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About Israel

Israel is known as one of the most extraordinary countries in the Middle East, known for its history. If you travel to Israel you have to discover ancient cities like Jerusalem and a lot of historical spots, places, and buildings that have historical and religious importance. During the summer the Mediterranean coast at west part of Israel offers beautiful beaches and holiday destinations. In the most popular cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv you’ll be able to know the Jewish culture, their language, traditions, and delicious Israeli cuisine. Car hire in Israel will give you a possibility to drive across the country and enjoy your vacation!

Basic info and car hire in Israel

  • Location: Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Population: 8.712 million (2017 estimated)
  • Official language: Hebrew, Arabic.
  • Currency: Israeli new shekel (₪)
  • Weather: Israel has Mediterranean climate on west coast and more arid and continental in inland areas. Summers on the coast are hot but winters are humid and rainy. On other areas in summers are sunny and hot where clear weather begins in May and ends in September. The period, when the rains occur is from November to March. Some areas are very high where the winter can also bring snow, during the summer the heat is tolerable, but the sun is very strong.
  • Holidays in Portugal: Check public holidays in Israel here »
  • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés are mostly equipped with Wi-Fi. There are plenty of free hotspots across the country, especially in tourist areas.
  • Car hire in Israel: Most visitors in Israel pick up their rental car at the airport, whether at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Eilat Airport or Ramon Airport in Timna Valley on south. Picking up your rental car at these airports is the best option to discover cities and drive across the country. In any case there are enough car hire agencies in Israel, especially in the main cities such as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, where you can find a the best hired vehicle for your trip.

Driving in Israel

Israel has 3 toll roads, one of them is highway 6 that has electronic toll system which charges a toll through an electronic device directly to your rental company. In case of using this road ask your rental company about information and their conditions. Another type of road ia a highway, Israel has three different types: the main section, where a toll is payed by segments, another one is the northern section that is payable as well and then the southern section that is free of charge. Another two payable road sections are the Carmen Tunnels which is a set of 4 tunnels and the charge is done by segments and the toll lane on highway 1 from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv where the toll changes throughout the day depending on the traffic on the lane. That means more traffic, higher prices.

The roads are well maintained so you won’t have any troubles to travel by your hired car across the country and between cities. Road signs are trilingual in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.  However, extremely heavy traffic in major cities can be an issue. Since this might not be the news you wanted to hear, but on the other hand, car hire in Israel is a simple and affordable process. There are plenty of car hire agencies in the area, such as Sixt, Hertz, Alamo and more, and you'll find your dream rental vehicle! 

Speed limit signs are in km per hour, seatbelts are obligated, babies and toddlers til the age of 4 must be seated in proper seats, headlights must be switched on all the time and also during the day, parking on a yellow and red lines is forbidden, the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv is known for its big traffic jams especially in rush hours, avoid it during the rush hours. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Highway 1 takes about 40 minutes without traffic jams.

The best time to plan your visit to Israel is in summer especially for visiting the seaside and beautiful beaches, however the hot and clean weather is typical for summer. If you want more calm conditions, less traffic, and fresh weather, you have to visit Israel in spring or autumn.

  • Age limits: 21 (minimum age may vary according to car hire companies. A Young Driver fee will apply to drivers under 25 years of age. In order to hire a car, it is required that a driver has held a driver’s licence for a minimum of one year).
  • International Driving Permit: No, it is not obligated. A valid driver’s licence from the country of origin is enough.
  • Additional papers: Identification (passport), a valid driving licence and a valid proof of insurance. (It is advisable to buy insurance at the car hire company in case your policy doesn't cover you while driving in Israel).
  • Additional requirements: Warning triangles, reflective vests, spare bulbs for the car’s exterior lights, and hands-free equipment with hearing aids are required while driving and talking on the phone.
  • Children in the car: All car occupants must wear a seatbelt. Children under the age of twelve or shorter than 1.50 metres must be seated in the back seat and should be accommodated in appropriate child car seat.
  • Driving side of the road: Right.
  • Lights: Headlights are must be turned on at all time.
  • General speed limits: Residential zone: 50 km/h; inter-city without a physical separation: 80 km/h; inter-city with a physical separation: 90 km/h; freeway: 110 km/h.
  • Parking suggestions: parking on the street is free of charge if there are no signs or markings. You can park in payable blue zone parking spaces, car parks. Parking is not allowed within red, yellow or zigzag lines. We suggest you park a car in a safe place and never leave valuables in the vehicle. Find parking spots at parkopedia.

What to see in Israel

Israel is a popular tourist destination for those who want to discover the most ancient spots on Earth. From Tel Aviv as the most modern city with beautiful beaches to the capital city of Jerusalem you can visit famous and ancient streets, monuments and buildings, known already from the ancient scripts. If you would like to discover inland, lakes and desert the best option is to hire a car and visit Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and desert places like Timna park. Read our suggested destinations to plan your trip in Israel.

Our favourite spots


One of the oldest cities in the world is located between Mediterranean Sea and Dead Sea. It is known as the capital city of Israel and a holy city for three major religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Some of the most important sights are Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount), Wailing wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcre, Mount of Olives and more. The city offers a lot of interesting museums, markets, gardens, parks and more places for you to enjoy in the atmosphere of this ancient city. Visit our web site and find the best car hire deals in Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv

Visit the second biggest city in Israel which is also the most modern and youthful. There are plenty of beautiful spots but the most important factor that characterises it is the Mediterranean Sea. City started growing in 1909 and today is a perfect destination for lovers of bars, clubs, art, music and more. There you will find  plenty of stunning beaches. Rent a car is the best option to drive across this city - for the best car hire deals in Tel Aviv click here.

The Dead Sea

Visit the lowest point on Earth, known also as the sea of the salt that is surrounded by stunning landscape and desert. It is located an hour away by car from Jerusalem. The salty water is literally deadly to any kind of life, but it offers an extraordinary experience for tourists where they can swim and float on the water. The salty water is good for relaxation and has great medical properties. Hire a car in Jerusalem.

Timna Park

It is located on the south of Israel, half an hour away from Eilat where you can hire a car. This park is placed in the dessert, among yellow sandstone mountains with amazing geology, lakes and other interesting places. In the center of the valley, you find Mount Timna and many steep cliffs nearby. Safari in Timna park will be a perfect choice for you.

Sea of Galilee

The lowest freshwater sea on Earth is placed in northeast Israel in Galilee region, 30 km away from Nazareth. It relates to Jordan river, also known already from the ancient times. The sea and landscape are picturesque, surrounded by hills and gives life to numerous fishes, sea plants and other animals.