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About Keflavik International Airport

Keflavik-Reykjavik International Airport is Iceland’s biggest airport. Keflavik International Airport is located 50 km away from and Reykjavik. Taxi will cost you around 15.000 ISK or 50 euros. The only way to reach the airport is by road and a car hire at Reykjavik Airport is a perfect way to get your share of Iceland’s natural wonders. The airport features a single terminal although expansion plans are predicted to meet the needs of ever-rising numbers of passengers.


Basic info and car hire in Keflavik International Airport

  • IATA airport code: RKV
  • ICAO airport code: BIRK
  • Full name: Keflavik International Airport
  • Location:  Keflavik, near Reykjavik
  • Website: Keflavik Airport
  • Elevation:  171 ft. / 52  m
  • Number of runways: two runways

Car hire locations at Keflavik International Airport

car hire at Reykjavik Airport will make you enjoy the trip at you own pace. Once you arrive to Iceland, head towards the car hire area, or follow the signs towards the Car Rental Shuttle Service. Check your voucher for the specific location of your car hire agency at Reykjavik International Airport and follow the agency’s instructions. To facilitate your location, check the Reykjavik Airport map.

Drive beyond Keflavik International Airport

Explore the seven corners of Iceland by starting with a car hire at Reykjavik Airport. The land of Fire and Ice will not let you down whether you are into exploring the extreme nature or getting to know better the Icelandic resilient nation and the cultural exploring of their rich tradition and prospering art scene. Visit the world famous Blue lagoon, not far from the airport and a 40 min’s drive from the city of Reykjavik. A good choice is also a car hire in Reykjavik city!

Available services Keflavik International Airport

Reykjavik Airport offers a little bit of everything for everyone: the airport is carefully designed with the passenger’s needs positioned on the first place to make your transfer at the airport most enjoyable. Check the available maps of Keflavik Airport to easier locate everything you need.


There is a business Icelandair Saga Lounge for business passengers carefully designed and furnished into a unique oasis. Finish your Iceland adventure with this praised intimate space. Check with your airline company if your access at the exclusive lounge is possible.  


There is a comfortable family area where you can use the changing facilities for you little ones, fun play areas for the toddlers and moreover, free strollers are available to easily move around the Reykjavik Airport. Enjoy your time at the Reykjavik Airport!


Luggage carriers, wheelchairs, duty free shops and a number of excellent bars and restaurant. A free and unlimited WiFi is available at Keflavik – Reykjavik Airport.

History of Keflavik International Airport

Reykjavik Airport started as a USA military base during the World War II, named Meeks Field, after a young pilot who died on the airfield.  After the war, Iceland took over the airport and named it after the nearby town of Keflavik. Following an agreement between the US and Iceland, the airport was again under the US military control during the 1951 and 1987 and all passengers arriving to Reykjavik had to pass through military controls.

Petrol stations near Keflavik International Airport

There are 2 petrol stations right at the Reykjavik International Airport and another one (Orkan gas station) located at the main road to Reykjavik called Reykjanesbraut. A number of petrol stations are located in the city of Reykjavik. Check the voucher of a car hire at Reykjavik Airport for your agency’s fuel policy and have in mind when dropping off your car, whether you should return the tank empty or full.

Smoking at Keflavik International Airport

There is a dedicated smoking area at the Reykjavik Airport, so don’t despair, smoking is allowed there! However, do not forget that in your hired car, you shouldn’t light a cigarette as smoking in rented cars is prohibited.

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