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About Ireland

Green and beautiful Ireland is waiting for you.

Discover Celtic, ancient and medieval history, a variety of wonderful nature that offers everything from trekking to birds watching and do not forget to take a visit in at least one of the many Irish pubs! Enjoy the traditional music and the sight on the cliffs and amazing coastal scenery! Ireland is surely a picturesque country from a fairytale. Discover it by yourself!

Explore the inspiring and friendly Ireland! It is not hard to get very cheap deals for rental cars (use to find them!) in Ireland, so do not hesitate, rent a car and explore Ireland on your own! A rental car will give you the opportunity to travel faster than with a bus or train and especially independence to reach also the most remote places that are often the most beautiful one.

Basic info and car hire in Ireland

  • Capital: Dublin
  • Population: 6,378,000 (2011)
  • Official languages: English, Irish, Ulster Scots
  • Currency: Euro (usually you can pay with the UK pounds along border areas with Northern Ireland)
  • Weather: Mild, humid and quickly changeable with unexpected showers, rain and thunderstorms. Average temperatures in the summer are 15°C to 20°C and around 7 °C in the winter. 

Driving in Ireland

  • Suitable for tourists: Excellent roads are known as the safest in Europe.
  • Problematic areas: Be prepared for narrow winding roads in the country and rural areas, where there is a great chance of tractors, cows, sheep and other animals on the road.
  • Weather conditions: Rainy weather and fog are common for Ireland, so drive carefully!
  • Age limits: 17 or over (minimum age of 25 is required by many car rental companies)
  • International Driving Permit: Usually only a valid national driver’s license issued by the country of your residency is necessary.
  • Additional papers: Identification (passport), insurance policy and registration certificate or vehicle rental agreement.
  • Pssssst: Not use the horn between 11:30 pm and 7 am.
  • Children in the car: Children under the age of 12 or less than 1.5 m tall must use the rear seats and suitable seat restraint or child seat.
  • Drink & drive: maximum BAC = 0.05 % (0.02 % for learner, new and professional drivers)
  • Driving side of the road: left
  • Lights: Dipped headlights are recommended at all times.
  • General speed limits: 120 on motorways, 100 on national roads, 80 on regional roads and 50 on urban areas
  • Parking suggestions: In many towns, parking on the street is not free. You will have either pay a parking fee or buy an appropriate parking disc. Fines for illegally parked cars are quite hefty, so do not take a risk. Parking on double yellow lines is forbidden.
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What to see in Ireland

Some places you should not miss: 230 m high Cliffs of Moher over the Atlantic are one of the most amazing natural beauties in Ireland, but there is also the Blarney Castle in the middle of nice surroundings, the town of Killarney near the Killarney National Park and many traditional festivals and pubs that are worth visiting.

  • Best time to visit: In the summer (from May to September) or around March 17th when the Feast of Saint Patrick takes place.
  • How to save money? Book a rental car from home. Do not visit expensive restaurants, but eat in pubs that often offers delicious and traditional Irish food at a cheaper price. Drink tap water.
  • Changeable weather and what to wear: It may be rainy and it may be sunny and hot. Irish weather can be unpredictable. Layers of comfortable clothes are definitely the most practical and do not forget to pack a good pair of walking shoes.
  • If it rains: Wear suitable clothes and an umbrella or visit a pub!
  • Favorite Irish beverage: different kinds of beers (ales, stout and microbrews)

Our favourite spots

Cliffs of Moher

Blarney Castle


Irish Islands