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About Preveza

Preveza is located in the mouth of Ambracian Gulf in the region of Epirus in the northwestern part of Greece. Preveza gets connected to Aktio through an underwater tunnel which is the first of its kind in Greece. Preveza has prominent importance as a tourist place because it is a modern city, hence clean, commercial, and rich activities to spend your time in comfort and enjoyment. There are frequent concerts, exhibitions, conferences, local festivals, and a large variety of historical places in addition to numerous activities in the beautiful water. If you have ever taken interest in it, you will relate to everything that you’ve heard about it in Preveza, and car hire in Preveza makes it more convenient. However, if arriving by plane the smoothest of options is to rent your car at Preveza Airport.

Some of the famous places that tourists are usually fond of visiting include castles, museums, and the wetland habitat. Other common reasons for tourist attractions in Preveza include ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, water sports, traditional Greek cuisine, and its friendly, modern atmosphere. There is a complete set of places relating to the famous Greek mythology. Preveza offers eye-catching views from above the mountains which are truly unmatched. With car hire in Preveza, you will be able to go to the most famous beaches where parking is mostly available along with restaurants and cafes nearby.

Basic info and car hire in Preveza

Location: Epirus, Greece

Population: 150,000

Official language: Greek

Currency: Euro (EUR).

Weather: Average rainfall precipitation in Preveza is 988 mm, and the average temperature is 17.2 degree Celsius. The hottest months are July and August. It is best to visit Preveza in May, June, July, September, and October. The coolest month in Preveza is January.

Public holidays in Preveza: Check the public holidays in Preveza, Greece if you wish to schedule your visit according to office holidays.

Internet coverage: Most hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants have free Wi-Fi for their customers. There are also many Wi-Fi hotspots in the city. You will find the network coverage almost everywhere in Preveza, and one of the recommended networks is Windy.

Road conditions: Roads in Preveza are a mix of newly made wide roads and motorway and some dual lane roads without a barrier in between. Road surfaces in Preveza might be a little uneven at some places but it won’t pose a big problem except that it demands a little extra care.

Driving in Preveza

In Preveza, roads are in better conditions than many other parts of Greece. Therefore, it is relatively a smoother ride in Preveza but the traffic rules are not strictly followed. So extra care or defensive driving will add to your pleasant experience driving in Preveza. The beauty, history, and places that Preveza offers are worth going through the defensive driving strategy with car hire in Preveza.

  • Age limits: Driving license demands a minimum age of 18 years. In case of car hire the minimum age is 21 years, check terms and conditions of your car hire provider for the valid age limit as some may charge young driver surcharge for people below 25 years of age.
  • International Driving Permit: Technically, an international driving permit must be asked for at the time of car hire by your car hire provider. But some car rental services accepts driving license of your country. In that case, there is no need of an international driving license.
  • Additional papers: Proof of ID (passport), a valid driving license, and a proof from car hire provider.
  • Additional requirements: In case of your personal vehicle, a proof of ownership (V5C certificate).
  • Children in the car: Child restraint system is necessary for children with small ages and they cannot sit on the passenger seat at the front.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side
  • Lights: The difference in Greece from usual traffic light rules followed internationally is that a yellow light demands you to speed up a little in Greece. Zebra crossings have no value in Preveza and the white patterns are just the designs. If you happen to cross the road after parking your car somewhere, do not trust zebra crossings.
  • General speed limits: The speed limits vary between built-up areas, motorways, and out of town being 50 Km/h, 90 or 110 Km/h, and 120 Km/h respectively.
  • Parking suggestions: If you have internet access, it is better to check available parking options at before leaving. If there are no parking options available, park your car at your hotel parking space.

What to see in Preveza

While there is a myriad of travel options in Preveza, it may sometimes be hard to decide the right place. Here you will see a couple of famous places recommended most frequently. These include a beach and a castle.

Our favourite spots

Follow the Acheron River in Preveza

Acheron River

Acheron River provides not just the beautiful views of flowing water, but a guided tour will add to your experience because of the knowledge of Greek mythology and an exciting swimming experience in the clear, refreshing water.

Park your car at one of the parking options. You may also park your rented car beside the river.

A view of the Parga Castle in Preveza

Venetian Castle of Parga

A climb up to the castle of Parga gives you access to the outclass views of the beautiful water. For a perfectly romantic view, climb up to the Venetian Castle while the sun is setting. You will witness the lights turning on, which gives a perfect combination of setting sun and a romantic moment.

You can park your car using any of the available options to have an easy hike up to the castle.

Hotels in Preveza

Captain’s House Boutique Hotel

This hotel has been built in a historical theme. If you want to experience comfort and tradition altogether, there’s nothing better than Captain’s House Hotel.

Dioni Boutique Hotel

Located near the shopping district and the traditional city center, Dioni Hotel provides easy access to the market while ensuring comfortable rooms with all the luxury that you need. As a 3- star hotel, it offers great value for the money spent.

Sesa Hotel

Sesa is located in the seaside village of Kanali which warrants pleasant views of stunning waves in the sea. The brand concept is based on natural elements where you can relate more to the earth while living a luxurious holiday.

Margarona Royal Hotel

Margarona hotel has four floors in a beautiful location. A perfect 3-star hotel at reasonable rates will bring the scenic views right in front. The hotel comprises all the necessary amenities.

Drive your rental car around Preveza

With your rented vehicle using the car hire in Preveza, enable yourself to visit not only Preveza but its surrounding areas as well. From natural places to monuments, beaches, and archaeology in Greece, you can travel to your favorite places in comfort and on your terms in your rented car. There are plenty of bars and a good nightlife will refresh you if you would like.  

Where to eat, drink and party in Preveza

Preveza presents a number of options for eating. There are various clubs, cafes, and restaurants in Preveza to get refreshed and to eat healthy food.

Prevere Café

If you are making a mood of having a nice cup of premium coffee, visit Prevere Café. There are numerous eating options and fresh drinks, milkshakes, and your favorite coffee. You would love to visit Prevere for a premium supper.


ALATI Sea Food

ALATI is a themed restaurant which offers seafood and other cuisines in a calm and comfortable environment. There is a good collection of drinks available at ALATI.


Ventura Tavern

Ventura Tavern has a versatile collection of various kinds of food, some of them being unique to Greece and few are the reason that Ventura is famous for. It is a good place for a great lunch or fresh seafood.



When you are missing pizza and the touristy food, give a visit to Pick-a-Pocket. The place is famous for its fast food, particularly the distinctly tasting pizzas. If you wish to have it delivered to you, Pick-a-Pocket offers that as well.


Major events and festivals in Preveza

You may already be aware of the rich history of Greece. So it won’t be a surprise to hear about the local festivals and cultural events in Preveza.

Sardine Festival


It started in 1975 and is a part of Preveza Municipality festival known as ‘Nikopolia’. 2 tons of grilled Sardines and wine are distributed for free. The event has a vast coverage with the total number of people amounting approximately 15,000 every year.

The Sardine Festival happens on the first weekend of August.

Preveza Festival

June - September

Preveza festival is a series of events, mostly cultural. It runs throughout the summer where multiple exhibitions and shows feature a vast range of arts. Essentially, it involves theatre, music, dance, and visual arts. There is massive participation from the locals which, make the event super exciting. It also allows the foreigners to learn about the traditions of people in Preveza and Greece.

The festival starts in June and ends in September.

Folk Dance


The four days festival gathers talented dancers from all across Greece and some surrounding areas that bring together the young and the old. The event kept growing over the course of years, and dance groups from foreign countries have also started to join the festival.

Folk Dance Festival takes place on the second weekend of July, starting from Thursday.

International Choral Festival of Preveza


Founded in 1983, International Choral Festival started in 1983, which features choir performances after a proper festival. The Choral Competition of Sacred Music was also made a part of this festival in 1985, which is carried as it is till date. During the dates of this festival, you would see choirs singing in various places in the city.

You can attend the Choral Festival of Preveza during the first week of July.

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