numerous car hire agencies from our top brands. There are agencies at the airport terminal and other agencies located outside the airport grounds. For the off-airport agencies, you’ll have to check their specific location as sometimes it might be a bit harder to find them. However, the prices are much more convenient and also, you’ll be relived to find out that the waiting times will be much shorter. As for the waiting lines – well, the terminal agencies can have really long queues and. Find the perfect car for your Italian adventure and have a perfect vacation in Milan!

Drive beyond Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan offers fantastic spots to spend some leisure time, ranging from hotels to bars, parks, historical places, blue waters, and its unique cuisines. Tourists can make their choice from among various options, get set on their journey in a comfortable rented car, and explore Milan’s explicit culture just as they wish to. Car hire at Milan Airport is convenient, which makes it easier to choose among many tourists’ attractions. Parco Faunistico La Torbiera or La Torbiera Funistic Park (7.3 miles from Milan Airport) and Safari Park (5.3 miles from Milan Airport) are places that you would love to visit with your children. Various animals and their distinct behaviours are all that you need to feel close to nature sometimes. Moreover, there is an excellent indoor playground for children – Labrinto In Via Milano 177 in Gallarate. The city doesn't let your leisure time get ruined, undoubtedly.

About 3.2 miles away from Milan airport lies Bar La Piazzetta, providing you with a perfect place to eat the special pizza with a distinct Italian taste. Milan not only has extraordinary amusement and dining facilities for families, as mentioned earlier, but it also has its nightlife, clubs, bars, food courts, cultural heritages, museums, motorbike racing, helicopter flights, shopping centres and a lot more. Museo Agusta is merely 1.2 miles away from Milan Airport and is a treat full of surprise for bike-race enthusiasts and flight lovers. The best way to get a taste of all the places comes with car hire at Milan Airport which allows you to travel the way you like, stay at your favourite place, or continue your journey without delay – a complete liberty on planning your trip.

Besides, there's no better option other than Volandia Parco e Museo del Malpensa if you wish to visit a museum. The history of this museum traces back to 1910 and is a birthplace of aviation in the area; it is going to thrill you if you are affiliated to aviation in some way. For those who love architecture and historic buildings, Castello Visconti di San Vito (4.1 miles from Milan Malpensa Airport) makes it super convenient to enjoy a guided tour inside the historic castle. The place is also a great spot for couples to enjoy a romantic walk.

The most famous tourist attractions in Milan include Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano Cathedral, Sforza Castle, Parco Sempione, The Arch of Peace, and Piazza Mercanti.

Available services Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan Malpensa airport is the second largest in Italy for international passenger traffic while first busiest for freight and cargo, hence it has always been a busy airport.


There are exclusive SEA VIP lounges at Milan Airport Terminal 1. This terminal has 3 VIP rooms namely Pergolesi Lounge, Monteverdi Lounge, and Montale Lounge. These VIP rooms are perfect for those who need a corporate environment or serenity to plan their business meetings or to make themselves feel good.


Milan Airport takes good care of families by providing a separate lane to families with children in strollers. The airport has secure breastfeeding rooms and diaper change nurseries where you get full privacy. There are play areas in terminal 1 and terminal 2 for children to play games, meet and greet others, and socialize in a composed manner.


Nondiscriminatory travel is ensured at Milan airport by providing free of charge service and full assistance to people with some kind of disability in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1107/2016.

History of Milan Malpensa Airport

The first aviation activity started in Milan airport was on May 27, 1910. The farming patch was upgraded to a formal airfield, later becoming the largest aircraft production centre in Italy. During this time, the airfield was utilized by Italian Air Force.  Commercial operations started in 1948. In 1952, the Municipality of Milan took control of the airport’s operator. Significant expansion and development took place from 1995 to 1998 and in 2010, ultimately developing into the Milan Malpensa Airport – the largest airport for freight exchange in Italy.

Petrol stations near Milan Malpensa Airport

After the car hire at Milan Airport, finding a petrol station near the airport is your next stop. There are two petrol stations just outside the airport, very near to each other. Another petrol station lies just less than half a kilometre away. Self-service petrol stations are there all across Italy. However, all fueling facilities near Milan Malpensa Airport are self-service where 5 euro note, 20 euro note, or a bank card with 5 digits is accepted. Other fueling stations where the staff is available can be found in other parts throughout Italy.

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