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About Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos is diverse in terms of landscape which results into attractive spots and beaches with different kinds of sand. The magnificent oceanic beauty of Zakynthos offers not just tens of opportunities, it presents hundreds of options for adventure, tranquility, and an unforgettable journey. If you are lucky enough to find the best car hire at Zakynthos Airport, you will be able to live your journey in the best way possible, cruising through the city to your favorite places, restaurants, bars, and games when you desire.

The lush blue waters at some places while fresh turquoise at others presents the oceanic beauty in the best form, opening the possibility of swimming in crystal clear water. There are plenty of water sports including scuba diving and snorkeling, and beach volleyball in addition to relaxing along the shore and on the soft beach sand. Despite the seismic activity, the historic places are well preserved and presented in a praiseworthy manner. Car hire in Zakynthos is probably going to offer you with more personalized traveling experience that it ever could.

Basic info and car hire in Zakynthos

  • Location: Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece
  • Population: 40,759
  • Official language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Weather: With an average rainfall of 170mm, Zakynthos has an average temperature of 26°C. January is the cldest month in Zakynthos with a temperature of 11°C while sunshine is maximum during the month of July. It is highly recommended that if you plan to swim a lot, schedule your trip in August. But then, it may be crowded with tourists as it is the best time to experience the beauty of Greece, particularly Zakynthos.
  • Public holidays in Zakynthos: If you intend to plan your trip keeping the office holidays into consideration, check out the holidays in Zakynthos.  
  • Internet coverage: Most restaurants, bars, and cafes provide free Wi-Fi facility. Check where to find available free W-Fi hotspots near you.
  • Road conditions: There isn’t much problem or complication driving in Zakynthos and luckily there are no traffic jams. Parking rules are quite different and you are expected to park on one side of road in one month while on the other side the next month. For instance, if you are driving in July, park on the side where there is 2 crossed through. If you are driving in August, park your car where there is 1 crossed through. There is an orange light that warns you a small distance before if there is red light. If you keep these rules in mind, car hire in Zakynthos will warrant an unforgettably pleasant journey.

Driving in Zakynthos

Driving in Zakynthos is convenient with minimal traffic jams. Parking rules are quite different and you are expected to park on one side of road in one month while on the other side the next month. For instance, if you are driving in July, park on the side where there is 2 crossed through. If you are driving in August, park your car where there is 1 crossed through. There is an orange light that warns you a small distance before if there is red light. If you keep these rules in mind, car hire in Zakynthos will warrant an unforgettably pleasant journey.

  • Age limits: A foreign license doesn’t allow to drive until the age of 18 years.
  • International Driving Permit:
  • Additional papers: Valid driving license, proof of identity, and proof of ownership (in case of your personal vehicle) to drive in the light of law.
  • Additional requirements: Check the terms and conditions with your car rental service beforehand.
  • Children in the car: If you are accompanied by children below 3 years of age, a child restraint system is mandatory. Between 3 and 11 years, kids must wear restraint of their size. Kids above the age of 12 must wear seatbelt.
  • Driving side of the road: Right-hand side
  • Lights: Traffic lights in Zakynthos are the same as international 3-clored system.
  • General speed limits: Maximum speed around the city for cars is 50 kph in built-up areas, 130 kph on motorways, and 90 or 110 kph on ordinary roads.

Parking suggestions:  There are plenty of free car parking facilities available in Zakynthos. But in cases when there is no free car parking available, there are many paid parking facilities as well. It is best to check the available options for parking at

What to see in Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos features an extravaganza of fun activities in lush blue waters. It provides access to beautiful marine life, rich archaeology, adventurous boat tours, water sports, historical buildings, and a complete set of activities to make your day.

Our favourite spots

The mesmerising blue caves in Zakynthos

Blue Caves

Blue Caves offers scenic views of the blue coloured water throwing its bloom on the caves, making them appear blue. You can swim in the sea around these caves and witness the beauty of nature. If you happen to visit the blue caves in a boat with a glass-bottom, you will get a closer look of the marine life, the corals and the fish.

At a little distance from these caves, you can park your car infront of the sea or you can park nearby in Tesco’s, Asda etc.

A shipwreck at the Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach

Here you’ll find the world’s most famous shipwreck with a mystical story behind it.  Some say, that the ship was a smuggler ship that was washed ashore and landed on this beautiful white sand beach. The beach is probably one of the most photographed beaches in Greece and once you’ll see its turquoise clear waters, you’ll know why.


As for any beach, we recommend you to arrive early and park your car at the road or on the parking lot, if there’s still not fully occupied.

The Castle in the Village of Bohali

Bohali Town

Famous for its old castle, this excursion will give you enjoyable walks in the pine trees forest with wonderful views over the Zakynthos town. The ruins are equipped with information boards where all the history Is explained. Wear a pair of hiking shoes and park your car in the town. You can continue visiting the Bohali town where you can sit down to have a coffee or lunch.

Parking can be somewhat an issue here, as the town’s streets are pretty much narrow and overpacked with cars.

The Tower of the Anafonitria Monastery in Zakynthos

Anafonitria Monastery

Visiting the monastery makes perfect chunk of your peaceful day in Zakynthos. From the inside, the church is decorated with carvings, and frecoes. With a distinct yet traditional ground and stone pillared sections, the interior of the church is truly fascinating. Outside the monastery, there is beautiful pottery, and olive trees nearby.

Parkig here shouldn't cause you any troubles

Hotels in Zakynthos

Louis Hotel

Located on the cherished location of Laganas Bay, the hotel has forestland surrounding it. It gives perfect views of the beach, lush blue waters, and the refreshing atmosphere.

Valais Hotel

A budget-friendly hotel, Valais, is located on the beach. It lies at a 5-minute walk from tourist resort. It is a family run hotel and ensures a nice experience with its pool, sun loungers, and the restaurant in addition to comfortable rooms.

Zante Maris Hotel

Zante Maris is a beautiful hotel both from the inside as well as the outside. Although not as luxurious as a 5-star restaurant, but the families and customer service are no lesser than a 5-star restaurant.

Porto Zante Villas

Beside the turquoise waters lie Porto Zante Villas with their luxurious rooms, spa, private pools, and unmatched Mediterranean cuisine. If you are looking for a luxurious experience in true sense, Porto Zante can be your best choice.

Drive your rental car around Zakynthos

Remarkably beautiful scenery and the distinct beaches in Zakynthos are a perfect combination, the result of which allows Zakynthos to serve as the top tourist attraction. Along the shores lies Zakynthos Town which has beautifully aligned houses near blue waters. The ruined Venetian castle gives a breathtaking view of the whole city, the main gate, and the outer walls. Places like Byzantine Museum, Roma Mansion, and Navagio beach allow you to refresh your mind with knowledge as well as tranquility. Zakynthos Marine Park in Lagana Bay is another perfect place to be visited especially during the month of August. Thanks to car hire in Zakynthos that allows you to explore not just the city and its famous spots, but the outskirts of the city as well.

Where to eat, drink and party in Zakynthos

Although restaurants and cafes in Zakynthos feature all kinds of food even Asian and Thai food, it particularly boasts the quality of fresh seafood. What’s better than having a hot fish soup sitting at a café in a mild sunny day?

Pure Beach Club

The Pure Beach Club presents a variety of events for fun and party. With an aim of providing good value for the money spent, Pure Beach Club ensures unforgettable events at the hottest venues, that you would love to be a part of.



The Horizon restaurant is versatile in its cuisines which include international as well as traditional Greek cuisine which delivers you with an authentic taste. With the best chef, well-known throughout Greece, there are constantly new dishes that you would love to taste while overlooking the Laganas Beach.


Peppermint Fresh Kitchen

If you want to get a genuine taste of local cuisine, Peppermint offers diverse range of food that is children friendly, and is suitable for a special occasion dining, romantic dinner, local cuisine, for groups and entertaining quests. The restaurant also provides special discounts for small children and families with over 8 persons as well as special occasions like birthdays, anniversary etc.


Major events and festivals in Zakynthos

The history of Zakynthos and Greece warrant a number of events and festivals every year. Tourists are always eager to experience the culture. So, you want to taste the local culture, here are few festivals that happen in Zakynthos.


17th and 24th December

A religious festival Panigyria ties to the Christian faith that many residents possess. The event lasts for three days. The festival relates to the faith of people with the celebration of the patron Saint of the island Saint Dionysius.

Every year, the Panigyria festival takes place on 17th and 24th of December.


February and March

Carnival in Zakynthos is one of the most anticipated things which includes colourful events for people of all ages. It involves events like Venetian Wedding in which many people participate wearing old Venetian dresses. These weddings include nearly all of the ceremonial celebrations that relate to Venetian marriages.

The event is organized for 15 days in February and March.


March, April

Following the religious traditions, the great religious celebration of Easter takes place with complete formalities and preparations. The entire week is marked with a set of events to celebrate the resurrection of Christ as per the belief of Christians. Eater is another way to see the religious aspects of Greek culture.

The event happens in the month of April and the date may vary. In 2018, the event will take place on 8th of April in Greece.

Backgammon Festival


Every year the backgammon festival takes place which is a special meeting point for experts at chess and those who love it. This festival includes match play gammon for 6 days.

The event takes place in the beginning of summer.

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