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About Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest of islands in terms of both the area and also the island group’s historical capital. The island provides close access to Crete, South East of Athens, and the Anatolian coast of Turkey. This is the reason that Rhodes proves to be the best destination when you wish to spend your time for some days or even weeks. While you are searching for a spot to cherish, a car hire at Rhodes Airport is a perfect solution for an independent and comfortable travel around the most recommended and picturesque historical landmarks, restaurants, and most appreciated locations on the island.

Despite the local transport is available in some areas, car hire in Rhodes is the most recommended way of conveyance for those who wish to explore the city, utilizing their time in the best possible way. One of the prominent reasons to avoid public transport is the chaos and unfamiliarity with the culture and people which may result in an uncomfortable journey.

Basic info and car hire in Rhodes

Location: Rhodes, South Aegean, Greece

Population: 115,490

Official language: Greek

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Weather: Rainfall amounts to 100 mm a year. The Aegean island of Rhodes has a Mediterranean climate with mild rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. In Rhodes, the hottest month is that of August with an average temperature of 27°C while January is the coldest at 13°C. Our recommendation is to visit Rhodes in a fine sunny weather somewhere around the mid of January and August, which turns out to be March or April.

Public holidays in Rhodes: It is best to check the public holidays in Greece if you wish to plan your journey to the beautiful island of Rhodes considering bank holidays.

Internet coverage: Almost all of the bars and cafes offer free internet access apart from free Wi-Fi hotspots by Municipality of Greece.

Road conditions: Single roads on the Aegean island of Rhodes have no barrier, which requires the travelers to remain within the speed limit and drive with care. Conditions of roads vary in different areas. Nonetheless, a safe journey demands just the care and compliance with the traffic rules.

Driving in Rhodes

Rhodes features a sometimes challenging road drive experience while others, convenient. Due to the fact that Rhodes has a large number of single roads, which is not the case in many developed countries, it requires extra precaution by tourists from various developed countries. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the travelers spoil their experience in Rhodes by not consulting car hire in Rhodes.

  • Age limits: Minimum age to qualify for a driving license is 18. However, most car hire agencies require young drivers to have 2 years of experience at the least. Car hire agencies may also charge additional fees for young drivers.
  • International Driving Permit: A European or an international driving license is a must-have to be allowed to travel in Rhodes.
  • Additional papers: In order for you to hire a car, it is important that you have the credit card. A car hire insurance can do additional benefit but is not necessary.
  • Additional requirements: Check terms and conditions of your car rental company to see the additional and mandatory requirements, which may vary among different car hire agencies.
  • Children in the car: Children till the age of four are not allowed to sit on the front seat and there must be a child restraint system fitted, approved by EU. Children between 5 to 10 years are allowed to sit in front but there must be an appropriate restraint system.
  • Driving side of the road: Driving happens in the right-hand lane while overtaking on the left.
  • Lights: While yellow light in most countries is perceived so as to slow down, while in Greece you speed up hoping to make it before the light turns red. Do not hit the brakes suddenly; extra precaution must be taken, seeing the car in front of you or the car behind you when you are at the front.
  • General speed limits: Maximum speed limit 50 Kmph in built-up areas while 80 Kmph is followed while you are on the highway.
  • Parking suggestions: Free car parking can be availed at certain places. Sometimes you can park your car just outside your house as well. If you are anywhere near St Francis Gate, there is University Car Park just across the road which is free and it always has plenty of space.

What to see in Rhodes

Rhodes is just a town, an Aegean Island, but it has a lot to offer for your excursions. Within Rhodes Town, there is a large number of archaeological and historical landmarks which supply the adventure that most tourists are looking for.

Our favourite spots

Rhodes and the clear sea waters

Rhodes City Tour

Traveling along the city walls, the city tour takes you through the old town and the Mandraki Esplanade. The guided tour takes you up the street of the Knights and then takes you to the Palace – moving through the places of high archaeological significance. It is a great combination of history and adventure. Take in the history of the Crusaders, that left a heritage on the island of Rhodes.

Find a parking spot with a white P on it (ussualy marked on streets with white or blue lines)

Lindos town in Rhodes Island

Lindos and Rhodes Old Town

Visit the town of Lindos, on the eastern coast of the Rhodes island and find the 4.000 years old Acropolis of the Lindos town. Continue with the Rhodes Old Town and its magnificent Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.

Hotels in Rhodes

Boutique 5

Get a 5-star hotel experience at Boutique 5 Hotel and Spa. With stunning views of natural beauty, Boutique 5 provides a unique stay to every guest.


Lito Hotel

It is a budget friendly 3-star hotel in Rhodes, situated on the famous Ixia Bay. Rooms are modern and furnished with all the amenities needed for a perfect stay.

Grand Hotel

For world class-services, a luxurious stay, and all the amenities visit the 5-star restaurant The Grand Hotel. The hotel also proves to be a perfect place for corporate meetings.

Aquarium Hotel

Aquarium hotel is situated in an unbeatable location, providing a view of the beautiful beach and vast waters. Plan your trip to Rhodes, and avail the modern amenities at this 4-star restaurant.

Drive your rental car around Rhodes

Car hire in Rhodes enables you to explore Greece to the extent that you want, which is obviously not possible with local transport. Scuba Diving, snorkeling, and various other water sports are some of the most enjoyable adventures on Rhodes Island. Besides the beauty of beaches, beach and water sports, and crystal clear water, there is almost everything that a tourist would expect from Rhodes.

Acropolis of Lindos, Palace of the Grand Master, and Monastery of Filerimos are some archaeological sites on the outskirts of the city and of high significance due to their preserved history. Rhodes is indeed a welcoming place for travelers and admirers of natural beauty, history, archaeology, marine life, Greek food, Greek local wine, and water sports. Besides, Medieval City is a complete depiction of the kind of life that people far in the past led. The city is surrounded by medieval walls, has historical significance, and it may take two to three days to explore the place completely. There is a free parking at Madraki by the windmills along the road.

Where to eat, drink and party in Rhodes

Rhodes features all kinds of experiences because of a large number of tourists traveling to Rhodes each season. Without refreshing bars and good restaurants, the charm of Rhodes remains undiscussed.

Senses Music Bar

Senses Music Bar has possibly one of the best bears in Rhodes. Senses Bar has all kinds of stuff to refresh your mood and have a nice evening drink, which surely is something to be loved.



The Luna Bar

The Luna Bar at Irakleidon Avenue is a nice place to have food and evening drinks. Puddings, cocktails, meals, and especially burgers are the most famous items at Luna Bar.



Mama Sofia Restaurant

Experience the vegetarian, traditional Greek cuisine in Mediterranean. Simple yet tasty, distinct in taste, and traditional, food prepared at Mama Sofia’s is healthy, fresh, and homemade.



Alexis 4 Seasons Seafood Restaurant

A unique and renowned restaurant in Rhodes, Alexis provides the best seafood in town. Lobsters are among the most loved recipes at Alexis.



Major events and festivals in Rhodes

Celebrations and cultural events are a part of Greek Culture. From religious events and festivals to cultural, Rhodes is a home to many traditional and some international festivals as well.

Medieval Rose Festival


Medieval rose festival inculcates a set of events which take place every year. It involves Witch and Fairy dance, Jesters and Jugglers, and Fire Eater tricks. These festivals play a role in the preservation of Greek culture.

The event takes place on the last weekend of May.

Rhodes Sound and Light Show


One of the most famous festivals which grab the attention of tourists is Rhodes Sound and Light Show. Various stories and Greek mythologies are depicted with sound and colorful a combination of lights. It takes place in Municipal Garden of Rhodes.

There is no fixed date for this event and it varies from May to October.

Annual RIB Race


Annual RIB Race takes place in the month of May. The event takes place next to Paradiso Club, and it features a boat race.

International Film Festival


International Film Festival in Rhodes has grown to a juried showcase competition for independent filmmakers internationally. The festival incorporates a musical competition, movie and dinner options, a scavenger hunt, history, screening and a lot more.

It takes place during August whose date may be subjected to changes.