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About Knock

Because of the small size and breath-taking scenery, Ireland is a perfect destination for a car hire in Knock.. Driving through curvy roads in western Ireland, we recommend visiting one of the most heart-warming and comforting places of the country, a small village of Knock. 

The story of Knock began on a rainy evening in 1879 when fifteen local people witnessed an apparition of Our Lady, Saint Joseph, Saint John the Evangelist along with an altar, a cross and a lamb. As the apparition had been inquired and testimonials from witnesses deemed trustworthy, Knock slowly became sacred place, where people would come to heal, re-conciliate and find peace. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Knock (usually called The Knock shrine) has been built on a place where the apparition had happened. Being one of the biggest Marian shrines, Knock is now annually visited by one and a half million pilgrims. The complex consists of five churches, religious book centre, caravan and camping park, museum, café and hotel. Surrounded by large area as big as one hundred acres with landscaped gardens, neat pathways, trees and flowers it offers a peaceful atmosphere for everyone who visit this lovely village. Knock is also a great starting point to explore Irish western coast. Find your best deal for car hire at Knock Airport and start exploring! 

Basic info and car hire in Knock

  • Location: Western part of Ireland.
  • Population: 972 (2016)    
  • Official language: English and Irish.                   
  • Currency: Euro (€).      
  • Weather: Weather in west coast is usually much wetter than the east coast and is often prone to the storms causing heavy wind and rainfall. Summers in inland are slightly hotter than the coastal region. The average temperature in summer is 16°C (60°F) and the coldest is February at 6°C (43°F). 
  • Holidays in Knock: Click here» for public holidays in Ireland       
  • Internet coverage: Knock town centre provides free wi-fi zone. 
  • Road conditions: Roads are well maintained.     
  • Car hire in Knock: Car hire in Knock, Ireland is very popular due to relatively small size of the country and beautiful landscape. The most common iscar hire at Knock Airport which is located off the main Galway – Sligo road 20 km from the Knock village. The average daily car hire price may vary depending on the season. Please note that rental prices fluctuate frequently. It’s best to reserve a car 3 to 8 weeks prior to your pickup date – this way you can also ensure the lowest price. Overall, it is possible to get a great last-minute car hire deal. Find your best deal for car hire in Knock!

Driving in Knock

Knock is a small village in a rural area far away from bigger cities, therefore car hire is a smart decision to explore the village and the surrounding. In the village there are many daily visitors, therefore you should expect some crowd, especially on religious holidays. Rural traffic should also be expected. When driving around Knock mind the farm machinery and wild as well as domestic animals, such as sheep. Beware that the use of cell phones while driving in Ireland is prohibited. To avoid penalties, ask your passenger to help you with directions, if you are using your mobile device as a GPS as drivers must not touch phone while driving. 

When driving in Ireland, keep in mind that there are several roads where you must pay tolls. There are eleven toll roads in the republic, but none of them near Knock. However, if you are travelling with your rent/a/car through the whole country, contact your rental company in advance to find out if your rental agreement covers the payment of toll charges. 

Once you hit the road with your rental, keep in mind that not all petrol stations take credit cards, are open 24 hours a day, and can be found at any given moment. So, to be on the safe side, refill your tank when it's half empty and avoid being stranded on a country road mile from the nearest gas station. The maximum BAC level is 0.05% and 0.02% for novice drivers. 

  • Age limits: age limit for drivers is 21 years but can vary depending from the car hire companies. Young drivers (under the age of 25) must pay additional fee. Furthermore, to hire a car, drivers must have license for a minimum of one year. The maximum age for hiring a vehicle is 75.
  • International Driving Permit: is not required. An international driving Permit is a necessity only if your national license is not in Roman Script. 
  • Additional papers: Identification (passport), a valid driving licence and a valid proof of insurance are required to drive on Irish roads. We advise you to buy insurance at the car hire company in case your policy doesn't cover you while driving in Knock.
  • Additional requirements: Warning triangles, reflective vests and hands-free equipment with hearing aids are required while driving and talking on the phone.
  • Children in the car: All car occupants must wear a seat belt. All children under 150 cm in height or 36 kgs must wear an appropriate child restraint.   
  • Driving side of the road: Left-hand side.                 
  • Lights: Headlights are to be on 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise and when driving in a tunnel or during times of reduced visibility.
  • General speed limits: The speed limits in Ireland are a bit different than in Europe mainland. The speed limit on motorways is 75 mph (120 kph), 60 mph (100 kph) on national roads (marked with green signs), 50 mph (80 kph) in rural areas and 30 mph (50 kph) in urban areas.
  • Parking suggestions: Parking on double yellow lines is prohibited. In addition, it's not allowed to park on single yellow lines during the hours noted on the street signs. There is on-street parking and car parks.

What to see in Knock

Our favourite spots

National Shrine of Our Lady of Knock

Knock shrine is a sacred place for millions of people who come to pray, reflect and reconnect. The complex consists of five churches, religious books centre, museum, café and a hotel and is very well known for one hundred acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, pathways, trees and flowers. 

Organised pilgrimages, masses and confessions are prepared for everyone who comes here for healing and guidance. To learn more about the development of the centre, we recommend you take a guided tour. 

Visitor car park is available at the Shrine. 

Knock museum

The Knock museum is perfect starting point to explore the history and development of the village before and after the apparition in 1879. Permanent displays reveal religious life, farming, crafts, housing and clothing of the county. 

Free parking for your rental car is available at the museum.

Lough Conn

Only a 45-minute drive from Knock, Lough Conn with its 14.000 acres offers stunning nature and a great view to surrounding hills. The lake is famous for fishing as it is home of trout and salmon and is also a walker’s paradise with woodland walking trails.

You can park your car in the roadside car park situated on the Castlebar side of Pontoon bridge.

McMahon/Clare Lake Park

This family friendly park in Claremorris offers a lovely picnic area, loop walk around fishing lake and children playground near the entrance. Children will also enjoy the Land of the Giants attractions in the park. Dogs are welcome if leashed.

Parking is available near the entrance to the park.

Hotels in Knock

Knock house hotel

Located in the vicinity of the Knock shrine, the hotel is a perfect location for a relaxing break. Free parking is available for the visitors!

Cill Aodain Court hotel

Family owned hotel located 10 min from Knock offers a warming, feel/like/home atmosphere with delicious food and clean spacious rooms. Free parking included.

McWilliam Park hotel

Located 10 km away from Knock in the city of Claremorris, you can treat yourself in health and beauty salon or go swimming when staying in this luxurious hotel. Provides free parking.

Park hotel Kiltimagh

Another hotel outside the Village of Knock but deserves a recognition for its excellent value and quality food.

Drive your rental car around Knock

Car hire in Knock, Ireland is a must when visiting this green country. With magnificent coasts, cliffs and beautiful countryside with several lakes and lush valleys it offers many scenic drives and road trips. Driving in the countryside, you will experience life in rural villages, meet friendly local people and explore ancient heritage. Knock is in dry land, but not far from west coast, therefore we recommend you take an extra day and drive to the city of Westport, Achill island or Ireland's holy mountain Croagh Patrick. 

Near Knock there are few of the best scenic routes of Ireland. The nearest is The Sligo scenic drive, 115 mile (185 km) long route where you can explore some of the most interesting areas of the Wild Atlantic way. In land there is The Kingfisher Trail going from counties of Leitrim, Fermanagh, Cavan to Donegal and Monaghan. You can also drive to Galway to ride the 150 km long Lough Corrib Scenic Loop drive. 


Where to eat, drink and party in Knock

Flanagans Pub

Established in 1965 now renovated modern gastro pub from Claremorris offers excellent food and friendly service. 


The old Ground

Lovely small restaurant offers simple food cooked to perfection.


Le French corner

This French/style restaurant situated in Claremorris is a wonderful place with cosy atmosphere, friendly staff and great food. 


The old Arch

The bistro is famous for its good food, value for money and warm charming atmosphere. 


Major events and festivals in Knock

In the Knock shrine you can attend several daily masses, confessions and adoration. Each Wednesdays bereavement support groups are being organised as well as other church services, which you can find here>>  

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