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About Corfu

Greece has been an absolute touristic destination, welcoming everyone with the itch for culture and stunning seaside. No wonder then, be it on the mainland or on one of the hundreds of islands, you will receive a quality service, find something just for your type of travel and feel the pulse of this unique culture. The majority of its visitors come through the island's only airport - the Corfu airport. You will be able to discover the island with a car hire in Corfu, make romantic trips and reach the spots you desire. Corfu island is one of the biggest in Greece, yet still of that perfect size for daily trips, with mountains designed for adventurers, with impeccably blue beaches, and cultural haven Corfu Town also on the Unesco Heritage list.



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Basic info and car hire in Corfu

  • Location: Eastern Greece, on the border between the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea
  • Population: 103,000
  • Official language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Weather: Mediterranean climate, with lowest 13 degrees in January and maximum 32 degrees in August. The island has very low rainfall and most of it occurs in January.
  • Public holidays in Corfu: For public holidays in Corfu click here »
  • Internet coverage: Corfu’s restaurants and cafes all have free wi-fi access, just as well it‘s possible to connect in the city centre of Corfu town.
  • Road conditions: Corfu’s roads are interwoven between the hilly inside and more flat edge of the island. It is impossible to get lost in Corfu with your car hire, still, a GPS or a map can be very handy, especially on the western side where the road signs are not very specific.
  • Car hire in Corfu: One can hardly imagine a better place to hire a vehicle – the island with its 64km of length is just the perfect size for daily trips – no matter on which side of the island you are situated. We advise you to reserve a smaller car hire in Corfu airport so you will be able to park it just about anywhere you choose to stop.

Driving in Corfu

  • Age limits: 19
  • International Driving Permit: not needed if you have a Latin alphabet driving licence
  • Additional papers: ID or passport
  • Additional requirements: Warning triangles, reflective vest
  • Children in the car: Children under 150cm in height or 36kgs are bound to have an appropriate seat.
  • Driving side of the road: Right.
  • Lights: obligatory to turn them on during the night.
  • General speed limits: in the urban area, the meter must not exceed 50 Km/h, otherwise, the rule is 90 Km/h. There is no highway on Corfu island.
  • Parking suggestions: It can be really simple to find a free parking when off-season, however in the summer months you will need some creativity, as well as luck. Payable parking spots are an obvious solution then.

What to see in Corfu

Our favourite spots

Inside of Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa in Corfu, Greece

Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa

Once a private church dedicated to the Holy Virgin, was turned into a rich museum where the Byzantine artefacts are displayed. What makes this museum so special is the fact it’s unifying the remains of the Orthodox church with Corfu’s historical remains and so creating a strong ambiance.

Find a free parking just by the port and walk up to the Museum close by

Beautiful Mouse Island near Corfu, Greece

Kérkyra old town

Corfu’s biggest city is also an extremely charming one. With green spacious parks, tiny yet crowded streets, ancient squares and 2 breathtaking fortresses, it’s just a start. What the city conveys in undertones is a strong Venetian influence, just shabby enough to give it its own charming identity.

You can get a free parking by the city centre, close to the port.

St. Spiridon's Church's tower in Cofru, Greece

St. Spiridon's Church

The second most important monument in Corfu town is this outstanding church. With impressive relics, remains of saints kept in a sarcophagus and Venetian add-ons, the church is an excellent display of the orthodox religion. Before entering, make sure your outfit is more of a conservative nature.

Find a parking near the New Fortress and you’re a 10 minute walk away from the church

Splendid view of historic Corfu Fortress in Corfu, Greece

The Old Corfu Fortress

The Old Corfu Fortress is a crafty Venetian building watching over Kerkyra’s inhabitants from the 15th century. Initially the buildings were serving the military, aristocracy and any other important person visiting, but were destroyed and what you will see now, are buildings constructed by the British. Under the castle lied a labyrinth of tunnels, leading up to the top of the rocky island on which the fortress stands so fearlessly.

Best to park in a payable car park on Agoniston Politechniou street, by the fortress

Hotels in Corfu

Bella Venezia

The impressive Venetian style hotel will satisfy any visitor that wants to be accommodated in the very Corfu Town. Prestigious décor, delicious local food, attitude and special offers that put your needs in first place, will make your stay perfect!

Aeolos Beach Hotel

The Aeolos Beach Hotel has a modern decoration that transcends Greek tradition through colours, shapes and simple details. There is a place for any sort of travellers, to enjoy, rest and appreciate the Greece excellent service.

Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort

Agios Gordos has numerous beautiful hotels but this resort is the one standing out. Right by the Ionian sea and its golden beach, this hotel offers live concerts and arranges entertainment per your wishes, personalized and professional.

Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel

Located close to Sidari, this popular hotel is a very charming and comfortable one. With 2 pools, a beach bar, a la carte restaurant, and overviewing the wonderful seaside it offers a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Drive your rental car around Corfu

The island has many fortresses, abandoned stone villages, museums and yes, beaches, the famous blue, sandy and rocky beaches scattered around the island and so easily accessible with a hire car in Corfu! We recommend avoiding the extreme south of the island - unless you fancy students’ wild partying, of course.


This is a little town with beaches and sea that just calls out for a swim, snorkelling, or underwater cave exploring. Ampelaki, Agia Triada, Platakia are just a few beaches where the unbelievable blueness will leave you completely charmed. With a car hire in Corfu, you can reach this destination quickly, within 30 minutes.


Such a wonderful town with amazing Greek restaurants and delicious home-made ice creams will make you coming back to it as much as possible. Located by the main road from Corfu town, and even with free parking options - Kassiopi is a well-deserved Corfu’s top location. If you’re driving with your hired car from Corfu town pay attention to tiny beaches on the right side of the road, what they have to offer is more privacy and a rustic feel to them, as being considerably less touristy.

Lake Korission

A spectacular lake on the south-west coast of the island brings about a different atmosphere. The protected area is a home to many endangered species and is a haven for water birds, flamingos, falcons and swans. There you can also admire the wild scenery, sandy beaches and be a part of this calm and unique natural heritage.

Where to eat, drink and party in Corfu

Calypso bar

If you are up for a party, go to the extreme south of the island, during the summer the small town Kavos gets packed. We recommend, however, to drive with your car hire to Sidari, way up to the north. It offers a more reserved but still vivid atmosphere. Bars, restaurants, pubs just by the beach are a perfect scenario for a night out; Calypso bar is one of them.


Emeral Bakery Pastry Shop Café

This café is located on the outskirts of Corfu town on the road to Potamos and offers excellent cakes, pies, delights and serves the aromatic Greek coffee. Additionally, you will be served by a friendly staff, what more could you wish for?


Venetian Wall

What else could you eat in Corfu than the famous gyros? You can easily find a fast food at almost every village that will deliver a tasty local sandwich with meat, fries and veggies. What we also recommend is a meal in a good Greek restaurant, like Venetian Wall in Corfu town. Outstanding menus, delicious Greek cuisine and comfortable seating give this place 5 stars rating.


Limani bar

This bright bar is located in Kassiopi and we suggest you take your cup of coffee there. With a view reaching overseas to Albania, it is a very relaxing and soothing place to spend some time. And if hungry, you can also benefit their tasty cuisine. Psst, the legend goes Princess Margaret takes her whisky here!


Major events and festivals in Corfu

The Corfu Carnival


The celebration once dedicated to the Greek god Dyonisis evolved to today’s modern carnival. An outward satire of just about everything, a tradition of Venetian customs, the carnival is a fun place to attend. Join a parade through Kyrkyra’s streets, and party all night long - it’s how the Greek do it.

Kassiopi wine festival


The best way to live like a local – by enjoying the Greek food and wine, naturally. The festival traditionally nested in the harbour brings together the locals and the foreigners, and becomes a really fun and exciting place. Make sure you book your car hire and accommodation in time.

Assumption day


A party that nobody gets tired of, especially the Corfiots. In almost every middle-sized town you will have huge parties, great music, dances and of course excellent food. Wherever you are, park you car hire, and use a taxi service so you can be completely relaxed and drink an ouzo or two.



The Lampata festival is a traditional even pagan-like ceremony. What happens is the locals light 3 fires in a village. The local bravemen must then put on a crown made of olive branches and when ready, they must jump three times over the fire. The whole ceremony is said to be purifying and energizing.

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