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About Guadeloupe

Situated in Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe has the greatest number of residents in the European Union Territory in North America. Separated by a straight, Guadeloupe consists of two islands namely Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. It is a vital part of France and a territory of the Eurozone. The importance of Guadeloupe as a tourist place is due to its two main islands joined by few bridges and because of the reason that it is an archipelago of more than ten islands, whose beauty can best be cherished using car hire at Guadeloupe airport. Presence of an active volcano in Guadeloupe adds to the reputation of this place among tourists. Car hire in Guadeloupe is the preferred way of traveling around famous places, most of which are masterpieces of natural beauty featuring picturesque views, beaches, water sports, cruise trips, museums, and archaeological treasures.





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Basic info and car hire in Guadeloupe

  • Location: Guadeloupe, France
  • Population: 402,119
  • Official language: French
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Weather: Temperatures in Guadeloupe remain stable throughout the year with a variation of less than 5 degrees centigrade. The maximum temperature on average is 32°C and the minimum is 29°C on the upper scale while on the lower scale, the maximum and minimum temperatures are 24°C and 20°C. As a result, the overall temperature remains moderate where summers are moderately hot and the winters are marked with pleasant, moderate temperatures. Annual rainfall in Guadeloupe is more than 1,800 millimetres. 
  • Public holidays in Guadeloupe: Plan your tour to Guadeloupe considering the public holidays and special occasions to get the best out of your visit. Check the holidays here
  • Internet coverage: Mobile internet service is available in Guadeloupe in most places with an HSPA+ service. Unfortunately, 4G network is difficult to find there. Most cafes, restaurants, and shopping places have Wi-Fi connections. 
  • Road conditions: Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre are mainland areas of Guadeloupe and the convenience to explore these areas is fairly high. Guadeloupe has an expressway, the main roads are well-paved and in good condition. Unlike the main roads, those in the inner city are not well-marked.

Driving in Guadeloupe

While driving in Guadeloupe, extra care should be taken because of some sudden twists and turns. Driving during the night should be avoided if you are not familiar with the road system of Guadeloupe. While driving can be a little challenging in with sometimes fast and aggressive drivers, car hire in Guadeloupe is still a better option to cherish your moments here. For a safer and reliable drive, we recommend you to read details about driving experiences here.

  • Age limits: You are allowed to drive in Guadeloupe if you are above 18 years of age. However, it is recommended that you check with the age restrictions with your car rental company if you are using car hire in Guadeloupe. The reason is that many car rentals have minimum age restriction of 25 years.
  • International Driving Permit: In order for the travellers to drive legally in Guadeloupe, they must have a valid driver’s license from their home country; this condition is valid up to 20 days. 
  • Additional papers: If you plan to live and drive beyond this period in Guadeloupe, an international driver permit is mandatory. If you are utilizing car hire in Guadeloupe, check the terms and conditions by your car rental agency.
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Children in the car: Care must be taken while traveling with children as the Police enforces traffic security laws in Guadeloupe well. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to travel sitting in the front seat. 
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side.
  • Lights: The general red, green, and yellow traffic light pattern is followed in Guadeloupe, just like in other parts of the world.
  • General speed limits: The speed limits are indicated in Km/h on road signs. Generally, a speed limit of 70km/h is applicable to most roads. Speed limit on motorways/expressway is 90km/h to 110km/h.
  • Parking suggestions: You can check available car parking options at Parkopedia.

What to see in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a tourist place that creates a perfect blend of historic places, beaches, wonderful eateries, and archaeological masterpieces. You would find the best of places in this archipelago of islands, as do the tourists from all across different places in the world.

Our favourite spots

Memorial Acte

Step back into the journey of a well-preserved and perfectly presented history at Memorial Acte – a place with stunning architecture, and an award winning history preserved in it. Particularly highlighting the of Africans who were brought as a result of mass deportations to America, France, and some colonialists of Europe for slavery, the thorough and well-explained presentations will make your journey through the history an unforgettable one. There is an entrance to a bridge that provides remarkable views of a two hectares garden. 

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TI-Evasion Kayak de mer en Guadeloupe

The Kayak trip into mangrove is accompanied by wonderful views of animals living their marine lives in an unexplainable beauty including star fish, sea cucumbers, and urchins. The Kayak tour has the capability to become a highlight of your visit to Guadeloupe. Since it is a guided tour, it comes with the knowledge that children would love to accept and listen to. 

While you are enjoying your tour, you can park your car at available parking areas which can be checked here.

Caribbean’s Quad

During your travel in Guadeloupe, take a short break to stop by Anse-Bertrand region for witnessing wonderful views of stunning landscapes, banana fields, and an abandoned creek in an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) also known as quad bike. The journey is even safe for children of age 6 and above. The two hour exploration of the place is accompanied by sufficient safety measures to let you enjoy your time.

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Point Aux Chateau

When it comes to exploring the historic places that are equally beautiful, you can’t just miss out on Point Aux Chateau. The place features breath-taking views of tides hitting the solid rocks, creating a peaceful vibe that gets you lost in the view that features the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

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Car hire in Guadeloupe

Use the facility of car hire in Guadeloupe to grab the chance of traveling across beautiful islands in it, experience the distinct culture, and take the Caribbean food's taste on your buds. Guadeloupe is a go-to place for most tourists beacause its an all-in-one place, featuring the best cuisine along with the finest traveling options.