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Basic info and car hire in Italy - Sicily

  • Location: Palermo, Italy
  • Population: 5,029,675
  • Official language: French
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Weather: The weather in Sicily is very comfortable for most people because it is fairly moderate the entire year. The hottest month in Sicily is August where average temperature is 22°C while the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 9°C. Average temperature of sea in August is 27°C and that is the  best time of the year to swim and to enjoy water sports. Average rainfall in the wettest month of December is nearly 78 mm.
  • Public holidays in Sicily: It is always the best approach to plan your visit to Sicily keeping into consideration the public holidays in Italy. To do that, you may visit Office Holidays.
  • Internet coverage: Almost all shopping malls have internet access in Sicily. Besides, you may subscribe to mobile data package suitable for you as well. For approximately 20€, you will get 7 GB data with the service provider named TIM. The SIM costs an additional 10€.
  • Road conditions: An overall driving experience in Sicily is fairly convenient, except for few places where narrow streets pose a parking challenge; in such cases, smaller cars are easy to park. The northern part of Sicily is good but the southern part has poor road markings and it does not possess a good traffic management.

About Italy - Sicily

An autonomous region and the largest Island of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is in the southern part of Peninsula from which it is separated by a strait. Life in Sicily has been found to exist since 12000 BC. Sicily is famous among tourists particularly because of an active volcano Mount Etna, which serves as a focus of interest for many travelers.

Driving in Italy - Sicily

Explore the beauty of Italy beyond the mountains and waters of Sicily with car hire in Sicily. You would also find tons of different tastes that will keep your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. The history of Romans and Greeks is rich and preserveed in various museums in Italy – a treat for the history lovers.

Driving in the major cities like Catania and Palermo is not difficult. But as you head toward the historic centers of Sicily, you should be more attentive and careful in driving. Not just in Sicily but throughout Italy the drivers tend to break the rules and are prone to more aggressive driving, so you need to be a defensive driver always considering the worst case and taking care of it. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the mountains of Italy, especially Sicily, are worth exploring.


  • Age limits: In order to be eligible to drive in Sicily, you must be above 18 years of age. Nonetheless, some agencies offering car hire in Sicily would expect you to be 25 years old to be eligible to hire their cars to drive in Sicily.
  • International Driving Permit: While English speaking countries are not required to have an international permit and their passport is sufficient in most cases, but it is advised to keep international driving permit even if you’re from an English speaking country. Europeans however can use the passport of their nationality for staying up to no more than 90 days.
  • Additional papers: Car hire in Sicily remains the best option for travel and with this come the special requirements of car rental agencies. Therefore, you should check their policy for any additional requirements.
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Children in the car: If there are children in your car, they must be above 12 years to be allowed for sitting in the front seat. Otherwise, in order for children below this age to sit in the front seat, they must be in a child restraint system.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side
  • Lights: International standard for traffic lights is followed in Sicily, so it’d be nothing different from what you experience in your daily routine.
  •  General speed limits: The speed limit on Autostradas is 130km/h, on highways it is 110 km/h, while on the open roads it is 90 km/h. Dealing with the fine is a tedious process, so it is best to avoid over speeding.
  • Parking suggestions: You can check the available parking options wherever you go by visiting Parkopedia.


Hotels in Sicily

Yatching Club Mare

With a private beach overlooking a wonderful view, Yachting Club Hotel is located in the north of Sicily. The combination of comfort, privacy, facility, and reasonable rates offered at this hotel is unmatched.

Stars: 3

Link: http://www.yachtingclubmare.com/

Hotel Dioscuri Bay Palace 

Hotel Dioscuri gives close access to most of the tours in the Sicily region. The hotel has a synthesis of plants of all types to enhance your experience with beautiful views of nature. There are a few additional services offered at Hotel Dioscuri which you wouldn’t find in every hotel.

Stars: 4

Link: http://www.dioscurihotel.it/en/index.php

Grand Hotel Villa Politi

On Sicily East Coast, the Grand Hotel is located in Syracuse – the fabulous ancient Greek city. The hotel was founded by the noblewoman Maria Teresa and Salvatore Politi, a painter in Syracuse.  Following the launch, many of kings from all across Europe lived in this hotel. It offers an interior with a royal touch and a blend of comfort.

Stars: 4

Link: http://www.villapoliti.com/en/

San Domenico Palace Hotel Taormina

The San Domenico Palace Hotel enjoys wonderful views of the famous Mount Etna as well as Tormina Bay. There are several luxurious options for you to choose your living style at this hotel.

Stars: 5 stars

Link: https://www.san-domenico-palace.com/en/


Where to eat, drink and party in Sicily

Le Tre Rose Bono Hotel Ristorante

The original Italian cuisine that you’ve been hearing about all your life, comes from places like Le Tre Rose. The place offers good value for money with large meals and a spacious place for dining.

Link: https://web.facebook.com/letrerosebono/?rf=663025600496029&_rdc=1&_rdr

Ristorante Ariston

The Ariston restaurant offers Sicilian specialties with a vast range of menu items to fill your appetite. A well maintained and well-presented interior will make your dining experience at Ariston Restaurant worthwhile.

Link: https://www.hotelaristontaormina.it/en/restaurants

Pizzeria Al Rustico

The famous Italian range of Pizzas in a decent environment with ample parking is what Pizzeria Al Rustico offers. From gulten green varieties to tortillas and cakes, the restaurant offers a number of eating options.

Link: https://www.pizzeriaalrustico.com/

Bar Vitelli

In the middle of mountains in the beautiful village of Savoka lies Bar Vitelli. It offers pure Italian atmosphere and you may even notice its similarity with the environment in the movie “Godfather”.

Link: https://web.facebook.com/barvitelliofficial/?_rdc=1&_rdr


Major events and festivals in Sicily

Sicily remains the place for festivals and events the entire year. So, if you visit the place using the service of car hire in Sicily, you will definitely find more than one events which you can become a part of.

Taormina Carnival

One of the highlights in terms of events and festivals in Sicily is Taormina Carnival where music, games, and fireworks attract people from various regions of Italy, tourists from all over the world and they find it amazing to be a part of it.

The event is scheduled in the months of February and March

Link: http://www.taormina.it/feb-2328-carnival.html

Infiorata Flower Festival

In the heart of Noto, a flower festival is held every year in the month of May which features beautiful flowers. Artists create marvellous pieces with flowers and the whole city gets covered in various colors.

The festival happens during the month of May each year.

Link: https://worldloveflowers.com/events/infiorata-noto-2018/

International Festival of Arts

In the Greco Roman theatre, an international arts festival is hosted by Taormina from July to September. Famous performers participate in the festival. It also inculcates an international film festival that happens in July.

Link: http://www.taormina-arte.com

Renaissance Music Festival

An international music festival in Sicily, Renaissance Music Festival, attracts several top musicians from different parts of the world. The festival takes place in the mountainous village of Erice.


Date: 13-15 August

What to see in Italy - Sicily

Sicily is a beautiful, famous, and historic place with the breath taking views of vast waters from beaches and mountains, and historic buildings from the times of Greeks and Romans. With car hire in Sicily, you would be able to explore the preserved nature in its best form, masterpieces of archaeology, and rich history of Sicily. Besides, the wide range of eateries will keep you busy trying different tastes and cuisine.

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