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About Palermo

Are you travelling to Sicily? Discover this amazing island and find the best Palermo car hire deal! Car hire in Palermo will help you find the right car for your vacation and the most convenient price. Don't hesitate to plan your trip and visit the most famous and attracting locations on this Mediterranean island, find the best beaches, walk around the Etna volcano and experience Sicilian food and feasts. Read our tips for your Palermo car hire.

Basic info and car hire in Palermo

  • Location: Palermo, Province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy
  • Population: 668,500
  • Official language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro (€).
  • Weather: Subtropical Mediterranean climate. Summers are long, dry and hot, most of the rain occurs during the winter that is mild. Palermo is also known as one of the hottest European cities.
  • Public holidays in Palermo: Check all public holidays in Palermo and Sicily
  • Internet coverage: All the main parts of the city have quite a good internet accessibility, despite remote location from the mainland. Most of the shopping malls, restaurants, bars have an internet connection. Find free wi-fi hotspots in Palermo here.
  • Road conditions: The city has great road connections which are not always the best. Be aware when driving in the city and have in mind that Italians are known as one of the most chaotical drivers. When travelling across the Island you won't have troubles if you drive carefully.

Driving in Palermo

  • Age limits: 18
  • International Driving Permit: Yes 
  • Additional papers: valid ID card or passport, valid drivers’ licence
  • Additional requirements: obligatory car equipment, reflective jacket, warning triangle
  • Children in the car: children between 4 and 12 years must use a safety restraint seat or seat belt. For children under 3 years of age is forbidden to seat on the front seat.
  • Driving side of the road: Right
  • Lights: Dipped headlights must be turned on when driving on the highway, in the tunnel or during the night
  • General speed limits: autostrada 130 km/h, highway 110 km/h, open road 90 km/h, town 50 km/h or less
  • Parking suggestions: find parking suggestions on Parkopedia

What to see in Palermo

Our favourite spots

Palermo Cathedral

This cathedral represents one of the most unique building in Sicily, known for its rich cultural heritage and modifications during the past till 18 century when it had last major restoration. The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Quattro Canti

Known also as Piazza Vigliena, it represents a square in Via Vittorio Emanuele. Alergheria, Seralcadio, La Loggia and Kalsa are four districts, that represent four seasons, directions, kings (Charles V, Philip II, Philip IV and Philip III) and patrons.

Mondello Beach

Most famous sandy beach in Palermo nearby Mount Pellegrino. Clearwater and sandy bay attract crowds during the whole year, right at the seaside is located also Charleston restaurant that offers the best seafood dishes.

Palermo food markets

Vuccira, Ballaro', Capo or especially Borgo Vecchio are the four most famous street food markets. They offer typical Sicilian food and dishes, vegetables, a lot of different fresh fishes and seafood. It is a must to experience this lively open-air palermitan atmosphere and cuisine.

Teatro Massimo

This famous opera house is located in Piazza Verdi and is dedicated to King Victor Emanuel II. Teatro Massimo, famous for its architecture, acoustics and size which represents one of the biggest opera houses in Europe. It hosts the world's most famous conductors.

Hotels in Palermo

Palazzo Natoli Boutique hotel

Located 800 from the city centre, this hotel offers an excellent boutique atmosphere, good service and kind staff. The hotel has an internet connection, spa centre, 24 reception and more. You can park your car on the street near the hotel.

Alma Hotel

This modern hotel is placed less than 400 meters from the city centre. Staff, location and style will offer you excellent stay with 24 reception, room service available and delicious Sicilian breakfast. Hotel parking is available for 20 € per day.

Hotel Principe di Lampedusa

The hotel is famous for its location in one of the most popular tourist districts of Palermo, 1,5 km from the Cathedral. This modernistic and luxurious hotel offers great service and private parking space, that may be charged.

Artemisia Palace Hotel

This hotel with diverse decors, cafe', bar and modern suites offers excellent staff that will provide you with friendly service. You get free access to wi-fi and animals are also allowed. Parking space is available in the zone for 15 € per day.

Drive your rental car around Palermo

Hire a car in Palermo and choose among many Sicilian sights to visit; besides main coastal cities like Trapani, Messina, Catania, Syracuse there are plenty of beautiful beaches and ancient monuments.

Main roads you find on the northern part, that connects Trapani, Palermo, Messina, Catania and Gela. One part of the road is separated and connects Termini Imerese, Enna and Catania. The main highway is free of charge. The road is one of the best in Sicily, but you may encounter some special conditions or works on the road. The southern part of the Sicily has weaker road connection, there is only an open road. 

The relief of the island is very diverse with a lot of hills, especially the north-eastern part with Mount Etna that represents the highest mountain with 3,326 metres. The southwestern part of Sicily is less hilly. On the northern part, you find some small islands but almost all-over the Sicily, especially on the west part, the best beaches.

Choose the best car hire deal in Sicily here and have an unforgettable vacation!

Where to eat, drink and party in Palermo

Major events and festivals in Palermo

The feast of Saint Rosalia

14 July

The major religious event in Palermo, Santa Rosalia saved the city from a 17th-century plague. The event includes a parade and fireworks.

Le Vie dei Tesori

From September till November

Festival that includes hundreds of places and sights to visit; churches, museums, chapels, ancient buildings, gardens etc. Guided tours, concert and even tastings take place.

Unlocked Music Festival


The famous festival of electronic music, hosting different artists that attract crowds of people to party in Palermo, next to the seaside.

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