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About Kefalonia

Taste the beauty of the turquoise water, white washed sand and the scent of rosemary and thyme all wrapped up in the beautiful island of Kefalonia. With a car hire at Kefalonia airport you’ll have a smooth experience in getting to know better all the hidden spots on the islands and visit some of the not-so-crowded beaches and exclusive tavernas, which are sparsely located all over the island. 

A car hire at Kefalonia Airport is a good start. Some of the best spots on the island are reachable only by car, and the famous Myrtos beach is only one of the hidden gems on the island. Besides, people on Kefalonia are extremely pleasant and always prepared to help you, whether lost on the road or just searching for advice. You’ll always see them accompanied, as social life and family gatherings are an important way of spending their free-time. 

Kefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea, will keep you occupied if you want to cut the beach routine, although the clean water and pristine coastline is what attracts the majority of tourists. You may find other activities: caves, seals, turtles, old villages with orthodox monasteries and churches will all make your stay here even more colorful. A great vacation is guaranteed!



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Basic info and car hire in Kefalonia

Location: Ionian Sea, Greece

Population: 35,801

Official language: Greek

Currency: Euro (€).

Weather: Hot dry summers and mild rainy winters are what makes Kefalonia a perfect summer destination. Prepare for high temperatures (average daily temperature in July and August is 25°C/77°F).  

Public holidays in Kefalonia: Generally speaking, every Sunday is considered a public holiday in Greece, although during high tourist season, some services remain open. For other holidays check this webpage about Kefalonia.

Internet coverage: For all EU citizens, as of 15 June 2017 roaming costs are charged no extra fees, so all data downloads are charged like at home. For non-EU citizens, the cheapest option is to turn off your data roaming and connect to the Wi-Fi, which can be found almost in any restaurant, hotel and bar.

Road conditions: Roads in Kefalonia tend to be narrow and curvy, as Kefalonia is a mountainous island, so special care is advisable. The road between Assos and the popular Myrtos beach has been closed for several years now and is still under constuction.

Driving in Kefalonia

Driving in Kefalonia should not present any problems. The roads are in good condition, especially those near the coastline which are less curvy and hence the driving is more relaxing. Watch out for the local drivers that can drive pretty fast on the narrow curvy roads and – beware of herds of goats wandering around!

  • Age limits: 19
  • International Driving Permit: not needed if you have a Latin alphabet driving licence
  • Additional papers: ID or passport
  • Additional requirements: Warning triangles, reflective vest
  • Children in the car: Children under 150cm in height or 36kgs are bound to have an appropriate seat.
  • Driving side of the road:
  • Lights: obligatory to turn them on during the night.
  • General speed limits: in the urban area, the meter must not exceed 31 mph/ 50 kph, otherwise, the rule is 56mph/90 mph. There is no highway on Kefalonia island.
  • Parking suggestions: For the popular beaches arrive as early as possible. Argostoli can become quite crowded during summer months and you’ll have to pay for a parking spot.

What to see in Kefalonia

With a car hire at Kefalonia Airport you'll be able to move at your own pace. Beach tourism is the major attraction of Kefalonia and prepare for relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun while having a drink at the nearest taverna. For other type of tourism visit the old Fiskardo and Assos fishing village, Lixouri town with its ancient ficus tree on the main square and one of many Kefalonian caves.

Our favourite spots

A splendid view of the Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach

This picture-perfect island was recently shaken by an earthquake and the main road connection from Myrtos beach with Fiskardo has been blocked ever since the event. Nevertheless, you can still visit the beach by taking the longer trail from Assos and admire this turquoise paradise on Earth, that was used in the movie Captain Corelli’s Madolin.

Arrive as early as possible to get the best parking space.

A white washed pebble beach of Petani, KEfalonia

Petani Beach

With a car hire in Kefalonia you’ll get to see the spots others miss out. The Petani Beach is an idyllic place worth a visit, with crystal clear water and white pebble stones that provides breath taking views. Arrive early in the morning to park near the beach and enjoy in the tranquillity. If you fancy having lunch on the beach, there’s a taverna with some delicious Greek cuisine.   

Parking on the side of the road, arrive early. 

A turquoise lake in Melissani Cave

Melissani cave

The Island of Kefalonia is built of limestone and the landscape is covered with karst topography. One of the wonders on the island is the Melissni Cave, located on the eastern side of the, northwest of Sami. The cave is filled with water and is a spectacular sight for all nature lovers.

Parking lots are just in front of the main entrance to the cave.

A view of the bay in Fiskardo


A gorgeous tiny village with a small harbour, a castle and a lovely pebble beach. With a line-up of bars and restaurants this idyllic Greek village is perfect for sitting in a bar and observing its dramatic setting. IF travelling with children, Assos has a playground so be sure to visit it. Combine it with your trip to Fiskardo. A true delight for everyone with a car hire in Kefalonia!

Parking off season is simple, however during summer months, Assos is very busy so arrive early and park your car on the street or in one of the two car parks.

Hotels in Kefalonia

F Zeen Retreat

Located in Lourdata, on the southern coast of Kefalonia, this great hotel pampers you with freshly prepared meals, immaculate gardens and stylish interior design. Enjoy and relax!


Avithos Resort

A 5 minutes’ drive from the airport, this excellent hotel provides with a large and spotless swimming pool, helpful staff and a great service located near the coast with great beaches. Highly recommended!

Leivatho Hotel

Close to the airport but still on a peaceful location, with a great sandy beach nearby. The sunsets promise you a paradise on earth, and the design of the hotel is marked with modern simplicity.

Museum Hotel George Molfetas

Located in Faraklata, a village to the north of Argostolion offers a very personal and intimate hotel, where all its rooms have a unique design and are full of books, photos and other memorys of the Hotel's owner

Drive your rental car around Kefalonia

Kefalonia’s roads are pretty well maintained, however the construction of roads is a really long process in Greece, so if you’re a Kefalonia fan and spending your vacations frequently on this island, you’ll notice that several years can pass by where some roads carry almost permanently the same “under construction” sign. That goes for the road connecting Myrtos Beach with Assos village that has been repaired for several years now. However, that’s the spark of Greek life, and the one thing you’ll love in Kefalonia – the relaxed and peaceful Kefalonian people are!

It doesn’t matter where it is that you are staying: whether it’s on the eastern part, or the wester – all places are surrounded with splendid sights and besides, the true benefit of a car hire in Kefalonia is that you can visit any spot on the island! The capital Argostoli is probably your starting point on Kefalonia. From Argostoli, located in the centre of Kefalonia you’ll have the island waiting for you. Visit Agia Efimia, a former fishing village, around 20 miles / 32 km from Argostoli, and a point of interest with lots of tavernas, old churches and venetian houses.

Further to the north, 15 miles /24 km from Argostoli is Sami, a picture perfect little town and a great place to choose for your accommodation, as it has all the amenities you’ll need and in addition lots of points of attractions are found near Sami, from caves to monasteries and pristine beaches.

Don’t forget to visit Assos and Fiskardo, both full of traditional venetian architecture and distinguished for its amazing beauty. Fiskardo suffered quite hard in the 1953 earthquake, but the charm still lingers amont this pretty town.  

On the southwestern side of the island, visit Lixoury, a charming busy town, where you can sit down for a delicious ice-cream on its main square and enjoy in the view of people passing by.

Where to eat, drink and party in Kefalonia

Kefalonia, as any other Greek destination, prides with the Mediterranean dishes, where olive oil is the basic ingredient of almost every recipe. If searching for night parties Fiskardo and Argostoli are your best option.


The oldest running restaurant in Kefalonia that offers a wide variety of delicious traditional Greek dishes and homemade recipes.


Avithos Preview Taverna

Located on the beach of Kefalonia, you will be able to enjoy an amazing view on the sea, while tasting delicious Greek dishes accompanied by their very own locally produced wine called Sarris.


Sea rock

A combination of relaxing atmosphere, delicious cuizine and amazing view will leave you wanting for more.


Flamingo Restaurant

A family-run restaurant, offering traditional Kefalonia food and a rich collection of wines. 


Major events and festivals in Kefalonia

The snake festival

14th, 15th of August

A legend says that snakes used to appear at the beginning of August and disappeared behind the altar of the church of Markopoulo. On this event, bags and jars filled with snakes are taken to the church of Markopoulo and left at the icon of the Virgin.  

International Music Festival


Every year in Argostoli a musical festival takes place. Don’t miss out on it!

Robola Wine Festival


Dedicated to the Kefalonian white wine, called Rebola, the festival is held in August in Fragata. Here, you can taste the best wines produced on the island accompanied with good music and great food.  

Kefalonia Gym Festival

End of June

In the honour of the Olympic gymnast Anna Pollatou from Kefalonia, the event lasts for 4 days and hosts performers without discrimination. An appealing sight taking place in Lixouri, Fragata and Argostoli.